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You, your M.P. and the unborn

Having just returned from Ottawa, I have a new appreciation for the importance of the role you and I play in our democratic system.  The most powerful influence most Canadians can exert on government policy is through personal contact with members of Parliament. Your M.P. was elected to represent you and your views in the House of Commons.  Freedom is preserved when you exercise that right.  Freedom is lost when you do not. Write your M.P. a personal ... (Continue reading)

Freedom to Print

Ontario One hears rumors that the pro-life no-nonsense political strategy was having an effect on the politicians.  This became apparent during the bitter debate on the Constitution when Members of Parliament from all parties reeled under the impact of pro-life forces, which objected to a Charter of Rights that did not protect the unborn child.  When a prominent religious leader came out in support of the Charter, the efforts of the pro-life forces were greatly ... (Continue reading)

Pawley politics – Morgentaler let off the hook by Manitoba NDP government

On December 8th, Manitoba Attorney General Roland Penner, who openly admits that he completely supports the pro-abortion position, announced that he was withdrawing the charge of conspiracy of performing an illegal abortion against Morgentaler and was placing a new charge of performing an illegal abortion against him. The significance of this move is enormous.  There was ample proof that Morgentaler had in fact “conspired” or agreed to establish an illegal abortion clinic in Winnipeg.  The chances of a conviction ... (Continue reading)

Silenced Rights!

Ottawa (CLN) A shocking piece of legislation was slipped through the House of Commons with remarkable haste by an all-party agreement on October 25, 1983. On that day, in less than an hour, the first, second and third reading of a bill amending the Canada Elections Act was passed. At least one of these amendments could have a far-reaching effect, not only on pro-life organizations, but also on many other organizations in Canada. The purpose of one of these amendments ... (Continue reading)

Abortion as our foreign policy

The second report comes from the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, England. It is funded by all of the member countries of the Commonwealth; Canada’s contribution to their budget of $9,074,000 (for 1980-81) was $1,616,000. This organization’s stated purpose is to gather and to analyze information on topics of concern to Commonwealth governments, to prepare reports, and to submit recommendations for action to the highest levels of the governments of Commonwealth countries. Their report, Emerging Issues in Commonwealth Abortion Laws jolted me out ... (Continue reading)

Claim against Minister of Finance for Canada

It has been alleged that the Minister of Finance of Canada, his servants and agents, allocate money from the consolidated revenue fund, comprised of taxes levied upon and collected from the Plaintiff and all other taxpayers in Canada, for various purposes, including the provision of health care and treatment services throughout Canada, and that a portion of the money so allocated is designated for, and expended in, the establishment and maintenance of therapeutic abortion committees.  Because, it is ... (Continue reading)

The Regina Decision

IN THE COURT OF QUEEN’S BENCH FOR SASKATCHEWAN JUDICIAL CENTRE OF REGINA BETWEEN: JOSEPH BOROWSKI PLAINTIFF -and- -         THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA and -         THE MINISTER OF FINANCE OF CANADA DEFENDANTS M.C. Shumiatcher, Q.C. And R.B. Hunter                                                                    for the Plaintiff E.R. Sojonky, Q.C. And M.R. Kindrachuk                                                           for the Defendants JUDGEMENT                                   MATHESON, J. The Plaintiff, as a citizen of Canada, and taxpayer, has alleged that the amendments of the Criminal Code ... (Continue reading)

The Matheson decision has now become a precedent

The decision in the Borowski case is a major one for the abortion issue in Canada. Although the decision by Mr. Justice Matheson was not what we had hoped for, he did make important findings, which will be very helpful for the pro-life movement. Dr. Morris Schumiatcher writes on the Judgement elsewhere in this issue. In view of the important findings made by Judge Matheson, we it was important to publish the entire decision The Interim.  Because ... (Continue reading)

Hansard – House of Commons debates – official report Friday, September 30, 1983

Freedom of Choice Advocated Mrs. Margaret Mitchell/) Vancouver East):  Madam Speaker, tomorrow women and men across the country will mark a day of action for “Choice on Abortion.”  The issue is choice, not pro or anti-abortion.  The right of the individual male or female to exercise freedom of choice in private medical and sexual matters is a hallmark of Canadian society. The Bagley Report documented economic and geographic inequities in the abortion law.   Fewer than 30% of hospitals in Canada ... (Continue reading)

Kingston victories

Kingston respect for life week Iona Campagnolo must have felt we weren’t busy enough because she breezed into town on Sept. 20th for the Kingston and Island Liberal Association and then again on Sept. 27th for the neighboring riding. Sunday, Sept. 18th: We asked all Catholic Parishes, Protestant churches and the Synagogue to join together in a prayer of Respect for Life. Monday, Sept. 19th: Roses were ... (Continue reading)


Comment of Dr. Morris Shumiatcher, Q.C upon the judgment of Mr. Justice W.R. Matheson in the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench in the case of Borowski Vs Attorney General of Canada October 17, 1983 Those who believe in the sanction of human life throughout the world can today rejoice in the judgment of Mr. Justice Matheson because his findings of fact have carried the case for the life of the unborn in Canada more than halfway to ... (Continue reading)

Mr. Borowski’s case with Ottawa

About a year ago, in Joe Borowski’s behalf, I issued a writ out of the Queens bench of Saskatchewan, naming as defendants the Minister of Justice of Canada and the minister of finance, and I sought a declaration that those provisions in the criminal code permitting abortions with which we are all familiar are inapplicable and may not stand in the light of the statements of the Canadian bill of rights. The purpose of the case is simply in our jurisprudence ... (Continue reading)

The ambassador’s daughter

On August 28, Iona Compagnolo, Liberal party president, attended a party meeting in Bryson, Quebec.  She was picketed by about 20 members of Renfrew County Right to Life. One of those picketing was Mark Reilander of Pembroke, Ontario.  The experience provoked him into writing the following letter. Pro-life organizations across the country have been asked to challenge Iona Campagnolo’s stance of abortion on demand.  She is currently President of the Liberal Party and may one day be Prime Minister. As I ... (Continue reading)

How Trudeau imposed abortion on the nation

The shocking fact is that in the year 1967 while most Canadians were celebrating our Centennial, Prime Minister Pearson & Justice Minister Trudeau took advantage of the situation and launched a diabolical attack on the Family by bringing in Permissive Laws on Abortion and Divorce. In the same year they also revised the Bank Act which cleared the way for sky high interest rates. Anyone who assumes that there was a widespread popular clamor for easy divorce and ... (Continue reading)

Lady Macbeth suitable on the face of it civil war Canadian style 1983

Ireland is now the only country in the world that protects the unborn. Maybe Ireland is ‘a little bit of heaven’ after all. And it could be that that is all the heaven that we are going to get in this world as far as nation states are concerned, in any case. The unborn are protected by law in Ireland as well as in the Irish constitution, as of September 7th 1983. Canadian pro-lifers might reflect: (1) on ... (Continue reading)

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