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Newfoundland & Labrador Right to Life marks 30 years of defending life

Interim Staff Newfoundland & Labrador Right to Life celebrated its 30th year anniversary dinner in St. John's on Oct. 23, during its annual respect for life week. The organization recounted 24 years of its operating St. Elizabeth house, a place of refuge for pregnant women that it opened in 1980. ... (Continue reading)

New director takes over Aid to Women

Ann Wilson, the new director of Toronto's Aid to Women, a crisis pregnancy centre, is, while soft-spoken and gentle-mannered, nevertheless one tough cookie. In July, Wilson assumed the difficult role of persuading women "in crisis" not to seek an abortion. Her task as director is daunting, considering she's ... (Continue reading)

Growing LifeChain numbers a hopeful sign

At major intersections in large cities and along main streets in small towns across the country, ordinary Canadians did the extraordinary on a Sunday afternoon in October. Concerned citizens bravely stood in public with bold signs proclaiming the truth. Once again, LifeChain spread across the streets of this continent, with thousands giving an hour of their time for this pro-life witness. As every year, ... (Continue reading)

Senator Kerry and the flight from reality

Rebecca Porter is the director of Florida's "Operation Outcry Silent No More." She is, one might say, not so much "pro-choice" these days as she is "pro-voice." She, and countless "victims of choice," who have been hurt by abortion and carry with them deep personal scars, do not want to remain silent, lest their absence of a voice lead people to think that abortion is harmless. Recently, Porter decided to inform Senator Kerry and his followers about ... (Continue reading)

Borowski for sainthood?

I met two people in my life whom I genuinely feel should be declared saints (other than my wife and my bank manager) and they are Dr. Jerome Lejeune and Joe (hold on now) ... Borowski. One, Dr. Lejeune, a genius and world-renowned scientist, and devout, pro-life Catholic, who discovered the cause of Down syndrome and the other, Joe Borowski, a former hard-rock miner, who described himself as "the guy who carries the lunch pail," a ... (Continue reading)

Scandal ended C-250 death hopes

Interim StaffIt was Gwen Landolt, vice-president of REAL Women of Canada, who first raised the alarm about Bill C-250 in May 2002. MP Svend Robinson, the homosexual "rights" advocate, was pushing his subtle amendment to the hate speech section of the Criminal Code and only a handful of MPs were in the Commons for a vote at Second Reading. Landolt was furious that although the official opposition opposed the bill, it did ... (Continue reading)

Thanking the Friends of Life

In December, The Interim editorial advisory board, The Interim business board and invited guests gathered for a meeting to examine the paper's future - how to improve our product, increase our revenues and expand our circulation. One participant in this process suggested we move to a Supporters of The Interim type feature in which donors were listed on a page recognizing the friends of life. It was suggested that churches that ... (Continue reading)

Toronto school board includes Aid to Women as part of pro-life week

Interim StaffThis year, the Toronto Catholic District School Board welcomed Aid to Women, a crisis pregnancy agency adjacent to a Toronto abortuary, into their 33 secondary and 168 elementary schools for Respect for Life Week. Respect for Life Week takes place in the second week of May for educational purposes. Aid to Women hopes to raise its profile, educate students, faculty and public and fundraise during the week of pro-life activities after the ... (Continue reading)

Focus on the Family taking a lead role in the fight for marriage

Interim StaffRecently, small groups of concerned citizens have met with Darrel Reid, national president of Focus on the Family Canada, to hear about his organization's plan to protect marriages in Canada. Reid explained that we are at a historic time in our country. The question of the redefinition of marriage has come before our nation at a time when an election is on the horizon. Reid asked: "What ... (Continue reading)

125,000 march for life in Washington: Women are ‘silent no more’ on their experiences

Their voices were heard loud and clear among the more than 100,000 people who attended this year's 31st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. From all across the United States - and even from Canada - they came, the latest vanguard in a growing movement that seeks to end an almost conspiratorial silence ... (Continue reading)

Anti-life UNICEF vying to get back into Toronto Catholic schools

UNICEF, which supports pro-abortion and other anti-life projects, has once again tried to shoehorn its way into the Toronto Catholic District school board, Canada's largest Catholic school board. In UNICEF'S corner is Catholics for a Free Choice, a minuscule but well-financed organization funded by the Packard Foundation and ... (Continue reading)

New Quebec pregnancy counselling center to open

A Christian drop-in centre in Chateauguay Que., on the south shore of Montreal, will soon become home to a crisis pregnancy counselling service called Options. In 2001, a donor in New Brunswick offered money to establish a Christian Association of Pregnancy Support Services centre in Quebec, if they could find somebody interested in opening one. After two information meetings, Teddy and Linda Hoare, workers with ... (Continue reading)

Lila Stanford started pro-life group for teachers and parents

I have mixed emotions today as I write in this newsletter. I am very sad to report the loss of one of my heroes, Lila Stanford. Lila fell and suffered a head injury. After lingering for about 10 days, and only after she had said her goodbyes to everyone, she quietly slipped into her final sleep. For those who knew Lila you already understand how much she will be ... (Continue reading)

A car is ‘integral’ to helping women

An automobile is vital to the work of Aid to Women, because it enables it to carry out the promises made to women considering abortion. Robert, an Aid to Women counsellor, told The Interim that many women choose not have an abortion when they realize there are people willing and able to help them. Aid to Women offers cribs and strollers and other material goods as part of its support ... (Continue reading)

Group tackles contraception as root of abortion

One More Soul seeks to 'convince people that children are a blessing from God' "Contraception is probably worse than abortion. We have to preach the whole story. I think this is one reason why we haven't got further in the battle," announced Joe Scheidler at the National Pro-Life Conference in Toronto last October. This is a position that has been taken by many pro-lifers, and none more eloquently than those who ... (Continue reading)

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