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‘Radical democracy’ at root of our woes

The current Canadian culture wars are rooted in the fact that democracy, in the form it has evolved to today, is locked in an ideological and moral conflict with many of the forms of belonging that we cherish in civil society – the heart of which is the natural family. ... (Continue reading)

U.S. mid-term elections offer mixed results to social conservatives

It is too easy to equate Republican losses in the mid-term elections with a defeat for pro-life and other socially conservative causes. Easy, but wrong. It would also be easy to focus on the challenges pro-lifers face. But that would ignore the opportunities that present themselves in the election’s aftermath. First, the pro-life cause’s fortunes may rise and fall with the success ... (Continue reading)

Social conservatism and the U.S. midterms

The American mainstream media, left-wing Democrats and pro-abortion and gay rights activists, all claimed that the Religious Right was repudiated after the country turfed the Republican Party and voters in some states defeated pro-life and pro-family ballot initiatives. This plinkered view of the midterm elections self-servingly misses numerous points: the Replican Party is ... (Continue reading)

Bungling Bob Rae

I warn readers that I just had one of my most outrageous and embarrassing dreams ever. The dream started when I was just beginning my column. The phone rang. I answered it. It was Bob Rae. “Is that you, Frank Kennedy?” “Yes, is that you, ‘Bungling Bob’ Rae?” Rae ... (Continue reading)

Coulter, in new book, takes aim at the godless liberal-left

Godless: The Church of Liberalism by Ann Coulter (Crown Forum, $36.95, 308 pages) Review by Kathy Shaidle The Interim Those who object to U.S. conservative columnist Anne Coulter’s torture-all-prisoners punditry are like pre-teen boys griping that Gone With the Wind has “too much ... (Continue reading)

NDP MP fails to decry vicious slam at ‘nut Christians’

On Oct. 12, NDP MP Tony Martin held a town hall meeting for his constituents in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.  Although the city boasts a population of 75,000, and the meeting was advertised well in advance, only about a dozen people showed up to discuss issues with the MP. The meeting began when an individual, who appeared to be an NDP supporter known to the federal MP, launched into a blistering attack against evangelical Protestants in Canada who exercise their democratic ... (Continue reading)

Ottawa cuts special interest funding

Court Challenges Program eliminated, Status of Women chopped Interim Staff When the Harper Conservative government announced $1 billion in spending cuts in late September, special interest groups, their friends in the media and opposition politicians went ballistic. Opposition leader and militant homosexual rights advocate Bill Graham attacked the reductions as “vindictive, mean-spirited cuts targeted at ... (Continue reading)

Ottawa steps in the right direction

Tories deliver in several important areas Many social conservatives did not have high expectations for the first term of a Harper-led Conservative government. They put their faith in the Conservative party due in part to Stephen Harper’s promise to revisit the same-sex “marriage” issue and because of the large number of pro-life MPs within the Tory caucus as compared to the other parties. Many socons were bought cheaply, then, on the promise to introduce a motion that would ask Parliament to ... (Continue reading)


It’s hard writing about Queen’s Park, an institution that needs 175 Peter Kormoses to liven it up. This is a dreadfully boring era. Years ago if this happened, a good duel would lighten things up. Now for excitement, you’ve got Premier Dalton McGuinty doing hopscotch for the media on the first day of school, only to find that the minister of education, Sandra Pupatello, was ... (Continue reading)

New Brunswick election results in new pro-life MLAs

There is considerable support for the pro-life cause in the 55-seat New Brunswick Legislature, following the Sept. 18 provincial election that gave the Liberals 29 seats and the Progressive Conservatives 26. Campaign Life Coalition N.B. president Peter Ryan said that 19 of the new MLAs are considered supportive of pro-life - 11 Liberals and eight Conservatives.... (Continue reading)

Liberal leadership hopefuls avoid moral issues

Nearly nine months into an interminably long Liberal leadership campaign, moral issues have made nary a mark. Looking at the numerous speeches, major media interviews, policy platforms and candidates’ debates, abortion has been mentioned by just one leadership candidate, while a few have praised the Martin government for adopting same-sex “marriage.” Otherwise, there has been very little talk ... (Continue reading)

How to win my leadership vote

I borrowed $10 from my wife, Ileen, for a Liberal party membership in order to pick the new leader of the federal Liberal party at the convention Nov. 29-Dec. 3 in Montreal. She objected to doing so. She felt all new members should put up their own money. She said that I wasn’t a sincere Liberal. I was just going down there to spy on ... (Continue reading)

The Menace of Judicial Activism – Question and answer with: Rory Leishman

Editor-in-chief Paul Tuns interviewed Against Judicial Activism author and Interim columnist Rory Leishman via e-mail The Interim: What is judicial activism and how did it get started? Rory Leishman: Judges engage in judicial activism when they presume to change the law from the bench, rather than exercise judicial restraint by ... (Continue reading)

The Menace of Judicial Activism – Judical activism under scrutiny

Against Judicial Activism: The Decline of Freedom and Democracy in Canada by Rory Leishman (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2006. 310 pp.) Conservative M.P. Maurice Vellacott found himself in the middle of a storm of controversy after he suggested this past spring that Supreme Court justices play god with the law. He ... (Continue reading)

There is good reason to hope for pro-life gains

So far, Canada’s new Conservative government has done precious little to promote the sanctity of human life, but pro-lifers should not give up on the Conservative party. There is good reason to hope for major pro-life gains from the Harper Conservatives after the next federal election. Consider what Prime Minister Stephen Harper has already accomplished. ... (Continue reading)

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