Obama vs. religious freedom

Tim Carney begins his Washington Examiner column:

As an old saw has it, “your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.” The Obama administration says your right to live as a Christian ends if you go into business.

Christian institutions will be required to provide employees insurance that includes coverage for abortifacient contraception even if it violates the moral precepts of the church. It is very sad, indeed pathetic, the lamestream media pays no attention to this issue. When they do, they cover it as a women’s rights issue rather than a religious rights matter. Carney has a brief description of why the Left has problems with Christians not limiting their faith to Sunday service:

This is the culture war today — Christians offend secular liberals by not abiding by the Left’s social mores. In effect, they “impose” their morality if they dare exercise their religion in public. Christians are intolerable rebels if they try to operate institutions outside of government.

The problem is that government is jealous of anything else that exercises power and detests their supreme authority being challenged. Religion must be expunged from any aspect of a broadly defined public space.


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