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The Emergence of Media: Humanity’s Endgame

The Emergence of Media: Humanity's Endgame Mark Wegierski This work of critical writing intends to look at the topic of media in contemporary society. This writing should be seen as the beginning of further attempts -- building on the insights of figures as intellectually diverse as Marshall McLuhan and the lesser-known media theorist Harold A. Innis, Canadian philosopher George Parkin Grant, Noam Chomsky, and Camille Paglia -- to extend towards a “unified field theory” of the relations between media and society. It could ... (Continue reading)

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Pregnancy in the media

The image of the fundamentalist Christian man bringing a gun to an abortion clinic is entrenched in our culture. As a result, the pro-life community is quick to lament the media’s focus on violence committed by those who claim to stand with our cause. What some may not realize is that the stereotype has traveled far beyond the news. I stopped watching Law and Order – one of my favourite TV shows – because I had seen too ... (Continue reading)

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Socons treated worst than lepers

John Robson has a good piece in the National Post noting that after Patrick Brown won the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership, the condemnation of his social conservative views was near-universal in the media as he was advised to dump his socon supporters and tack to the center on social issues. Robson says that socons are treated worst than lepers considering that nowadays lepers are treated with compassion while social conservatives are shunned as icky relics of a bigoted bygone ... (Continue reading)

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Social conservatism is dead. Again.

It's that time again. A column proclaiming the death of social conservatism in Canada. Or its radical shift in strategy. Can something be dead and shifting strategy? How something that has died as often as the social conservative movement has can die again (or rethink its strategy) is something beyond my comprehension. Putting aside the snark, let's look at what Jen Gerson is actually saying. She is making the case that many social conservatives are rethinking political strategy and focusing on the ... (Continue reading)

Having a wife and kid is labeled an ‘alternative lifestyle’

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist notes that NBC is called an "alternative lifestyle." The NBC headline states: "“David Wise’s alternative lifestyle leads to Olympic gold.” The story reports: At only twenty-three years old, he has a wife, Alexander, who was waiting patiently in the crowd, and together they have a two-year-old daughter waiting for them to return to their home in Reno, Nevada. At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an ... (Continue reading)

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A Toronto Indy post on a pro-life website?

Our columnist Rick McGinnis has blogged extensively about the Toronto Honda Indy and while that might not be something most of our readers care about, this should be: It was Sunday morning and I needed to get to mass, but as I was covering the Indy races all weekend, it looked like there wouldn't be time. Luckily, I'd noticed signs all over the media centre advertising morning chapel and a Catholic service courtesy the Indycar Ministry, ... (Continue reading)

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The Gosnell cover-up continues

Here is editor Paul Tuns' editor's desk column for the forthcoming edition (May) of The Interim. If it bleeds, it leads -- except if it's abortion On March 18 the trial of Kermit Gosnell began in a Philadelphia courthouse, and the jury heard some of the most sensational – and graphic – testimony any courtroom has witnessed. Yet despite the numerous storylines – a doctor who preyed on women, killed children, snipping the spines of babies who survived abortion, a racial subtext about ... (Continue reading)

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Support Sun News

You should sign the petition to keep Sun News on the Canadian airwaves. The hosts on Sun News, especially Brian Lilley, Ezra Levant, and Interim columnist Michael Coren regularly cover issues of interest to pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty Canadians. They deserve our support. Sign their petition to have the CRTC move Sun News to must-carry status which will allow the conservative news channel access the substantial pool of funds other Canadian channels receive. Having Sun News on the airwaves ... (Continue reading)

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10 questions pro-abortion candidates aren’t asked

It is pretty standard for pro-life candidates to be asked about the rape and incest exception and for pro-life candidates to be asked about how they would handle a child having an abortion. But candidates who support abortion are never asked difficult questions probing the limits of their position. Trevin Wax at the Gospel Coalition has a list of "10 questions a pro-choice candidate is never asked by the media." I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any journalist to pose ... (Continue reading)

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