A crisis from early-childhood-education to post-grad

A crisis from early-childhood-education to post-grad Mark Wegierski If there is anything that left-liberals in Canada clearly and unequivocally understand today, it is that education – from daycare to university – really is the key to society and the future. Hence, they have exerted enormous efforts to make education, in some respects at least, reflective of a broadly left-liberal ethos, and to make teaching one of the most financially well-rewarded and well-looked up to professions in Canada. In Canada, education is, formally speaking, ... (Continue reading)

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The managerial-therapeutic regime in Canada

The managerial-therapeutic regime in Canada An insoluble dilemma for real democracy? Commentary Mark Wegierski Canada is indeed one of the most “exceptional” societies on the planet. Unlike the U.S. and some other Western societies, it mostly lacks an effective social conservative movement. It is given over to some of the most extreme forms of “political correctness” in any Western society. Same-sex “marriage” and abortion rights are very tightly entrenched. Peaceful protest at abortion facilities has been banned, and pro-life activists have served months or ... (Continue reading)

More to the left – more to the right

One can look at the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Canada – and its precursor, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) – to highlight the differences between the so-called Old Left, and the new left-liberal consensus. In the May 2, 2011, federal election in Canada, the New Democratic Party – Canada’s social democratic party – had won 103 seats, thus displacing the Liberal Party, and becoming the Official Opposition. However, in the Oct. 19, 2015 election, they were swept away by the ... (Continue reading)

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The Emergence of Media: Humanity’s Endgame

The Emergence of Media: Humanity's Endgame Mark Wegierski This work of critical writing intends to look at the topic of media in contemporary society. This writing should be seen as the beginning of further attempts -- building on the insights of figures as intellectually diverse as Marshall McLuhan and the lesser-known media theorist Harold A. Innis, Canadian philosopher George Parkin Grant, Noam Chomsky, and Camille Paglia -- to extend towards a “unified field theory” of the relations between media and society. It could ... (Continue reading)

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Pro-lifers pleased with Judge Neil Gorsuch

Last night President Donald Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's seat on the bench with someone who shared his originalist judicial philosophy and named 10th Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch as his nominee to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat. It isn't much of a surprise that Democrats are opposed to Gorsuch, especially considering their client groups in the pro-abortion movement -- Planned Parenthood and NARAL -- condemned ... (Continue reading)

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Transgressive technologies

Transgressive technologies: Does a posthuman dystopia await us? Mark Wegierski There are a number of highly transgressive technologies on the horizon of development today, which may prove to be the most fundamental challenges ever to the notion of a more stable human nature, and thereby, to what can seen to be "natural" to humankind. Such technologies can be a vehicle for the almost indefinite perpetuation of “the unnatural,” never ... (Continue reading)

Independent candidate runs against sex-ed in Scarborough-Rouge River

Queenie Yu says that "complaining is useless" so she's running as an independent candidate in an Ontario by-election in order to put her principles into action. The principle in question is Kathleen Wynne's radical sex-ed curriculum which Yu says "will do harm to children." Yu is running on one issue: to fully repeal the sex-ed curriculum that the Liberal government introduced in 2015. The independent candidate told The Interim she wants to inform voters in Scarborough-Rouge River through her website, lawn ... (Continue reading)

Although ‘Free Your Vote’ did not pass at CPC convention, grassroots send message to party

As The Interim reported in early May, the National Policy Committee of the Conservative Party of Canada took it upon themselves, in a closed door meeting and under the influence of Conservative MP Michelle Rempel (Calgary Nose Hill) and interim party leader Rona Ambrose, to scuttle socially conservative proposals from making their way to the party’s convention in Vancouver in late May. One of the proposals was a policy proposal that called for removing the existing policy that a “Conservative government ... (Continue reading)

Policy committee scuttles socon resolutions ahead of CPC convention

Conservative policy committee scuttles social conservative resolutions ahead of party’s national convention Paul Tuns After months of grassroots engagement at the riding and regional level, the National Policy Committee of the Conservative Party of Canada took it upon themselves to scuttle socially conservative proposals to the party's convention in Vancouver in late May. One resolution was reportedly reconsidered and nixed after the intervention of interim Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose. The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has a National Policy Committee of ... (Continue reading)

Conservative Policy Convention shocker: Ambrose, Rempel scuttle policy process

Conservative Policy Convention shocker: Ambrose, Rempel scuttle policy process, pro-life Tories to be silenced at convention Paul Tuns The Interim The Interim has learned that a last minute intervention by interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose will prevent any debate on the party’s abortion policy at the upcoming convention in Vancouver May 26-28. This past Thursday, at Ambrose’s request, the National Policy Committee of the CPC voted to block a resolution that would have allowed for a discussion on the party’s “no abortion legislation” policy. Since 2005, ... (Continue reading)

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Policy process for Ontario PCs

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives are meeting this weekend in Ottawa for their general meeting. Many of the presentations concern nitty-gritty riding association-level mechanics that bore the average person: riding redistribution, membership retention, and fundraising. Parties at the provincial and local level need to do these things, but even delegates look like they'd rather be next door shopping at the Rideau Centre or eating in the ByWard Market. Everyone will have their favourite presentations, but the most important part of the convention for ... (Continue reading)

The Interim is at the Ontario PC convention

The Interim is at the Ontario Progressive Conservative convention in Ottawa. We'll be covering it today, including live on my personal Twitter account (@ptuns). Of special interest to grassroots supporters of the party will be the unveiling of the new policy development process and a panel discussion on diversity and cultural engagement. There is also a special guest speaker after lunch. The political nerd in me is interested in the riding redistribution. I'm assuming media is not invited to the breakout ... (Continue reading)

Accessibility in Toronto: far from perfect

The world has watched Toronto for the past two months as the city hosted the Pan Am and ParaPan Am Games. Given that the city is renowned worldwide, you might think that it has gone the extra mile to provide a welcoming environment for visitors of all abilities.  This is not the case – a great deal of work still needs to be done. On August 24, Jeremy Appel wrote an article in the ... (Continue reading)

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Pregnancy in the media

The image of the fundamentalist Christian man bringing a gun to an abortion clinic is entrenched in our culture. As a result, the pro-life community is quick to lament the media’s focus on violence committed by those who claim to stand with our cause. What some may not realize is that the stereotype has traveled far beyond the news. I stopped watching Law and Order – one of my favourite TV shows – because I had seen too ... (Continue reading)

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Abortion industry selling aborted babies

The (pro-life) Center for Medical Progress caught a Planned Parenthood employee brokering the sales of aborted babies. If you read the transcript or watch the video, you'll see Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood, describe how their employees can carry out an abortion to minimize damage to the preborn child, in ways that sound like they increase the pain the child suffers and possible harm to woman undergoing an abortion. It also sounds ... (Continue reading)

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