Tweet the Defund Abortion Canadian demonstrations (Oct 3)

Campaign Life Coalition's Defund Abortion efforts kicked off in Newfoundland on the weekend and will launch in the capitals of Alberta, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia tomorrow (October 3). It will also continue in Ontario in the form of mini-protests at the constituency offices of more than 50 MPPs (find out where here by typing in your postal code). Organizers are encouraging a Tweet-a-thon: To ensure that this campaign is NOT ignored by politicians or the media, we ... (Continue reading)

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Self-marriage: it was only a matter of time

This story is more than a year old but Acculturated is reporting it and I haven't noticed it before: A 36-year-old North Dakota woman who married herself in a commitment ceremony last March has now spoken about her self-marriage choice in an interview with Anderson Cooper. The marriage took place among friends and family who were encouraged to “blow kisses to the world” after she exchanged rings with her “inner groom”, My Fox Phoenix ... (Continue reading)

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The things that occupy my mind at night

Or: how I think Josh Brahm is influencing me for the worse. I dropped my cell phone under my bed late last night. The combination of my disability, short arms, and the wall it was wedged against made me unable to reach the phone. I tried using a few ordinary household items to pull it up – a pair of scissors and two or three coat hangers (all different kinds). One of the coat hangers eventually worked, but ... (Continue reading)

Way for pro-lifers to help in Syria

Canadian pro-lifers looking for way to help Christians suffering in Syria are encouraged to donate through the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. CNEWA is a totally pro-life organization that is helping Christians in Syria. reports: CNEWA has been able to help thousands of Christians affected by the conflict, both those in refugee stations and those who remain in Syria. Christian families, of all communities and denominations, have received food, hygiene products and other daily necessities, “winter kits” ... (Continue reading)

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Tattoos to be better regulated than abortion

Wesley Smith has a good post at NRO about how Washington, D.C. is considering a bylaw that would regulate tattoos more stringently than most states regulate abortion, including with a 24-hour waiting period after requesting a tattoo and prohibiting minors from getting them. Smith says, "it is considered by many pro choicers the height of tyranny to require an equivalent wait for an abortion. Which is the more serious procedure? Apparently, tattooing." He also notes that the opposite policies are often in ... (Continue reading)

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Porn actors get HIV

Time magazine reports that "Another porn actor tests positive for HIV." How is this news? That is four reported cases in less than a month. Why is anyone surprised? Time sees this as an opportunity to examine whether porn actors should be using condoms. Missing from the story is how having sex with numerous partners might have something to do with contracting the disease. (Continue reading)

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Divorce and kids

Writing in the Daily Mail, columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown looks at last night's BBC documentary Mum And Dad Are Splitting Up which says that couples split up too easily and the children are often the victims of family breakdown.  Many children of divorce end up having social and psychological troubles and often have trouble forming healthy relationships later in life. As one child of divorce says in the documentary about his parents, "They do this to us. How do ... (Continue reading)

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What I learned this summer

This week marks the end of my time working at The Interim and Campaign Life Coalition. I dread leaving the people and places that shaped my summer behind. Here are some important lessons I've learned over the past four months. I learned ... That the same core message can be used for different audiences and purposes. How to conduct interviews, and smash a few idols in the process. Some things that were knocked off their pedestals, including my solidly ... (Continue reading)

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End of Biola controversy good news for student activist

My “career” as a pro-life activist, as well as a university student, began under some rather unusual circumstances. A shadow of sorts had been cast over my first year of post-secondary school, as it marked the anniversary of this infamous incident. I was connected to the pro-life community at my institution, followed by what would become my favourite activist organization, through the arrests. Since then, the events of Oct. 4, 2010, seem to follow me ... (Continue reading)

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Abortion survivors

Listverse is a favourite website of mine. It provides precisely what it's name suggests: lists. There are business lists, animal lists, pop culture lists. A few days ago they had a list of "10 abortion survivors." We have written about Melissa Ohden before and Gianna Jessen is well-known in pro-life circles. Many of the rest will be new to readers who haven't spent a lot of time examining the issue of people surviving abortion. (Continue reading)

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LifeChain is great for beginner activists

It's almost that time of year – the annual LifeChain is coming up. I have only participated in one, and I remember two things from that day. I had lived in Ottawa for only a few weeks and did not know the bus routes well, so I was terrified of getting lost. Nobody seemed to react to our presence on the sidewalk, except for two young men who looked to be about 18. Dressed in black from head ... (Continue reading)

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Duck Dynasty promotes faith, family, and pro-life

I'm a big Duck Dynasty fan. The show is about a family who became wealthy by making and selling duck calls. The show celebrates entrepreneurship, family, hunting, and faith. Each episode ends with the family praying before a meal and Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson musing about the lessons learned from whatever the family was up to that week (cleaning the warehouse to hunting ducks, finding an appropriate dress for a daughter in high school to hunting ... (Continue reading)

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Classism, love and getting one’s due – part 2

Thanks to Jezebel columnist Callie Beusman, I discovered a rather interesting idea that seems to complement Amanda Marcotte's recent piece at Slate without sounding half as ridiculous. In summary, Beusman wrote that the current economic climate makes it difficult to establish lasting romantic relationships and marriages. When a would-be lover does not have a lot of money at her disposal, frequenting public places where she is likely to meet a future partner, and then entertaining ... (Continue reading)

Classism, love and getting one’s due – part 1

Can Amanda Marcotte include logic in any of her writing? A recent piece at Slate makes me wonder about that, in which she describes the protesters at an abortion facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Apparently, a gang of loud and brash men show up to harass its most low-income patrons, who must visit on Saturdays since they travel across the country and/or cannot take a day off work. There may be a kernel of truth in Marcotte's ... (Continue reading)

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Condom commercials: who is really childish?

Dear ProWomanProLife: why must you bring the most ... inspirational ... parts of the internet to my attention? (Their more lighthearted posts often serve as writing prompts, like this one. The latest commercial shown on the blog is an ad for Durex condoms, showing children interacting with their families. Some kids engaged in the typical misbehaviour they eventually grow out of, and others made me wonder if they needed an obedience school similar to the canine ... (Continue reading)

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