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Transgressive technologies

Transgressive technologies: Does a posthuman dystopia await us? Mark Wegierski There are a number of highly transgressive technologies on the horizon of development today, which may prove to be the most fundamental challenges ever to the notion of a more stable human nature, and thereby, to what can seen to be "natural" to humankind. Such technologies can be a vehicle for the almost indefinite perpetuation of “the unnatural,” never ... (Continue reading)

IVF, experimentation, and the sanctity-of-life ethic

The term test-tube babies seems so 1980s. IVF -- in vitro fertilization -- is now the commonly used term. Less fearful, less sci-fi, less judgmental.  IVF is in the news again because Sir Robert Edwards, the pioneering British test tube baby-creating doctor died this past week. Robert George has a good piece in the Wall Street Journal about Edwards' legacy and why pro-lifers should care about IVF. George writes: For many of Edwards's critics, his legacy is irredeemably ... (Continue reading)

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