Economics, not morals, explains why contraceptive mandate is wrong

Canadian-born libertarian economist David Henderson explains the essential problem with the Obama administration's position on mandating contraception insurance coverage: Insurance is for consumption smoothing: that is, we buy it for high-cost, low-probability events so that a low-probability hit one year will not drastically cut our real consumption that year. The outlay for contraceptives is relatively small and relatively high-probabiity for their users. So on neither of the two dimensions is the purchase of contraceptives what economists call ... (Continue reading)

Archbishop Thomas Collins and pro-life

Later this week, Toronto Archbishiop Thomas Collins will be one of the 22 bishops promoted to Cardinal. The Toronto Star and its various publications had a large feature about Archbishop Collins on the weekend (brought to our attention by the archdiocese's communicators director Neil MacCarthy on Twitter). The article, written by Sandro Contenta, notes: He’s been especially vocal on abortion, denouncing then-Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff for insisting the procedure be part of a federal maternal health policy for the developing world. ... (Continue reading)

Trade, human rights and Red China

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a "successful" trip Red China where he inked a number of trade and investment deals. As the papers reported, while Harper may have brought up human rights and democracy with Chinese leaders behind closed doors, he did not make any public statement on Beijing's human rights abuses. More than two years ago, during a previous trip, we highlighted the human rights problems in China. Aside from the torture, organ harvesting, and lack of democracy, ... (Continue reading)

Canada’s undemocratic and useless Charter

The New York Times praised Canada's constitution, the misnamed and redundant Charter of Rights and Freedoms earlier this week and Mark Steyn has responded, noting that the Charter is junk: If that’s insufficiently legalistic, I’ve also described it as “a worthless piece of junk.” By design, it excludes property rights, which Locke, Montesquieu, and other irrelevant dead guys all saw as an indispensable condition for liberty. It embeds identity-group preferences as a constitutional principle. And it empowers hack bureaucrats ... (Continue reading)

Pro-Life Champions — obligatory Super Bowl post

Information about the American Life League ad from 1987. That was 23 years before Tim Tebow and his mom made headlines about the abortion issue. (Continue reading)

Planned Parenthood and ‘choice’

John McCormack of the Weekly Standard has a good piece looking at the whole Susan G. Komen Foundation ending its support to Planned Parenthood (to the tune of about $600,000) which shouldn't really be a controversy. PP claims that they aren't just about abortion and that terminating pregnancies is only about 3% of their business as measured by the services they provide. But as McCormack points out, abortion contributes 38% to PP's bottom line; if you asked the average ... (Continue reading)

McGinnis on Hollywood pedo-scandal

Rick McGinnis writes in the January Interim about a pedophilia scandal in Hollywood. Properly speaking the real scandal is how little attention the scandal of child abuse in Hollywood receives. As McGinnis says: More than any other business, Hollywood is a place where talent, youth and beauty are exploited, with a premium paid for all three. It’s also an industry that’s learned to shield itself from criticism by celebrating its venal and amoral customs with skilful self-parody, so ... (Continue reading)

GOP politics & 39 years of Roe

Yesterday marked the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision which made abortion-on-demand the law of the land in America. Today hundreds of thousands will march in the nation's capital to demand justice for the unborn. Rick Santorum has an article in the Wall Street Journal about abortion. Santorum, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination and has been a steadfast defender of the unborn in his public life, says: We don't judge hearts but we ... (Continue reading)

Pro-choice is a misnomer

National Post columnist Lorne Gunter explains why pro-choice advocates are actually pro-abortion: The default position of pro-choicers, whether or not they frame it this way themselves, amounts to a belief that abortion is always the right choice for women who have given it even a moment’s consideration. Once a woman has so much as considered the possibility of abortion, any effort to change her mind – or even just to give her more information to consider – is an attempt ... (Continue reading)

Porn becomes passe?

Susannah Breslin writes in Slate's The XX Factor blog: TMZ reports the San Fernando Valley-based adult production company Vivid Entertainment has offered Nadya Suleman $1 million to star in an adult movie. Taken at face value, this story is all kinds of wrong. How the story of a freak-mother has twisted itself into a tale of a would-be MILF? OctoMILF? is beyond the scope of my limited brain capacity. Whatever those parties involved or not ... (Continue reading)

Ron Paul reaches out to pro-life voters

You could take a cynical view of this new Ron Paul video and see it as an attempt to win over evangelical/Religious Right voters in the Iowa Republican caucus (and other primary voters assuming he is still in the race as a legitimate contender past New Hampshire), but it is a very good advertisement: the personal stories about his being a doctor who delivers babies, the testimony of others appreciating his Christianity, and women praising the fact that Washington D.C. hasn't changed him. ... (Continue reading)

Storseth’s HRC bill

It's one of our top stories in the December issue: "Bill would delete human rights commission hate speech provisions." The vote on this could come next month. If it does, it looks like the bill will pass. (Continue reading)

Christopher Hitchens, RIP

Christopher Hitchens has died. He will probably be remembered for two things: as a Man of the Left, he broke with other liberals and supported (to use the euphemism) the War on Terror and he was an annoyingly preachy, intolerant, and adolescent atheist. Yet, he was so much more than that, including an exceptional literary critic and principled liberal who stood with the victims of oppression everywhere. He wasn't like most on the Right and the Left who only care the victims ... (Continue reading)

Pro-aborts using Tebow to raise money for abortion reports that Sophia at the Abortion Gang blog suggested readers donate $5 or $10 to a local pro-abortion group every time Tim Tebow scores a touchdown. Considering Tebow's public Christian and pro-life witness, I applaud their sense of humour and ingenuity, but what is it about Tim Tebow that elicits the reaction he does. His team is doing well and depending on the football metric he is either pretty darn good (83.9 Passer Rating, 11:2 TDs to interception ratio, ... (Continue reading)

Maple Leaf tickets pro-life fundraiser

Campaign Life Coalition is auctioning pairs of tickets for four Toronto Maple Leaf games against the Winnipeg Jets (January 5), Montreal Canadiens (January 21), Edmonton Oilers (February 6), and Canadiens (February 11). During the Feb. 11 Leafs-Canadiens game, former Leaf great Matt Sundin's jersey will be raised to the rafters as his number is officially retired by the team. These would make a great Christmas gift for hockey fans and the proceeds go to support Canada's pro-life efforts. The ... (Continue reading)

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