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Abortion doctor charged with attempted murder

LUTON (UPI) - An English doctor who performed an unsuccessful abortion on a 23-year-old woman has been charged with attempted murder of the baby, who survived. Nurses at Luton and Dunstable Hospital told police they found the baby boy wrapped in a sheet in an isolated room after the abortion failed. He is now living with foster parents. Anthony John Hamilton, a consultant at the hospital, was suspended after being issued a summons to appear in court. Police said yesterday Hamilton ... (Continue reading)

RC nurse denied church wedding

Lynn Hilliard is one of four nurses charged following police raids on Morgentaler's Winnipeg abortion clinic. Miss Hilliard is a Roman Catholic and has been planning a July church wedding. Archbishop Adam Exner of Winnipeg stated that Miss Hilliard "has created a public scandal." He said that "to be married in the church, you have to be in conformity with the teaching of the church. "She's obviously in flagrant opposition to what the church stands for. The only way out ... (Continue reading)

Morphine caused Edmonton baby’s death

The Edmonton enquiry into the morphine death of Baby Candice Taschuk died last fall, 16 hours after birth. She had suffered oxygen deprivation due to a blockage in the umbilical cord during the caesarian delivery and was immediately put on life support systems. Aware of the possibility of severe brain damage, her parents gave permission to have the support systems removed to see how well the baby could function independently. The fact that a lethal 15 milligram dose of ... (Continue reading)

Sir William Liley, a career devoted to life

Professor Sir William Liley , who gained international recognition  for his pioneering Work into pre-natal blood transfusions, died suddenly at his Epsom home June 15 ,1983. he was 54. Sir William, who was knighted in 1973, made medical history  in 1963 when he became the first doctor to give a baby a blood transfusion before birth. The technique, which he pioneered while working as a senior research fellow at national Women's Hospital in Auckland, was aimed at saving the lives of babies having ... (Continue reading)

Also in the Yukon

Paul Formby's courage, intelligence, and dedication to the worker's right to a healthy environment in the workplace were tested and proven long before his arrival at Thetford. After graduating in philosophy from the University of British Columbia, he headed north to Clinton Creek in the Yukon. Here he found the noise and dust of an asbestos mill - not the hoped -for excitement and adventure. Because no one else wanted the job, and because he was tired of constantly picking loose ... (Continue reading)

Asbestos Scandal in Quebec

When you first meet him, Paul Formby does not impress you as an aggressive organizer, but in 1975 he set off the longest strike in the history of Thetford Mines, Quebec - a confrontation which lasted 8 months - and he did it simply be taking air samples. Formby collected the controversial air samples from the Thetford mines and mills illegally and in secret. They were gathered without the company's approval, which is understandable for the asbestos levels he discovered were ... (Continue reading)

What the trial in Regina is really all about

Something very serious is coming out of the Borowski trial in Regina. It is not just a matter of deciding when life begins and whether or not abortion is murder. Truth itself is on trial. Daily at this trial a group of women marched outside the courtroom, with tape covering their mouths - to signify that this was a trial dominated by men and therefore invalid. This is the theme which the media have taken up vociferously: "It's women who will be ... (Continue reading)

Manitobans choose life

The Manitoba League for Life organized their signature campaign in six weeks. A preliminary advertisement describing the drive resulted in signed coupons and donations arriving in the League's office at over 1,000 a day. More support came from churches, schools, pro-life groups and organizations. On March 30, the Winnipeg Free Press published 37,000 names in alphabetical order. The date was planned specifically so the campaign appeared publicly before Morgentaler opened his clinic. More names were gathered than were used, as they ... (Continue reading)

Warnings from sex-happy Sweden

According to the doctrine of the proponents of More and Increasingly-Explicit Sex and Contraceptive Education in Schools, such a programme would lead to a sexual utopia: unwanted pregnancies would cease to be; there would be no more unwanted or battered children; life would be wonderful. If, however, we look at Sweden, the country with the longest history of school sex education and officially promoted contraception, we find a sexual revolution that has caused social havoc that is nothing less than ... (Continue reading)

The abortion issue in Ireland

The situation in Ireland with reference to an amendment to the Constitution to outlaw the possibilities of legalizing abortion by court or parliament has suddenly changed. The situation is very fluid; anything could happen. Under pressure, Prime Minister Garret FitzGerald had agreed with his opponent Charles Haughey to submit a pro-life amendment to the Constitution in a national referendum. When Haughey became Prime Minister, he proposed a tight, no-exceptions amendment, but his government fell before it could be processed through parliament. ... (Continue reading)

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