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Politicians use family for pro-abortion ends

There appears to be a new trend among today's politicians and other influential figures: to use one's family members as a reason or prop to support Planned Parenthood. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and former U.S. president Bill Clinton, is the latest to do so. At the Women Deliver conference, which took place in Malaysia May 28-30, Chelsea Clinton was asked who influenced her worldview, especially her thoughts on where ... (Continue reading)

Labels used to shut down debate

Pauline KosalkaCommentary In the days leading up to the Euro 2012 soccer tournament in June, the focus of headlines was not so much on which team would win, but on what was deemed to be intense racism on the part of the fans from Poland and Ukraine, the hosts of the tournament. Both countries have a predominantly Christian and ethnically homogenous population. “Racism is not so much the elephant in the soccer room as an insidious, lurking menace,” James Lawton ... (Continue reading)

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