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Is the pro-life view racist?

Lately, I've been contemplating the extremes pro-life advocates will go to in order to spread our message, and whether those actions are honourable. What about those who oppose our work? We are no strangers to outlandish claims and ad hominem attacks – we've been called “fanatics,” manipulative, and much worse.  I hesitate to say anything truly “new” has been added to the list of late, but the terms that are at the front of some minds this week are “privileged” ... (Continue reading)

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Labels used to shut down debate

Pauline KosalkaCommentary In the days leading up to the Euro 2012 soccer tournament in June, the focus of headlines was not so much on which team would win, but on what was deemed to be intense racism on the part of the fans from Poland and Ukraine, the hosts of the tournament. Both countries have a predominantly Christian and ethnically homogenous population. “Racism is not so much the elephant in the soccer room as an insidious, lurking menace,” James Lawton ... (Continue reading)

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