Liberal Party endorses euthanasi

Liberal Party endorses euthanasi

This past weekend the Liberal Party of Canada adopted a resolution at its biennial policy convention calling for decriminalization of euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide in a vote by show of hands. The resolution said: "Be it resolved that voluntary medically-assisted death be de-criminalized after a public consultation process designed to make recommendations to Parliament with respect to the criteria for access and the appropriate oversight system for medically-assisted end-of-life." It was put forward by both the women's and youth commissions of ... (Continue reading)

Legislating morality

The old trope is not whether we legislate morality, but whose morality do we legislate. The question is pertinent in regards to the issues we deal with at The Interim like abortion, the family, homosexual rights, and religious freedom. At Intercollegiate Review, Amelia Sims addresses the issue in a short post entitled, "Is not legislating morality an option?" And of course the proper response is that virtually all legislation, even taxes and treaties, are legislating some sort of morality. ... (Continue reading)

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Having a wife and kid is labeled an ‘alternative lifestyle’

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist notes that NBC is called an "alternative lifestyle." The NBC headline states: "“David Wise’s alternative lifestyle leads to Olympic gold.” The story reports: At only twenty-three years old, he has a wife, Alexander, who was waiting patiently in the crowd, and together they have a two-year-old daughter waiting for them to return to their home in Reno, Nevada. At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an ... (Continue reading)

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Quebec’s Bill 52 hasn’t passed and doctors are already looking to expand euthanasia

From the National Post yesterday: Quebec’s National Assembly is set to begin final adoption next week of a law that will legalize euthanasia in the province, making it the first jurisdiction in North America to allow physicians to deliberately end patients’ lives. And as Bill 52 moves forward with support across party lines and among a majority of Quebecers, the province’s College of Physicians is already envisaging a day when some of the bill’s restrictions on euthanasia will ... (Continue reading)

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For income-splitting

Amid the apparent controversy over income-splitting for tax purposes with reports that the Conservative government may not be as committed to it as previously thought and left-wing groups such as the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives and the Broadbent Institute attacking income-splitting as a pro-rich scheme, Andrea Mrozek of the Institute of Family and Marriage Canada has a column in the Ottawa Citizen explaining why it is good policy. The bottom line is this: Family income ... (Continue reading)

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What American women want for Valentine’s Day

The Heritage Foundation knows what they want. (Continue reading)

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Ralph Kiner, RIP

Baseball Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner died yesterday at the age of 91. He slugged 369 HRs, most of them with the Pittsburgh Pirates, although he also played with the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. He later became a broadcaster and he spent five decades behind the microphone calling New York Mets games. Calling a game in 2001 he provided one of the best quotes in baseball history and one that is implicitly pro-life. Eric Karros was the 1B for ... (Continue reading)

Google honours Simone de Beauvoir

Google's doodle today honours Simone de Beauvoir on the feminist's 106th birthday. In 2002, frequent Interim contributor Donald DeMarco wrote about de Beauvoir. He said: A certain mythology surrounds Simone de Beauvoir, one that presents her to the world as an independent thinker, a spokesperson for women and an advocate of freedom. In truth, she is none of these. The core of her philosophy is derived from the existentialist, Jean-Paul Sartre; she does not, by any means, ... (Continue reading)

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Supreme court strikes down prostitution laws

The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down the country's prostitution laws. The National Post and CBC both have reports on the decision, and Ryan Heighton of has a brief legal analysis. It is important to remember that prostitution per se -- exchanging sexual favours for money -- is not illegal, the Criminal Code prohibited brothels, living on the avails of prostitution, and communicating in public with clients. The SCOC said those restrictions were "over-broad" (living ... (Continue reading)

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(Bad) advice column

You might be able to imagine the debauchery of the question when the advice columnist non-judgmentally warns "People having a fling can rarely be counted on to behave politely if they last more than a weekend." That's from Miss Lonelyhearts, who replies to a person who isn't interested in balancing his co-worker with benefits and the girlfriend who is returning home for the holidays. More moralizing was in order. (Continue reading)

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Follow us on Twitter where we link to interesting and important life and family stories and commentary daily. Also notices of new stories and blog posts get tweeted. (Continue reading)

Nelson Mandela was no saint

Today, apparently, is a day to canonize Nelson Mandela. Even those on the Right are joining in the tributes, but my view is more ambiguous. Mandela should be congratulated for fostering a relatively peaceful transition from apartheid to whatever South Africa has become. It is a little much to say that South Africa is a functioning democracy because it is effectively a one-party state with loads of corruption. That one-party state has moved South Africa firmly in line with the ... (Continue reading)

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What does the Rasouli case mean?

Interim columnist Rory Leishman looks at the meaning of the Rasouli decision and its impact on doctors, patients, and Hassan Rasouli. (Continue reading)

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Alison Davis, RIP

Chesterton said that "Journalism largely consists in saying Lord Jones is dead to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive." In that tradition we report that Alison Davis has passed away. If you didn't know that Alison Davis was alive, you should have. She was the founder of the disability rights group, No Less Human, and just two weeks ago she wrote a letter to the Calgary Herald entitled, "Glad to be Alive." In her letter, Davis relates: I wanted to die ... (Continue reading)

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ABC link confirmed (again)

Guest blogging at, Dr. Joel Brind notes: “China is on the cusp of a breast cancer epidemic,” acknowledged a prestigious group of American epidemiologists in 2008 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Studiously avoiding the “A-word” the JNCI group blamed the emerging epidemic on “shifting reproductive trends” among “risk factors associated with economic development are largely unavoidable.” That’s because NCI still officially denies the reality of the abortion-breast cancer link. The meta-analysis of 26 ... (Continue reading)

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