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PMO’s action a concern

In March, the media obtained an e-mail from the Prime Minister's Office that told cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats that their communications were to be vetted by the same Prime Minister's Office. Many noted that this is the kind of heavy-handedness the Conservatives often criticized in Jean Chretien's PMO. We will take a slightly (but only slightly) more forgiving view. ... (Continue reading)

C’mon, Canada, we can do better

Watching Judge Marshall Rothstein, our newest Supreme Court justice, perform was like watching Wayne Gretzky in his prime dodge, circle, hide and evade. Wayne had the aid of a hockey cop dressed in a uniform similar to Wayne’s, who was ready to hospitalize any opponent aiming to hospitalize Wayne. What did we know about ... (Continue reading)

Lobbyist holds MPs’ feet to the fire

Aidan Reid is not your typical Ottawa lobbyist. The 29-year-old first became interested in political activism as a teenager, after attending a presentation on abortion. “I was shocked to discover how common this gruesome practice is in Canada,” Reid told The Interim. “So ... (Continue reading)

A first step toward the end of judicial activism?

Legalizing abortion and child pornography, overturning the definition of marriage, requiring the funding of sex change operations and granting prisoners the vote are just some of the outrageous decisions forced on Canadians, not by elected legislatures, but by unelected courts. Those courts have been stacked with increasingly activist, liberal judges for the past ... (Continue reading)

Liberal leadership race underway

With former prime minister Paul Martin formally resigning as Liberal Party leader, party apparatchiks gathered in Ottawa to decide the rules and timelines of the leadership contest to replace him. Although it will not formally announce its decision until April 7, the Liberal Party of Canada has reportedly decided that the leadership vote will be ... (Continue reading)

The great unwashed rise from the swamp

It’s not going to be tough to say goodbye to the greatest collection of tiny talented, Liberal-leaning radical feminists in the world. Nor to a similar collection of hedonistic, loyal, lightweight Liberal males also owing their unwarranted rise to our highest court to the slavish worship of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s faulty musings. (Pierre used to say that the government had ... (Continue reading)

Finally, a chance for change

The English writer Hilaire Belloc wrote about the Barbarian: a man with a perpetual sneer on his lips, who laughs at the fixed convictions of our inheritance. Paula Adamick, in the January issue of Challenge magazine, quoted Belloc: “We sit by and watch the Barbarian, we tolerate ... (Continue reading)

Media and the 2006 election

Mainstream media coverage of the 2006 federal election campaign was marked by a perhaps-surprising improvement in the fairness of the reporting of the major political parties. But still, there persisted an animosity toward, and an ostracization of, socially conservative candidates, particularly those from the Conservative party. Observers wondered, when the campaign began, whether the media would engage in the kind of blackmarking ... (Continue reading)

Choice in childcare a Tory priority

Genuine choice in childcare is one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s key election promises - and perhaps the most contentious, as his minority government faces off against three socialist parties in the new Parliament. Indeed, the Conservative promise to provide parents a $100 monthly allowance for each child under six years of age became a hot-button issue during the campaign, ... (Continue reading)

Cabinet choices a mixed bag

On Feb. 6, Stephen Harper and his cabinet were sworn in to office. The initial reaction of social conservatives has been one of cautious optimism overall, but there are specific criticisms regarding key portfolios. According to Campaign Life Coalition, nine of 26 cabinet ministers – more than a third – are pro-life. The March CLC National News, reported that the pro-life personnel include ... (Continue reading)

Harper on the right track with judicial appointments

Even before Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that parliamentarians would be allowed to “interview” his appointee to the Supreme Court of Canada, the chattering classes were in apoplexy over the “politicization” of the judicial appointment process. The chief justice of the Canadian Supreme Court, Beverly McLachlin, warned Canada’s new prime minister not to “politicize” the appointment system to the court. She told the Ottawa ... (Continue reading)

It was the nicest dream I’ve ever had

I saw a well-dressed man toss a perfectly good newspaper into a garbage can and disappear into the subway. Being a bit curious, I reached into the can and retrieved it. It was a Toronto Star. I was shocked by the blaring headlines: “Federal Liberals crushed!” Underneath were sub-headings: “Stephen Harper wins massive majority,” “Only pro-life Liberals survive” and “Paul Martin loses seat.’... (Continue reading)

Liberal allegedly calls his win a ‘victory for Islam’

It appears that militant Islam has gained a foothold in Canada’s Parliament, with the election of Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra in the riding of Mississauga-Erindale, Ont. According to a report in the Western Standard, Alghabra had previously celebrated his nomination for the riding as a victory for Islamic power. “This is a victory for Islam. Islam won … Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics,” witnesses allege ... (Continue reading)

Euthanasia, assisted suicide threats remain after election

Interim Staff The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition remains concerned that a bill to legalize euthanasia and/or assisted suicide is still capable of passing through the newly elected Parliament, even though the Conservative Party won a minority. The election of a Conservative minority may not ... (Continue reading)

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader shows he’s no conservative

As he was Kim Campbell’s former campaign manager and a frequent guest at Toronto’s gay pride parade observances, it was always clear that Ontario PC leader John Tory was no friend of social conservatives (or social democrats like myself). Nevertheless, Tory confirmed his disdain for pro-family activists during the past federal election campaign. With less than two weeks left in the campaign, he ... (Continue reading)

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