Pro-aborts block campus GAP witness

At the University of British Columbia, pro-abortion demonstrators show their true colours by using their signs to block the Genocide Awareness Project message comparing abortion to past genocides. How very mature of those "pro-choice" students. Of course, in many jurisdictions abortion advocates have successfully used the power of the state to block pro-life sidewalk counselling, vigils and protests near abortion facilities. One might charge these young pro-aborts with hypocrisy but perhaps they would support the right of pro-lifers to "block" access ... (Continue reading)

Trickery necessary to get Obamacare passed

Grace-Marie Turner explains the Democrat thinking and complexities on the Slaughter Strategy and what Republicans can do about it all at NRO's Critical Condition. It speaks volumes that Obamacare cannot be passed honestly. Our esteemed editor and I have had a three-day long running email conversation on whether Democrats will risk electoral suicide to ram through the unpopular health care reform and we seem to be in agreement that they may have arrived at a point of no return where they have no ... (Continue reading)

Obamacare creeps closer to becoming reality

According to an NRO interview with heroic pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak, an anti-life health care reform bill will be pushed through Congress one way or another. That is, even without the Stupak amendment language, a number of his pro-life colleagues were picked off by the Democrat leadership to support Obamacare. Stupak's view is that the leadership and some weary pro-life Congressman just want the whole health care bill fiasco behind them. Stupak says the insistence on keeping the provisions to fund abortion and his party's hurry ... (Continue reading)

Christian college picketed for hosting pro-abort

In November we reported that Redeemer College in Ancaster was going to host pro-abortion speaker Stephen Lewis. This month we cover the pro-life protest at Redeemer and the college's response to our original article. Note that the college did not refute what we reported -- that they were a Christian college inviting a strongly pro-abortion speaker who holds numerous positions at odds with a Christian worldview. We didn't judge them for that; we merely reported those facts and let pro-lifers ... (Continue reading)

For human exceptionalism

The Swiss reject the idea of lawyers for animals by better than a two-to-one margin. That isn't to say that the country has sane laws surrounding animal rights: Switzerland tightened its laws two years ago and now has among the strictest rules anywhere when it comes to caring for pets and farm animals. The country's 160-page animal protection law states exactly how much space owners must give Mongolian gerbils (233 square inches) and what water temperature is required for African clawed ... (Continue reading)

O Canada sexist?

I had a post yesterday at Sobering Thoughts explaining guessing why I think the Tories opened the Pandora's Box of rethinking Canada's national anthem for its alleged sexism in the lyrics "in all thy son's command": I think what baffles people is the question of why the government would bother doing this. Let me speculate on the motivations: politics. First, be assured that this was focus-group tested and polled like crazy. Second, I am guessing that the polls ... (Continue reading)

Obamacare: largest expansion of abortion since Roe

Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life addresses abortion and health care in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. She examines whether or not President Barack Obama's "balanced" approach to abortion in his health care reform maintains the status quo (the Hyde Amendment) as Democrats claim or whether it "opens the spigots" to abortion funding. Yoest describes how Obamacare will expand abortion by paying for more of them: • It would change existing law by allowing federally subsidized health-care ... (Continue reading)

All of America owes Bart Stupak

Obamacare is wrong on every level, from life issues to its budget-busting costs to its dependency-creating government interventionism. There is nothing redeeming in it. But if it dies, it will be due to the work of pro-lifers who have made the bill about abortion funding as much, if not more than health care coverage itself. That is mostly due to the heroic work of Bart Stupak, a Democrat even I could vote for. Kathryn Jean Lopez makes note of the ... (Continue reading)

Hang out with some REAL Women

REAL Women of Canada will be hosting its 2010 national conference on Saturday, April 17 in North Bay, Ont., at Clarion Resort Pinewood Park. REAL (“Realistic, Active, Equal, for Life”) Women of Canada is a pro-woman and pro-family organization that was federally incorporated in 1983 and is an NGO with special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Its purpose is to promote the traditional family. REAL Women was created by a group of people concerned ... (Continue reading)

Throne speech: family mentioned 20 times

It is hard to too excited about the Speech from the Throne; it is theatre, the government's best face, and it seldom resembles the legislative and budgetary priorities the government eventually puts forward. But they do mean something. It is therefore notable, as David Quist of the Institute ofMarriage and Family Canada points out, that the speech referenced family and families 20 times; according to a word cloud  in the National Post, it was one of the 15 most used ... (Continue reading)

Why universal preschool?

Just as in Canada, there is a push by many on the political Left to implement some sort of universal preschool program. A Heritage Foundation backgrounder points out why it is unnecessary: The ultimate goal of the myriad early education bills is to guarantee access to publicly subsidized preschool for all families. Universal preschool provides taxpayer-subsidized preschool to all children free of charge regardless of parents' income. Proponents argue that universal preschool is necessary to ensure that all children are able ... (Continue reading)

Rachel’s Vineyard: Canadian retreats

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries does wonderful post-abortion work and they are holding retreats across Canada this year: March 5 - March 7, 2010 -- Pointe-aux-Outardes, Quebec March 19 - March 21, 2010 -- Edmonton, Alberta April 16 - April 18, 2010 -- Ottawa, Ontario April 30 - May 2, 2010 -- Kelowna, British Columbia May 28 - May 30, 2010 -- Vancouver, British Columbia June 11 - June 13, 2010 -- Yellowknife, Northwest Territories October 22 - October 24, 2010 -- Kelowna, British Columbia Check out their website for ... (Continue reading)

Conservatives lead Liberals — but why?

Ipsos Reid finds that the Conservatives lead the Liberals 37%-29% and that Canadians think Stephen Harper would make a better prime minister than Michael Ignatieff 46%-21%. After two full months of almost no political coverage other than prorogation stories, how can that be? Some pundits might offer the Olympic afterglow effect benefiting the government, but here is an alternative explanation: Ignatieff's support of abortion within the context of a foreign aid plan to address maternal health struck Canadians as loopy. ... (Continue reading)

Abortion and maternal health

Our March cover story is now online: "The politics of maternal health and child mortality." It begins: The numbers are staggering. A half-million women die during pregnancy every year. Nine million children in the developing world will die before their fifth birthday. That’s one pregnant mother and 18 children every minute of every day of the year will die prematurely, unnecessarily. Their dire circumstances cry out for redress, but thus far, the plight of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable ... (Continue reading)

Abortion: the genocide that dares not speak its name

Is it racist to point out that abortion hurts blacks disproportionately? I find it amusing that the Washington Independent even considers it necessary to defend Trent Franks (R, Az) against charges of racism for noting the eugenic effect of abortion on American blacks. Mike Starks interviews Franks says, “I don’t think he sees the racism (or paternalism) in what he’s saying.” That's probably because there is no racism or paternalism in wanting to protect unborn black babies from death by abortion. ... (Continue reading)

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