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BC politicians refuse to protect life

Earlier this year, the Pro Life Society of British Columbia petitioned the BC government to have June 12-18 proclaimed "Protect Human Life Week." The carefully-worded proclamation asked for three resolutions - firstly, that the government be recognized as supportive of the dignity and potential of all human life. Secondly, that the future and greater good for mankind be considered when questions of bioethics are to be answered. And, thirdly, that these resolutions be recognized in the proclamation of ... (Continue reading)

From Hansard

Hansard  is the transcript of Parlimentary Proceedings Mr.Garnet M.Bloomfield ( London Middlesex): Mr.Speaker, I am speaking today in support of the private member's bill presented by the hon. Member for Kindersley-Lyodminister (Mr.McKnight). The hon. member for Vancouver East ( Mrs.Mitchell) said that male chauvinistic views were being expounded. I would like her to know that there is one member on our side who is female and who does not really agree with that attitude, and she would like that view ... (Continue reading)

The NDP – the pro-death party

The federal New Democrat party is rapidly becoming the pro-death party. With their recent over-whelming resolutions endorsing abortion on demand, support for Henry Morgentaler and censure of their own provincial government in Manitoba, the NDP is quickly losing its pro-life supporters. Following the Canadian Catholic Bishops' New Year's report on the economy, which strongly favoured socialist policies, the NDP felt certain of enlarged support from the Catholic community. These recent moves, then, to widen their pro-abortion position, have lost ... (Continue reading)

On the spot again – Campagnolo

Last month's Interim reported two demonstrations against the Liberal party leadership hopeful, Iona Campagnolo, in Thunder Bay and Mississauga, Ont. Recently, Iona was again faced by pro-lifers in Saskatoon, Sask. Ms. Campagnolo is on the board of directors of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and has spoken publicly in favour of abortion on demand. CARAL is actively assisting Henry Morgentaler in his attempt to flout the law by establishing illegal abortion clinics. Ms. Campagnolo is being made ... (Continue reading)

N.D.P. reaffirms pro-abortion stand

The New Democratic party has a long-standing policy of abortion on demand. This was reaffirmed at the party's national convention held in Regina the weekend of July 1. Delegates to the convention also lent support to two further anti-life resolutions. Firstly, the NDP officially supports Henry Morgentaler's abortion clinics in both Winnipeg and Toronto. The party also supports the establishment of similar clinics throughout the Canada "wherever necessary." Secondly, the party condemned the alleged police "harassment" and the ... (Continue reading)

Florida fetal pain bill defeated

In May, the Florida Senate's Health and rehabilitative Services Committee defeated Senate Bill 447 which sought to provide that a physician, before performing an abortion, "shall inform the woman...that an anesthetic or analgesic is available to abolish or alleviate organic pain caused to the fetus by the procedure." The bill had been introduced in response to recent discoveries in the rapidly growing field of fetology. Modern techniques of amniocentesis, fetoscopy and ultrasonography have revealed that the fetus is an active, ... (Continue reading)

From Hansard

Hon. Jake Epp (Provencher): Madam Speaker, I would like to direct a question to the Minister of Justice.  It relates to the Morgentaler clinic in Winnipeg.  Up to this point of time the Attorney General in Manitoba has argued that there is nothing wrong with the establishment of a clinic.  However, the clinic did not receive hospital status and did not establish a therapeutic abortion committee.  Therefore, now that Morgentaler has said that abortions are being performed, it is obviously ... (Continue reading)

Abortion and the conscience of the nation

Reprinted with permission The 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade is a good time for us to pause and reflect. Our nation-wide policy of abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy was neither voted for by our people nor enacted by our legislators - not a single state had such unrestricted abortion before the Supreme Court decreed it to be national policy in 1973. But the consequences of this judicial decision are now obvious: since ... (Continue reading)

Editorial- Brian Mulroney and the abortion issue

The bands have gone, the delegates have gone, the Ottawa Civic Centre is left awash with picket signs, banners, badges and other rubble, indicating the passing of the momentous Tory Leadership Convention on June 12th. That convention elected a new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. The new leader is bilingual, well educated and handsome - but where does he stand on pro-life? During the P.C. Leadership Convention, both Tories for Life and Campaign Life were active and persistent ... (Continue reading)

Campagnolo challenged by Thunder Bay pro-lifers

On May 10 over 80 pro-lifers picketed Iona Campagnolo in Thunder Bay. Ms Campagnolo was greeted by women and children carrying placards such as: Iona discriminates against tiny pre-born women;" "Iona does not have my vote;" and "Liberal support; Iona aborts!" Campagnolo, current president of the Liberal Party of Canada, is being talked of as the nest Liberal leader (see The Interim, March 1983). She is a C.A.R.A.L. board member and has publicly stated her approval of abortion on demand. In Thunder ... (Continue reading)

The Province and the Clinics

Mr. Williams: Mr. Speaker, I have a question of the Attorney General. Legal abortions in this province can be performed only with the approval of therapeutic abortion committees at accredited hospitals. Dr. Morgentaler, the well-known abortionist, held a news conference this day indicating that next Wednesday he would be opening in this city a free-standing abortion clinic to operate in defiance of the existing law. On more than one occasion the Attorney General has publicly stated he will enforce the ... (Continue reading)

P.C. leadership convention

The time span after the P.C. Leadership Convention is too short for us to see in perspective how the outcome will affect the pro-life issue, and to evaluate our successes and disappointments. Because there was no truly committed pro-lifer as a candidate in the leadership race, it was decided that Tories for Life would have three main objectives in Ottawa: to ensure that the fate of the unborn life and the other lives at risk be seen as ... (Continue reading)

Reflections on the NDP policy

I have received a letter dated February 8th, 1983 with a copy of the NDP Report of the Joint Caucus Party Committee on Abortion. First of all I have to say that I cannot understand its statement that the selected excerpts sent out by Campaign Life gave a "very distorted picture of the statement". That the Committee is asking for abortion on demand is perfectly clear from the Report. There was no distortion. In the second paragraph of the Report it ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life challenge to the leadership candidates

It is vital for Canada that P.C Party have a leader who, not only respects human life in all its stages and all its conditions, but one who is prepared to act positively to protect that life. The "I am personally against abortion, but" mentality is worse than useless, and it has been amply proved that we have a superfluity of such minds in Ottawa. It is not how a politician thinks, but how a politician votes, that counts. In order ... (Continue reading)

Christian Cultural Award … a bogus medal

Jean Chrétien should know better than to say, "I will not impose my convictions on people who do not have my faith." (The Windsor Star, Monday, April 11, 1983). Mr. Chrétien is imposing his convictions on people who do not have his faith every time an unborn child is slaughtered through abortion, and Mr. Chrétien knows it. Everyone knows that Mr. Chrétien is a politician. Therefore, Mr. Earl Amyotte and the others who effectively protested Mr. Chrétien's receiving the Christian Culture Award ... (Continue reading)

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