Creeping euthanasia

Our cover story -- "Creeping euthanasia: In many places, it advances by stealth" -- from the February issue is now online. In it, Alex Schadenberg examines euthanasia developments around the globe from the past year or so that are affecting the progress (if that is the right word) of the legalization of euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. The article is longer than most Interim stories, but worth reading. Schadenberg concludes by challenging pro-lifers and others opposed to euthanasia to do so ... (Continue reading)

Post-birth abortion as a solution to disabilities

This article about Russian journalist Aleksandr Nikonov calling for children with developmental disabilities to be killed at birth does not need comment. (Continue reading)

Iggy’s wrong turn on daycare

We'll get off the Liberal leader's call for Canada to become abortion provider to the world to return to his call for the federal government's involvement in raising the country's children. Montreal Gazette columnist L. Ian MacDonald says:  Daycare is Ignatieff's big new idea? He has got to be kidding. He didn't say how much it would cost, and clearly has no idea. There are two problems with this, money and the constitution, to say nothing of the Liberals lack of ... (Continue reading)

This could save people from being killed prematurely

Technology Review headline: "Brain Imaging Lets Vegetative Patient Communicate." Certainly there are some patients thought to be "brain dead" but who are, in fact, conscious and that have been euthanized. There are also pro-life concerns about people in PVS being killed in order to harvest their organs. (See a pair of Dr. John Shea articles here and here.) Such brain imaging is not inexpensive, but certainly worth the cost to ensure families that loved ones are not offed prematurely. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia ... (Continue reading)

Harley Price on Iggy’s pro-abortion stance

Harley Price, occasional Interim contributor, has an excellent and erudite post on the Liberal leader's promotion of abortion as a form of maternal health. It concludes: Contraception and abortion are, in fact, the central sacramentsof today’s progressive gospel, whose evangelists are piously called upon to administer them throughout the world.  They have already preached that they would reduce teenage pregnancies, prevent AIDS, and solve the problems of overpopulation and world hunger.  (Not even ... (Continue reading)

An appropriately uncharitable view of Bill Gates

MercatorNet has an article by Vincenzina Santoro of the American Family Association that is worth reading. It is highly critical of Bill Gates, his criticism of Italy's prime minister for reducing aid, and the Gates' foundation for promoting and supporting abortion and contraception in its charitable operations. How charitable is it to promote eliminating the next generation of Africans or Asians? Why are liberals never asked these questions? Here's the key excerpt, which goes to the heart of questioning the Gates Foundation's ... (Continue reading)

EFC on Iggy’s pro-abort maternal health position

Don Hutchinson, vice president and general legal counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, on Michael Ignatieff's insistence on abortion being part of Stephen Harper's agenda for tackling maternal health and infant mortality: Could Mr. Ignatieff seriously consider the improvement of maternal health to include the advancement of abortion on a global scale? The whole webitorial is worth reading. (Continue reading)

The universe has a sense of humour reports that the Duggar family -- the famous family seen on TLC with their 19 kids --  is renting a house that was once owned by the person who founded Planned Parenthood clinic in Little Rock, Ark. The Examiner has more: During an exclusive telephone interview with Jim Bob Duggar this afternoon, he said the house they’re renting was previously owned by the lady who started Planned Parenthood in Little Rock, Arkansas, and that Jordyn learned to walk there. (Continue reading)

Condom carnival

The New York Daily News reports that Brazilian health officials will distribute 55 million condoms during this year's Carnival, or a little more than 10% of the total that Brazilian governments will hand out in a single year. The "AIDS awareness campaign" slogan is: "The condom. For love, passion or just sex. Always use it." It's probably the "just sex" part that fuels the campaign. And AIDS. (Continue reading)

Why was there any Tebow controversy?

That was a ridiculously innocuous ad. The uproar says a lot more about abortion advocates than pro-lifers. Here is the \"controversial\" commercial. Even the Focus on the Family website is soft-selling the Tebow story, focusing as much on Christian ministry as the pro-life stuff. And, as Jill Stanek points out, the feminist (over-)reaction continues. Any sane person who has seen the ad and followed the controversy is likely to be turned off the pro-abortion side of the argument. Pro-abortion feminists, like many pro-lifers, ... (Continue reading)

Interim on TV

I'll be on Behind the Story on Sunday night at  7 pm. It airs on CTS in Ontario and Alberta and afterward the show is archived on the CTS website. (I was last on November 29 if you're interested.) We'll be discussing Michael Ignatieff, abortion and maternal health; Haiti adoptions and child trafficking; the Tebow Super Bowl ad; Senate reform; Khadr and the Supreme Court; much more that I can't recall right now. We're taping it this afternoon and I'm ... (Continue reading)

Archbishop Collins speaks out on maternal health

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins has weighed in on the federal government's call on the G8 to commit to improving maternal health and decreasing child mortality. You can read the statement here, but here is the highlight: When there are so many obvious practical steps that can be taken to promote maternal and child health throughout the world, it is sad to see Mr. Ignatieff introduce into the discussion this negative proposal , which in no way serves to improve the ... (Continue reading)

Ignatieff re-ignites abortion debate in Canada

You can't buy this kind of PR. Thanks, Mr. Ignatieff. Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal leader and former Harvard professor, has done more to raise the abortion issue than anyone or anything since Governor General Michaelle Jean gave Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada in 2008. Earlier this week he called for the Harper government to ensure that abortion is part of any foreign aid plan to promote maternal health and decrease infant mortality. Kevin Libin has a good, front-page article in ... (Continue reading)

Don’t let politics get in the way of euthanasia vote

From our editorial "Vote on C-384" in the February issue of The Interim, which concludes: Often proponents of change will call for an open discussion and a free vote to start the debate. We are calling for an affirmation of the current strictures against euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide to end debate. The House of Commons should vote on C-384 – and defeat it – as soon as Parliament reconvenes. (Continue reading)

Pro-life implications of the Haiti disaster

From the February issue of The Interim: "Pro-life implications of the Haiti disaster." The story offers news briefs on a number of pro-life angles including what the pro-abortion groups are doing, some support-worthy organizations, and concerns about human trafficking. Speaking of which, this Sunday night, Paul Tuns, editor of The Interim, will be on Behind the Story on CTS, discussing, among other topics, adopting children from Haiti and human trafficking. (Continue reading)

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