New York’s pro-abortion extremism

The New York state senate will consider S438-2013, legislation proposed to expand abortion services in the Empire State, and supported by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who will likely run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Cardinal Timothy Dolan has condemned the bill and the Catholic Conference has issued a document with point-by-point criticism of the bill. According to Americans United for Life, NY already is among the states with the most permissive abortion laws. Polls consistently shows Americans in all regions, of all races, and both sexes, favour numerous and various restrictions on abortion, but S438-2013 would lift the limited restrictions by getting rid of the state’s 24-week abortion limit and making future restrictions difficult if not impossible to implement. It would also infringe on the religious rights of churches. Unfortunately the New York State Right to Life Political Action Committee has no action items on this bill. New Yorkers must vigorously oppose this odious piece of legislation and all Americans should keep it in mind if Cuomo runs for higher office in the future.

Oswald Clark writes about American politics for

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