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Accessibility in Toronto: far from perfect

The world has watched Toronto for the past two months as the city hosted the Pan Am and ParaPan Am Games. Given that the city is renowned worldwide, you might think that it has gone the extra mile to provide a welcoming environment for visitors of all abilities.  This is not the case – a great deal of work still needs to be done. On August 24, Jeremy Appel wrote an article in the ... (Continue reading)

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God, gifts and a girl named Gianna

Many people in the pro-life and disability rights movements have heard of Gianna Jessen.  Thirty-six years ago, Jessen came into the outside world, two months premature and weighing two pounds. The 18 hours before Jessen's birth were spent in a saline abortion solution as medical personnel attempted to end her life. Jessen has – please don't use the words “suffers from” or “is afflicted with” – cerebral palsy (CP) as a result of her traumatic experience. As far ... (Continue reading)

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