Ron Paul on changing the abortion debate has an exclusive interview with Rep. Ron Paul (R, Tx) in which the former candidate for the GOP presidential nomination and former Libertarian presidential candidate says it is no use waiting for the right configuration on the Surpeme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and proposes a different solution, instead: having Congress take the abortion issue away from the central government and hand it back to the states. I'm not sure about the constitutionality of what he is arguing for, but ... (Continue reading)

Bayh not running: mixed for pro-lifers

I didn't comment on the decision by Senator Evan Bayh to not seek a third term in Indiana yesterday because I have been trying to determine what it will mean. On his personal blog (Sobering Thoughts), Interim editor Paul Tuns says that making predictions eight months out in politics is a fools game, but it is hard to not predict a Republican pickup in Indiana, making gaining control of the Senate a little more likely although still a far-off ... (Continue reading)

Tuns on Haiti relief and abortion

OneNewsNow interviewed Interim editor Paul Tuns about relief groups in Haiti and abortion. We covered this in the February issue. (Continue reading)

Just say not to derogatory words

Being pro-life means more than opposing abortion and euthanasia. We must uphold the sanctity and dignity of every human life, born and unborn, and that means not using derogatory terms that marginalize vulnerable groups, especially those with mental and physical disabilities. Recently, a senior staffer within the Obama administration referred to Democrats out of his favour as "retarded" leading former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the mother of a special needs child, to castigate him for his offensive remarks. She was ... (Continue reading)

Dynamic Women of Faith conference

Check out their advertisement on this site. The conference for Christian women is in Toronto March 6 and it will provide talks on how to strike the right balance in life and the medical consequences of contraception (among other topics). Book before Feb. 14 and receive a discount for registering. We will have coverage of this event in our April issue. (Continue reading)

Creeping euthanasia

Our cover story -- "Creeping euthanasia: In many places, it advances by stealth" -- from the February issue is now online. In it, Alex Schadenberg examines euthanasia developments around the globe from the past year or so that are affecting the progress (if that is the right word) of the legalization of euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. The article is longer than most Interim stories, but worth reading. Schadenberg concludes by challenging pro-lifers and others opposed to euthanasia to do so ... (Continue reading)

Post-birth abortion as a solution to disabilities

This article about Russian journalist Aleksandr Nikonov calling for children with developmental disabilities to be killed at birth does not need comment. (Continue reading)

Iggy’s wrong turn on daycare

We'll get off the Liberal leader's call for Canada to become abortion provider to the world to return to his call for the federal government's involvement in raising the country's children. Montreal Gazette columnist L. Ian MacDonald says:  Daycare is Ignatieff's big new idea? He has got to be kidding. He didn't say how much it would cost, and clearly has no idea. There are two problems with this, money and the constitution, to say nothing of the Liberals lack of ... (Continue reading)

This could save people from being killed prematurely

Technology Review headline: "Brain Imaging Lets Vegetative Patient Communicate." Certainly there are some patients thought to be "brain dead" but who are, in fact, conscious and that have been euthanized. There are also pro-life concerns about people in PVS being killed in order to harvest their organs. (See a pair of Dr. John Shea articles here and here.) Such brain imaging is not inexpensive, but certainly worth the cost to ensure families that loved ones are not offed prematurely. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia ... (Continue reading)

Harley Price on Iggy’s pro-abortion stance

Harley Price, occasional Interim contributor, has an excellent and erudite post on the Liberal leader's promotion of abortion as a form of maternal health. It concludes: Contraception and abortion are, in fact, the central sacramentsof today’s progressive gospel, whose evangelists are piously called upon to administer them throughout the world.  They have already preached that they would reduce teenage pregnancies, prevent AIDS, and solve the problems of overpopulation and world hunger.  (Not even ... (Continue reading)

An appropriately uncharitable view of Bill Gates

MercatorNet has an article by Vincenzina Santoro of the American Family Association that is worth reading. It is highly critical of Bill Gates, his criticism of Italy's prime minister for reducing aid, and the Gates' foundation for promoting and supporting abortion and contraception in its charitable operations. How charitable is it to promote eliminating the next generation of Africans or Asians? Why are liberals never asked these questions? Here's the key excerpt, which goes to the heart of questioning the Gates Foundation's ... (Continue reading)

EFC on Iggy’s pro-abort maternal health position

Don Hutchinson, vice president and general legal counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, on Michael Ignatieff's insistence on abortion being part of Stephen Harper's agenda for tackling maternal health and infant mortality: Could Mr. Ignatieff seriously consider the improvement of maternal health to include the advancement of abortion on a global scale? The whole webitorial is worth reading. (Continue reading)

The universe has a sense of humour reports that the Duggar family -- the famous family seen on TLC with their 19 kids --  is renting a house that was once owned by the person who founded Planned Parenthood clinic in Little Rock, Ark. The Examiner has more: During an exclusive telephone interview with Jim Bob Duggar this afternoon, he said the house they’re renting was previously owned by the lady who started Planned Parenthood in Little Rock, Arkansas, and that Jordyn learned to walk there. (Continue reading)

Condom carnival

The New York Daily News reports that Brazilian health officials will distribute 55 million condoms during this year's Carnival, or a little more than 10% of the total that Brazilian governments will hand out in a single year. The "AIDS awareness campaign" slogan is: "The condom. For love, passion or just sex. Always use it." It's probably the "just sex" part that fuels the campaign. And AIDS. (Continue reading)

Why was there any Tebow controversy?

That was a ridiculously innocuous ad. The uproar says a lot more about abortion advocates than pro-lifers. Here is the \"controversial\" commercial. Even the Focus on the Family website is soft-selling the Tebow story, focusing as much on Christian ministry as the pro-life stuff. And, as Jill Stanek points out, the feminist (over-)reaction continues. Any sane person who has seen the ad and followed the controversy is likely to be turned off the pro-abortion side of the argument. Pro-abortion feminists, like many pro-lifers, ... (Continue reading)

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