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Nova Scotia to offer free abortion pill

The Liberal government of Nova Scotia will provide free abortion pills to women in the province beginning sometime later this year. The announcement was made by Kelly Regan, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, on Sept. 22. She said, “this is important because I believe and this government believes in the reproductive rights of women.” Under the new policy, Nova Scotia women with a valid health card and a doctor’s prescription will be able to obtain the $350 Mifegymiso abortion pill ... (Continue reading)

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Ontario joins list of provinces paying for abortion pill

On August 3, the Ontario government announced it would pay for the abortion pill Mifegymiso for all residents with a valid health card effective one week later. The ministry of health’s statement said, “Ontario is giving women more choice over their reproductive health by making Mifegymiso, a safe and effective medical alternative to surgical abortion, available at no cost.” Indira Naidoo-Harris, Minister of the Status of Women, on behalf of Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care,  made the announcement ... (Continue reading)

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Plan B to be available on pharmacy shelves

A federal pharmacy advisory panel has recommended that the “morning-after” pill be available on store shelves instead of behind the counter. The move means women, including adolescents, will be able to purchase the high dose birth control pill without either a doctor’s prescription or a pharmacist’s oversight. The pill has been available ... (Continue reading)

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