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On the road by air

As my business occasionally takes me to different parts of Canada, recently I have begun to contact various pro-life groups in the cities I visit. In August, for example, I was in Calgary and in Edmonton (two days each), and in September, business took my partner and I to Vancouver for a week. I cannot speak too highly of the kindness and generosity extended by those I have contacted. Everywhere, people gave ... (Continue reading)

Natural Family Planning SERENA: The Sympto-Thermal Method

The Serena organization is composed of couples who use the sympto-thermal method of Natural Family Planning. Very basically, this method combines observation of mucus and other symptoms with daily recording of temperature in order to establish the fertile and infertile times in any given cycle. A very common question is – who or what is SERENA? Perhaps the best explanation of what SERENA stands for is stated in the objectives of the Serena Canada Corporation. Some of these ... (Continue reading)

Canadian advocates for human life

It seemed apparent, therefore, that the next move was the organization - on a national basis- of a national umbrella group called "Canadian Advocates for Human Life." The purpose of the national body will be to coordinate and encourage the development of provincial chapters of pro-life lawyers, as well as to : assemble lawyers together to discuss pro-life issues; lend credibility to lawyers active in the pro-life field; serve as a ... (Continue reading)

Manitobans choose life

The Manitoba League for Life organized their signature campaign in six weeks. A preliminary advertisement describing the drive resulted in signed coupons and donations arriving in the League's office at over 1,000 a day. More support came from churches, schools, pro-life groups and organizations. On March 30, the Winnipeg Free Press published 37,000 names in alphabetical order. The date was planned specifically so the campaign appeared publicly before Morgentaler opened his clinic. More names were gathered than were used, as they ... (Continue reading)

Campagnolo challenged by Thunder Bay pro-lifers

On May 10 over 80 pro-lifers picketed Iona Campagnolo in Thunder Bay. Ms Campagnolo was greeted by women and children carrying placards such as: Iona discriminates against tiny pre-born women;" "Iona does not have my vote;" and "Liberal support; Iona aborts!" Campagnolo, current president of the Liberal Party of Canada, is being talked of as the nest Liberal leader (see The Interim, March 1983). She is a C.A.R.A.L. board member and has publicly stated her approval of abortion on demand. In Thunder ... (Continue reading)

Thunder Bay Right To Life publishes proclamation

The Right to Life Association of Thunder Bay and area published 3,000 names in the Chronicle-Journal on May 11. Containing names from Thunder Bay, Beardmore, Emo, Fort Frances, Jellico, Nipigon, Marathon, Rainy River, Schreiber and Terrace Bay, the Prologue in the ad reads: "The persons listed herein have voluntarily offered their names for publication and their donations have paid the cost of said publication. It is important, we feel, that all persons taken not that this is not a simple petition, but ... (Continue reading)

The R.E.A.L. Women of Canada Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life

On Mother's Day this year we celebrated the birth of a special Canadian baby. Small but vocal, like all newborns, this child represents the true women's movement. This pro-family, pro-life national women's organization, the R.E.A.L. Women of Canada, was conceived by a group of women who could no longer tolerate the way the majority is being represented. Together with the media, the various women's groups who purport to speak for the women of this country in fact only speak for small ... (Continue reading)

Union Workers for Life formed in California

An organization of union members, which has established six chapters in California to oppose abortion on demand, has called on "every union in the United States" to adopt a pro-life stance and work for the passage of a constitutional amendment to protect the unborn. Union Workers for Life also urged AFL-CIO to adopt a pro-life resolution, insist on a pro-life "plank" at the Democratic national convention in New York, and support only those candidates for public office "who take a pro-life ... (Continue reading)

Vancouver conference on pregnancy support

Sponsored by Vancouver Right to Life, the conference, called Women Supported Not Exploited, will deal with the need arising from "pregnancy aftermath", that meaning, the grief brought on by the tragic results in problem pregnancies. The 8:00 Friday night meeting features speaker Mary Lassance Parthum, M.S.W. discussing bereavement counseling post abortion. Saturday has Dr. Frank Murphy, M.D., of Birthright, "Exploring Why Women Have Abortions" and a workshop on establishing a pregnancy aftermath counseling service by Mary Lassance Parthum. (Continue reading)

Students for Life censored

The Varsity (Continue reading)

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