Abortion policy causes Social Security woes

Rick Santorum was merely stating the obvious when he said in a New Hampshire radio interview that over the past 40 years not enough babies were born and therefore there are not enough workers (taxpayers) to support the growing number of retirees collecting Social Security. Abortion and anti-family policies and culture has a direct economic impact on society. This is self-evident and yet it invites scorn. (Continue reading)

Canadian election, day 4

The Commission for Justice and Peace of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops 2011 Federal Election Guide lists has listed “Respect for life and human dignity: from conception to natural death” as the top issue for Catholics to consider when they cast a ballot. story here. The United Church of Canada 2011 Federal Election Kit does not mention abortion directly, but does call for funding pro-abortion feminist groups, as well as protection of homosexuals abroad, among the issues Christians should be concerned ... (Continue reading)

Best thing about Canadian election

As Xtra!, the homosexualist newspaper reminds us, Bill C-389, which would add transsexual and transgender to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the hate crimes provisions of the Criminal Code, has died on the Senate Order Paper because the election was called. Interim coverage of C-389 can be found here including voting records of MPs present for the vote in December. (Continue reading)

Abortion is the leading cause of death in Canada

The March issue has a chart and short story showing that abortion is the leading cause of death in Canada. Each year there are about 70,000 cardiovascular deaths and 70,000 cancer deaths, but about 100,000 abortion deaths. Not that Stats Can counts abortion as a cause of death. (Continue reading)

Canadian election, Day 3

Election news relevant to pro-life and pro-family Canadians. In the first policy announcement of the election, the Conservatives are proposing income splitting for families with children un der 18 -- but it won't come into effect until Ottawa balances its budget. Of course, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff doesn't like the plan. Liberal MP Raymonde Folco ( Laval-Les Iles), a pro-abortion feminist, has surprised her party by announcing she won't seek re-election. Folco is known for saying spectatularly pro-abortion ... (Continue reading)

Election 41: Canada goes to the polls

We will have election coverage of the Canadian election throughout the campaign here at when it comes to the life and family issues. And an American libertarian David Weigel has already implicitly raised the hidden agenda/scary conservative meme: What are the stakes? I will leave it to Canada experts, but an immediate worry I see for small "L" liberals is that a full-on Conservative majority might make it possibly for the country to overturn legal gay marriage. I don't see this happening. ... (Continue reading)

Wanted: pro-life books, films

The Rick McGinnis column from the March edition is now online: "Wanted: pro-life books, films." The column starts by mocking Yann Martel for his "epistolary project" of sending books to Prime Minister Stephen Harper before providing some thoughts on what such a pro-life themed book/film list might look like and why it would be difficult to pull off: Just as it’s nearly impossible to make abortion either a sympathetic decision or a satisfying conclusion, denying the transcendent value of life is a poor prescription for great, ... (Continue reading)

The problem with modern liberalism

Harley Price's incredible review of William Gairdner's The Trouble with Canada ... Still appeared in our March issue and is now online. In it Price takes on egalitarianism, multiculturalism, and the Welfare State and why social conservatives should be concerned as much about the size of government as it is with how the state undermines traditional morality; indeed, it is part of the same statist project. (Continue reading)

Tuns on Chretien’s scandal

It has nothing to do with life or family issues, but I have a column today in the National Post about Jean Chretien. In my book (now just $14.95) I mention how terrible he was on abortion and same-sex marriage, but the focus on the column and book are the numerous scandals that embroiled his government. Chretien treated social issues like he treated scandals of mismanagement, craven power-grabbing, and outright corruption: with a shrug followed by callous political exploitation.  He ... (Continue reading)

Conscience and coercion

We now have our lead March editorial on conscience rights online. Coercing doctors to do abortion or making marriage commissioners preside over same-sex weddings, the editors write, "prove that religious freedom in Canada falls outside the internal system of human rights." Read the whole thing. (Continue reading)

CLC on Twitter

Follow Campaign Life Coalition on Twitter. And, of course, The InterimNews is on Twitter. We hope to beef up our presence there shortly, but you can begin following us today. (Continue reading)

Most support repeal of Obamacare

A Rasmussen poll shows that 62% of likely voters support repeal of Obamacare, with about five in six of those "strongly" supporting repeal. Only 33% of respondents oppose repeal. Support for repeal is highest among Republicans (more than 80%), while just under half of Democrats (48%) oppose it.  Independents favour repeal 64%, while just 30% are opposed. It is the first poll which has shown a clear majority supporting the idea of repealing Barack Obama's and the Democrat Congress' signature legislation. (Continue reading)

Baby Joseph saved — what about the rest of us

Baby Joseph has been airlifted from London, Ont., where a Canadian hospital (the London Health Sciences Centre) refused to provide treatment that would extend the life of a Joseph Maraachli and let his family take him home, where he will probably die within the next few months. LifeSiteNews has the story about Fr. Frank Pavone and the US-based Priests for Life's intervention in the case. This is a happy ending (relatively speaking) for the Maraachli family, but as Socon or Bust ... (Continue reading)

Hugh Hefner, philosopher

Here's a great essay by the late Joseph Sobran from National Review in 1974 on Hugh Hefner and the Playboy philosophy entitled, "The Sage and Serious Doctrine of Hugh Hefner." Here's a sample: The philosophy is no longer a regular part of the magazine, but it is briefly reformulated here and there: “Not coercing or injuring others is, we believe, essential to a free society. Beyond that minimum, we view morality as an individual matter, a highly personal belief in what is right ... (Continue reading)

Abortion double standard: hiding the numbers

If abortion was just another surgical procedure devoid of serious moral implications, it would not be cloaked in so much secrecy, would it? The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada has released an eReview on the "mess" surrounding Canada's abortion numbers, pointing out there is no consistency in how free-standing abortion facilities report their numbers, if they do at all, and that British Columbia hides beyond its access to information laws any abortion-related information in that province. Former Interim ... (Continue reading)

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