Croatia, Communists, and Sex Ed

Tanya Granic Allen has a blog post about sex ed in the home country (so to speak) and connects the push for sex education today to the attempts by communists to destroy the Catholic faith.  Two snippets: So, you can imagine my disgust when I started hearing about the Centre-Left (read ex-commie) Croatian government pushing radical, sexual-education in the country's schools, a country whose population is 90% Catholic.  It's hasn't been twenty years since the war ended and clearly some of the ... (Continue reading)

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If I have ‘one of those days’…

As soon as I woke up, I knew this was not going to be a good morning. It was, after all, 7:30. I normally leave my house around 8 a.m., and was supposed to get up at least an hour earlier. Stumbling to the bathroom, necessities in hand, I realized that having a  proper shower was out of the question. On top of that, I wanted to wear my best skirt, which requires twenty minutes of gymnastics ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers cannot be ostriches

In two days, I will be joining my fellow interns for the first time when we make our weekly visit to pray near our local abortion facility. They have already gone for a few weeks, while I've had to sit out because of an injured foot...and an apprehensive heart. My primary pro-life activities fall under the movement's educational arm, so I do not have much experience with activity near abortion centres.  I have avoided it for a ... (Continue reading)

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National March for Life coverage

National March for Life coverage

Our June issue is in the mail and our cover story is on the incredible National March for Life that took place last month in Ottawa. The dead tree edition has plenty of photos, but online we've only posted some of them. My personal favourite is the pro-life superheroes. Anyway, enjoy the coverage -- extensive coverage you wouldn't have gotten in the daily papers or evening broadcasts (sadly ... (Continue reading)

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Morgentaler, RIP

Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler has passed away. Stories at, Canadian Press, the state broadcaster, and Globe and Mail. It is hard not to turn this post into a critique of the media -- journalists will get all slobbery over the abortionist. While the media coverage will depict Morgentaler as a hero, it is worth noting he was a highly divisive figure. His true legacy is not one of promoting the rights of women, but of ... (Continue reading)

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Fr. de Valk to be honoured by the Catholic Civil Rights League

This week, Fr. Alphonse de Valk will be honoured by the Catholic Civil Rights League. Fr. de Valk is a former editor of The Interim. We've wrote a lot about him late last year following his retirement from Catholic Insight magazine: about the dinner in his honour, my tribute to him, and my review of his book Morality and the Law in Canadian Politics: The Abortion Controversy. In 1991, The Interim had a wonderful feature on ... (Continue reading)

Gosnell guilty has the story of the jury's decision finding abortionist Kermit Gosnell guilty of  murdering three of four babies in which he was charged as well as the involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of  Karnamaya Mongar. The penalty phase of the deliberations begin next week and there is a gag order in effect until that time. The Washington Post has a long article on the decision. This, from the LSN story, is baffling: "The 'not guilty' count ... (Continue reading)

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National March for Life

Tomorrow marks the 43rd anniversary of the legalization of abortion and pro-lifers march in Ottawa (and most provincial capitals) to mark the day and call for justice for the unborn. Details for the National March for Life are available at the Campaign Life Coalition website (note: there is a candlelight vigil in Ottawa tonight at dusk at the Canadian Human Rights Monument). Information for most of the regional marches is available in CLC's April newsletter; contact your ... (Continue reading)

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National March for Life — 10 days and counting

The National March for Life in Ottawa and many of the regional marches for life take place on May 9. Start a tweet countdown if you are on Twitter. And as the National Campus Life Network says on Facebook, on Thursday May 9, whether you are at the National March for Life  in the nation's capital, one of the marches in the provincial capitals across Canada (excluding Toronto and Quebec City), or at home/work on that day, "Show your ... (Continue reading)

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The Gosnell cover-up continues

Here is editor Paul Tuns' editor's desk column for the forthcoming edition (May) of The Interim. If it bleeds, it leads -- except if it's abortion On March 18 the trial of Kermit Gosnell began in a Philadelphia courthouse, and the jury heard some of the most sensational – and graphic – testimony any courtroom has witnessed. Yet despite the numerous storylines – a doctor who preyed on women, killed children, snipping the spines of babies who survived abortion, a racial subtext about ... (Continue reading)

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IVF, experimentation, and the sanctity-of-life ethic

The term test-tube babies seems so 1980s. IVF -- in vitro fertilization -- is now the commonly used term. Less fearful, less sci-fi, less judgmental.  IVF is in the news again because Sir Robert Edwards, the pioneering British test tube baby-creating doctor died this past week. Robert George has a good piece in the Wall Street Journal about Edwards' legacy and why pro-lifers should care about IVF. George writes: For many of Edwards's critics, his legacy is irredeemably ... (Continue reading)

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Canada’s National March for Life and gendercide

It is just over a month until the National March for Life in Ottawa (May 9). The theme this year is gendercide. The Interim and have both ran promotional stories. In light of the political maneuvering that took place in recent weeks to scuttle Mark Warawa's private member's motion (M408) and the political fallout, it might seem that a rally and march tied to the issue of a motion deemed non-votable is less relevant, but in fact ... (Continue reading)

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The Conservative Party and abortion

Conservative MP Jay Aspin (Nipissing -- Timiskaming) says that his colleague Mark Warawa (Langley) is a "rogue" for bringing up abortion. Last week a parliamentary subcommittee ruled that Warawa's private member's motion, M-408, which would express disapproval of the practice of sex-selective abortion and gendercide, was non-votable. Warawa has been vocal about the decision and the Conservative party's attempt to prevent him from speaking up on the issue. Aspin is not impressed saying: "If these rogue members ... (Continue reading)

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Congratulations to Bethel Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Toronto

The Interim is often viewed as a Catholic newspaper, but we are, in fact, a pro-life and pro-family newspaper informed by our (shared) Christian values. Our editorial advisory board, our columnists and contributors, our advertisers, and our readers come from Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical backgrounds. The presence of a large number of Catholic church ads and the misunderstanding that that the pro-life movement is mostly Catholic leads to the misunderstanding that our newspaper is ... (Continue reading)

Defund abortion rally

Here's our unedited version of the story that will appear in the April edition of the paper about the Defund Abortion Rally that took place this afternoon in front of the Ontario legislature. Queen’s Park rally demands end to taxpayer funding of abortion Paul Tuns Despite wind, sleet, and temperatures of minus six, more than 350 people attended the Defund Abortion Rally organized by Campaign Life Coalition Youth at Queen’s Park on March 19. While the crowd was small at the start of the ... (Continue reading)

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