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CBS celebrates Iceland eliminating Down syndrome children

In August, CBS ran a “CBSN: On Assignment” episode exploring how Iceland has eradicated Down syndrome in the country. The report highlighted that just one or two children are born with Down syndrome each year because the health authorities there began aggressively promote genetic screening since the early 2000s and there is a 100 per cent abortion rate for preborn babies identified as having the genetic abnormality. Pro-life actress Patricia Heaton reacted to the story on Twitter: “Iceland isn’t actually eliminating Down ... (Continue reading)

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Richard Dawkins’ Down syndrome fiasco

Atheist writer and activist Richard Dawkins has come under fire this week, after a tweet calling Ireland “civilised, except in (the area of abortion)” morphed into a conversation about the ethics of bringing children with Down syndrome into the world. Dawkins believes it is immoral to do so. A user called Aidan McCourt replied “994 human beings with Down syndrome deliberately killed before birth in England and Wales in 2012. Is that civilised?” Dawkins responded ... (Continue reading)

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