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Feminists vs. UN population controllers

C-Fam reports:  A partnership among abortion backers is showing cracks as feminists in the Global South are pushing back against environmentalists promoting population control measures. During the inaugural meeting of a new U.N. endeavor on the environment, one group took to social media to refute the “dubious linking” between population and climate change, arguing that “population control strategies inevitably lead to abuses, coercion, and the violation of women’s fundamental rights.” The Malaysia-based group ARROW advocates for ... (Continue reading)

The anti-human legacy of Rachel Carson

The Silent Spring will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its publication next week and at Taki's Magazine Kathy Shaidle looks at the author, Rachel Carson, and her deadly legacy: The fact that noble, selfless humanitarians such as Rachel Carson are typically smug, self-satisfied misanthropes has been a truism since Dickens invented Mrs. Jellyby. Yet in the case of the DDT ban, good intentions didn’t pave another liberal road to hell. They bulldozed the way for an ... (Continue reading)

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