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Reflections on the NDP policy

I have received a letter dated February 8th, 1983 with a copy of the NDP Report of the Joint Caucus Party Committee on Abortion. First of all I have to say that I cannot understand its statement that the selected excerpts sent out by Campaign Life gave a "very distorted picture of the statement". That the Committee is asking for abortion on demand is perfectly clear from the Report. There was no distortion. In the second paragraph of the Report it ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life challenge to the leadership candidates

It is vital for Canada that P.C Party have a leader who, not only respects human life in all its stages and all its conditions, but one who is prepared to act positively to protect that life. The "I am personally against abortion, but" mentality is worse than useless, and it has been amply proved that we have a superfluity of such minds in Ottawa. It is not how a politician thinks, but how a politician votes, that counts. In order ... (Continue reading)

Christian Cultural Award … a bogus medal

Jean Chrétien should know better than to say, "I will not impose my convictions on people who do not have my faith." (The Windsor Star, Monday, April 11, 1983). Mr. Chrétien is imposing his convictions on people who do not have his faith every time an unborn child is slaughtered through abortion, and Mr. Chrétien knows it. Everyone knows that Mr. Chrétien is a politician. Therefore, Mr. Earl Amyotte and the others who effectively protested Mr. Chrétien's receiving the Christian Culture Award ... (Continue reading)

Reagan Administration support

The following is from a speech given by the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, to the annual convention of the National Religious Broadcasters on January 31, 1983, as quoted in the National Right to Life News of Feb. 24, 1983. "There is another struggle we must wage, a struggle to redress a great, national wrong. We must go forward with unity of purpose and will. Let us come together, Christians and Jews, let us pray together, march, lobby and ... (Continue reading)

Abortion controversy erupts in Spain

Spain's recently elected Socialist Prime Minister, Felipe Gonzalez, has proposed legislation to legalize abortion. This has prompted massive lobbying by opponents of abortion and has led to the first test of the Socialist Government's vowed determination to change that country's values and outlook. The Conservative opposition too has vowed "A fight with all possible means" against the proposed abortion law. Opposition leader, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, hopes to collect 500,000 signatures needed to bring about a referendum in an attempt to ... (Continue reading)

Pro-Life Party of Canada: update

Carl Sandburg was once asked, "What is the ugliest word in the English language?" Without hesitation he answered "Exclusive." The Government in power has excluded the unborn from our laws and as such, babies in utero are no longer part of our human family. For a people to accept and approve this indictment is to deny the existence of God - abortion cannot be left in the realm of private morality. The body politic of this country must elect men and women ... (Continue reading)

lona Campagnolo —Next Liberal Leader

It now appears certain that lona Campagnolo, the recently elected National President of the Liberal Party, has been selected by the "establishment" of her party to assume the mantle of leadership for the Liberal Party of Canada when Mr. Trudeau step down. The main reasons behind the selection of Ms Campagnolo is that she is both a women and she comes from the West. It is ironic that political pundits in the Liberal Party think that women will vote for ... (Continue reading)

A message from the President

It's becoming increasingly clear that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals want to choose a leader who is sympathetic to Pro-Life concerns. Of the P.C. Party hopefuls, neither Mulroney, Blaikie, Crombie, Crosby nor Clark would bring any significant change in present party policy. Crosby did admit during the 1981 Convention that it was politically expedient to be Pro-Life in his riding! Jake Epp is personally Pro-Life, but being a strong Clark supporter, where does that put him? Don Mazankowski would ... (Continue reading)

Ontario Bill 138- an act respecting the protection and promotion of the health of the public

The Minister of Health in the Ontario Government has spent several years drafting a very ominous piece of legislation known as Bill 138 which deals with health protection in the province. This bill has serious ramifications for Ontario and the pro-life movement for the following reasons: (1) The programs and services of the local boards of health under this legislation would change from voluntary to mandatory services and therefore every Board of Health would be required to provide services which include ... (Continue reading)

NDP Policy on Abortion

In its revised manifesto written in January by a select NDP executive committee, the party has included a strong pro-abortion position. Included in the eleven-page statement of NDP principles and objectives it is stated that "people should have the right of choice in reproductive matters." This document will be presented at the party's next convention scheduled for the Canada Day weekend in Regina to mark the 50th anniversary of the first convention of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) a forerunner ... (Continue reading)

Gordon Fairweather attacks Unborn

Gordon Fairweather, who anguished as a Conservative Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Fundy-Royal in New Brunswick for many years, was picked out of obscurity in 1977 by Prime Minister Trudeau and appointed Chief of Commissioner of Human Rights Commission of Canada. It may we be that his appointment was due more to the fact that the Liberal party felt the riding of Fundy-Royal was ripe for picking than to Fairweather's competence for the position. Fairweather's incompetence for the ... (Continue reading)

Abortionist Intervention Thwarted

Mr. Borowski commenced legal action against the Federal Ministers of Justice and Finance, alleging that they are misappropriating tax payers' money for the wrongful purpose of funding abortion procedures. The case has now been set down for trial for May 9, 1983. However, on January 25, 1983, two pro-abortion organizations, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Abortion Rights League (CARAL) applied to intervene in the trial as "amicus curiae" or "friends of the court". They argued that Mr. Borowski had ... (Continue reading)

Assumption to award Chrétien

The Hon. Jean Chrétien, energy minister, may be awarded the prestigious Christian Cultural Award by Assumption University, this April 10th. Chrétien, the Minister of Justice during the introduction of the Charter of Rights, excluded the unborn from any protection and, as seen in a letter in the February 19th Catholic Register, as well as in letters sent to Father Health of Assumption University and to Bishop Sherlock of London, Ontario, Chrétien stated that "The government has no intention of changing ... (Continue reading)

Manitoba Premier advised by the grassroots

Manitoba's Premier Howard Pawley went on a fact-finding mission throughout his province in early January. Mr. Pawley and most of his NDP cabinet are strong advocates of abortion-on-demand and, in fact, his party has a policy for unrestricted abortion in its platform. However, after his fact-finding mission, Pawley may not be so keen to impose his pro-abortion views on the population of Manitoba. This is due to the fact that one of the strongest messages Manitobans gave to Pawley was ... (Continue reading)

Alberta to collect signatures

In a manner similar to the New Brunswick Right to Life Association, Alberta Campaign Life is calling for pro-life supporters to send their names and $2.00 covering cost in order to form a 100,000 name 'tabloid' to be inserted in Alberta's ten daily papers with a circulation of 588,000 province wide. The move was successful in the December '82 New Brunswick venture and Alberta hopes to celebrate the upcoming Edmonton pro-life week with a similar success. According to the newsletter, the ... (Continue reading)

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