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An article in the November 4 issue of Maclean’s by Kate Lunau describes the conflict between doctors and families over pulling the plug on very ill patients. Lunau uses the Supreme Court’s Rasouli ruling, in which the justices decided that doctors do not have the unilateral right to withdraw life support from a patient, to explore issues around Ontario’s Consent and Capacity Board. The Sunnybrook doctors who fought the case to put Hassan Rasouli to death ... (Continue reading)

Rasouli, Schiavo, and Maraachli

There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in ... (Continue reading)

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Canadian Supreme Court: doctor’s can’t pull plug without consent

This morning in a 5-2 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the right of a patient's family to make medical decisions, saying that doctor's can't end life support without consent. The National Post has the story. The Interim's coverage of the Rasouli case can be accessed here and Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has an extensive archive of Rasouli coverage. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, an intervenor in the case, is pleased with the decision:... (Continue reading)

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The 2013 version of Melissa Drexler

The Associated Press reports: The results of an autopsy could determine whether two teenage girls are hit with serious charges after one of them was found carrying a dead fetus in a bag while shopping at a Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan ... One of the girls told detectives she was carrying the remains because she had delivered a day earlier and didn't know what to do, authorities said. It wasn't clear whether the fetus was alive ... (Continue reading)

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The language of life issues

Since I'm currently pursuing a degree in linguistics, I've been waiting impatiently for a reason to blog about language and the Interim's topics of choice - no pun intended. An article I stumbled on via Twitter has given me what I'm looking for. It talks about how long women can safely “wait” to have kids, and attracted the attention of a fellow pro-lifer for the use of the words “accidental pregnancy.” She asked, “Is pregnancy ... (Continue reading)

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Learning to love casual group sex

Vi Nguyen, the Sex on Tuesday columnist in Berkeley's Daily Californian, writes about her first threesome and how that grew into a preference for group sex over intimate relations with someone special or even a quick hook-up: But because I feel weird as hell — I’ve never been attracted to him, and this is the dude my friend is convinced she’s going to marry — I yank off his shirt and run off with it in what I hope ... (Continue reading)

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Wendy Davis to run for Texas governor: sneakers to get more attention than abortion

When Wendy Davis stood up for the right to kill preborn babies in the final trimester of pregnancy by filibustering a Texas bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks, an obscure Texas state senator became a national hero to the pro-abortion crowd and became a national sensation. The Columbus Dispatch reported that, "The bill eventually passed, but Davis’ newfound popularity continued, and she gained $1 million in campaign contributions." It was just a matter of time until she ... (Continue reading)

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The legacy of October 4th

October 4th may not be a significant date for most people, but it is heavy with meaning for me. On that day in 2010, I had finished roughly a month of Grade 13. I came home from school and, as was routine, browsed the internet for the latest news. I found the social media profile of a favourite-musician-turned-casual-friend and saw his latest post. Did I shake with anger or fear? Did my jaw hit the floor? I don’t remember much ... (Continue reading)

Planned Parenthood invests $1 million to stop pro-life gubernatorial candidate

The Washington Post (via Hot Air) reports on the Virginia gubernatorial race attracting outside state help from pro-abortion extremists intent on preventing pro-life Republican Ken Cuccinelli from becoming the state's next governor: Planned Parenthood Votes has spent more than $1 million on television and radio ads that will soon air in the Norfolk and Richmond areas, telling women that they should not trust Ken Cuccinelli II, the Republican candidate for Virginia governor. Planned Parenthood’s various political advocacy groups ... (Continue reading)

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Tweet the Defund Abortion Canadian demonstrations (Oct 3)

Campaign Life Coalition's Defund Abortion efforts kicked off in Newfoundland on the weekend and will launch in the capitals of Alberta, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia tomorrow (October 3). It will also continue in Ontario in the form of mini-protests at the constituency offices of more than 50 MPPs (find out where here by typing in your postal code). Organizers are encouraging a Tweet-a-thon: To ensure that this campaign is NOT ignored by politicians or the media, we ... (Continue reading)

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Self-marriage: it was only a matter of time

This story is more than a year old but Acculturated is reporting it and I haven't noticed it before: A 36-year-old North Dakota woman who married herself in a commitment ceremony last March has now spoken about her self-marriage choice in an interview with Anderson Cooper. The marriage took place among friends and family who were encouraged to “blow kisses to the world” after she exchanged rings with her “inner groom”, My Fox Phoenix ... (Continue reading)

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The things that occupy my mind at night

Or: how I think Josh Brahm is influencing me for the worse. I dropped my cell phone under my bed late last night. The combination of my disability, short arms, and the wall it was wedged against made me unable to reach the phone. I tried using a few ordinary household items to pull it up – a pair of scissors and two or three coat hangers (all different kinds). One of the coat hangers eventually worked, but ... (Continue reading)

Way for pro-lifers to help in Syria

Canadian pro-lifers looking for way to help Christians suffering in Syria are encouraged to donate through the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. CNEWA is a totally pro-life organization that is helping Christians in Syria. reports: CNEWA has been able to help thousands of Christians affected by the conflict, both those in refugee stations and those who remain in Syria. Christian families, of all communities and denominations, have received food, hygiene products and other daily necessities, “winter kits” ... (Continue reading)

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Tattoos to be better regulated than abortion

Wesley Smith has a good post at NRO about how Washington, D.C. is considering a bylaw that would regulate tattoos more stringently than most states regulate abortion, including with a 24-hour waiting period after requesting a tattoo and prohibiting minors from getting them. Smith says, "it is considered by many pro choicers the height of tyranny to require an equivalent wait for an abortion. Which is the more serious procedure? Apparently, tattooing." He also notes that the opposite policies are often in ... (Continue reading)

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Porn actors get HIV

Time magazine reports that "Another porn actor tests positive for HIV." How is this news? That is four reported cases in less than a month. Why is anyone surprised? Time sees this as an opportunity to examine whether porn actors should be using condoms. Missing from the story is how having sex with numerous partners might have something to do with contracting the disease. (Continue reading)

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