C-304 (human rights commissions) to be debated today

C-304, Brian Storseth’s (CPC, Westlock—St. Paul) private member’s bill, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (protecting freedom), is up for debate today. Here’s our previous coverage of C-304. Here’s Kathy Shaidle on C-304 at Five Feet of Fury and Sun News Network; in the latter (which is video) she explains that Section 13 is a poorly worded bad law because it is realistically impossible to not be guilty of a human rights violation (defined as any expression that is “likely to cause offense” to a person, intentionally or not). Here’s video from last October of Storseth talking to Ezra Levant about his bill. C-304 must be passed. We have long covered the problems with the human rights commission industry.

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