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CHP leader suspended

Cavilla may not accept board’s decision The Christian Heritage Party has a new leader.  Or does it?  It depends on who you talk to. In a highly unusual move the national board of Canada’s only pro-life federal party suspended its leader and appointed Heather Stilwell until the 1994 leadership convention in Vancouver.  According to the board, Stilwell, a pro-life activist from B.C. will lead the C.H.P. into the next federal election. But Charles Cavilla, leader for the last year-and –a half refuses ... (Continue reading)

Gag rule would leave pro-lifers speechless

Parliament has passed a bill which will gag politically active groups such as Campaign Life Coalition. Under the Tories’ election reform bill, only political parties and candidates will have the freedom to do partisan advertising during election campaigns. Other groups or individuals will be allowed to spend no more than $1,000 on advertising which identifies or promotes particular parties or candidates. That limit --$1,000—will apply to a group’s entire efforts nation-wide. It is so small, that if really constitutes a ban ... (Continue reading)

Tory hopeful gaining ground

Jim Edwards vows pro-life action if elected Pro-life support is rallying around Jim Edwards as he makes his bid for the leadership of the federal Tories.  The Interim caught up with Edwards during his frantic schedule as he travels the country trying to round up delegates and get his message out. He says the economy is dominating the debate among the leadership candidates but there are other issues which none of them will be able to leave untouched. “Undoubtedly family issues will emerge ... (Continue reading)

U.S. college students dedicate a year to life

A new radicalism is breaking out on college campuses in America. It has the familiar ring of student activism—the sit-ins, the confrontations with authority. The students march, they talk about a “cultural revolution,” they turn current wisdom on its head. The group calls itself Collegians Activated to Liberate Life. They’ve taken the year off from their studies to immerse themselves fully in pro-life work and to stir things upon the American college scene. The streets have become their classrooms and their ... (Continue reading)

Birthright opens in PEI

Charlottetown – After several years of on-again off-again efforts, Birthright has opened an office in downtown Charlottetown That it has finally become reality is largely dues to the efforts of Marg Hoganson, who moved here four years ago, brining with her six years of experience as a volunteer in Halifax. Birthright is non-sectarian, non-profit and designed to help any women greatly disturbed by an untimely or unwanted pregnancy. Its volunteers aim to turn an initially distressing situation into a positive and life-giving ... (Continue reading)

What did I do to upset you?

“I hope you’re not going to show us any of those gross pictures!” exclaimed the high-school student as I entered a class to give a presentation. Nothing else the pro-life movement does earns such derogatory comment.  To hear our detractors speak, you would think we do little else but hand out photographs of aborted babies.  The fact is that the pro-life movement uses such pictures only rarely. When they have been used, I’ve heard abortion supporters denounce them as “pornographic,” ... (Continue reading)

University students bombarded by ideaology

“Political Correctness 101” becoming required course on Canadian campuses When The Interim reported last month that 75% of Canadians would support legislation requiring informed consent for abortion, it reported that this support legislation requiring informed consent for abortion, it reported that this support was lowest among the university educated. Some might infer that the brightest minds see something in the proposal that the common fold can’t quite grasp, but more likely the exact opposite may be true. Political correctness is ... (Continue reading)

In praise of motherhood

Women who give up family life for a career are less likely to be happy than their married counterparts, a Quebec report has found. A survey of 1,200 professional women showed that women who forsake getting married and having children and instead concentrate on their career are twice as likely to be depressed as married women. The study was conducted among women lawyers, doctors, engineers and accountants by Ethel Roskies, a Montreal psychologist. The author of the survey measured happiness by asking the ... (Continue reading)

Famous geneticist comes to Canada

Internationally renowned geneticist Jerome Lejeune will be speaking to pro-lifers in Montreal and Toronto on April 12 and 13 consecutively.  His visit to Canada is being sponsored by Campagne Quebec Vie and Life Ethics Educational Association/Campaign Life Coalition Toronto. Lejeune is known throughout the worldwide medical community as the scientist who dis-covered the extra chromosome which causes Down Syndrome.  He is presently a profess-or of fundamental genetics at the Rene Descartes University of Paris. As a staunch defender of life, Lejeune is ... (Continue reading)

On guard for freedom

Do you remember Bill C-169? That was the bill described as “a stunning breach of the right of free speech—surely the most draconian anti-demographic law written in Canada in my years.” (Edmonton Journal, January 5, 1984). Bill C. -169 took away our right of free speech at election times.  The story of how the bill was passed and later overturned bears repeating for we have been warned that our “unalienable right” of free speech at election time is once again in ... (Continue reading)

A look at the battle in Britain

Having visited England regularly as an expatriate over the past 25 years, I had gained the impression that pro-life activities and initiatives were lagging far behind those in the U.S. and Canada. I discovered that I was mistaken when I attended the LIFE International Conference n Leicester, last November. The level of knowledge and competence is extremely high and the dedication and commitment by the ‘chosen few’ equal or exceed our own. They have one decided advantage in that they enjoy an ... (Continue reading)

Focus on the Family: only one solution

A country rampant with AIDs, ravaged by over 20 different types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and morally drained by thousands of teen pregnancies which end in abortion: this is the fallout created by the American government’s 20-year, $3 billion campaign to sell contraception and “safe sex” to teenagers. Tragic statistics The experiment has been an unqualified disaster and many groups throughout Canada and the U.S. would like to do something to rectify the situation. One such group is Focus on the ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers not divided, leaders say

Four pro-life leaders, including the president of two national organizations, Alliance for Life and Campaign Life Coalition, have rejected the opinion of R.C. Archbishop Marcel Gervais that the pro-life movement has become “tragically divisive and angry.” (See Interim, June 1992, pp 18, 19 for the text of Archbishop’s May 3 address.) Archbishop Gervais is the President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) in Ottawa. The pro-life leaders’ response was printed in the Catholic Register of Toronto, in its July 25 ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life conference could do no wrong

The weather was great.  The accommodations were great.  The speakers were great.  The security was great.  The boat trip in the harbor was great.  The people were great.  And the cops – Toronto’s finest – were also great.  They cleverly kept the pro-aborts, ‘Queer Nation,’ ‘Act Up’ (flaky homosexual groups) and the Rent-A-Mob types boxed up and so far away from us – you could hardly hear them swear. (The police got a standing ovation from the jammed pro-life banquet ... (Continue reading)

“Save the Planet’s People”

The Pro-life Convention, under the title “Save the Planet’s People” was held at the Holiday Inn, Toronto from June 25, to June 27, 1992.  to say that it was a success would be an understatement.  Thanks to the organizing committee under the direction of Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, and Clare Dodds as Co-ordinator, the Convention was probably the best that has been held in Canada so far.  It was probably the best that has been held in ... (Continue reading)

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