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Abortionist Intervention Thwarted

Mr. Borowski commenced legal action against the Federal Ministers of Justice and Finance, alleging that they are misappropriating tax payers' money for the wrongful purpose of funding abortion procedures. The case has now been set down for trial for May 9, 1983. However, on January 25, 1983, two pro-abortion organizations, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Abortion Rights League (CARAL) applied to intervene in the trial as "amicus curiae" or "friends of the court". They argued that Mr. Borowski had ... (Continue reading)

Assumption to award Chrétien

The Hon. Jean Chrétien, energy minister, may be awarded the prestigious Christian Cultural Award by Assumption University, this April 10th. Chrétien, the Minister of Justice during the introduction of the Charter of Rights, excluded the unborn from any protection and, as seen in a letter in the February 19th Catholic Register, as well as in letters sent to Father Health of Assumption University and to Bishop Sherlock of London, Ontario, Chrétien stated that "The government has no intention of changing ... (Continue reading)

Manitoba Premier advised by the grassroots

Manitoba's Premier Howard Pawley went on a fact-finding mission throughout his province in early January. Mr. Pawley and most of his NDP cabinet are strong advocates of abortion-on-demand and, in fact, his party has a policy for unrestricted abortion in its platform. However, after his fact-finding mission, Pawley may not be so keen to impose his pro-abortion views on the population of Manitoba. This is due to the fact that one of the strongest messages Manitobans gave to Pawley was ... (Continue reading)

Alberta to collect signatures

In a manner similar to the New Brunswick Right to Life Association, Alberta Campaign Life is calling for pro-life supporters to send their names and $2.00 covering cost in order to form a 100,000 name 'tabloid' to be inserted in Alberta's ten daily papers with a circulation of 588,000 province wide. The move was successful in the December '82 New Brunswick venture and Alberta hopes to celebrate the upcoming Edmonton pro-life week with a similar success. According to the newsletter, the ... (Continue reading)

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