Unborn Victims Act

Ontario driver charged for fatally injuring preborn baby

Ontario driver charged for fatally injuring preborn baby

The laying of a criminal charge in the high-profile death of a London, Ont. newborn baby injured in the womb will expose the “inconsistencies” of current Canadian law that protects newborns, pro-life advocates say, while ignoring the same children if they have not yet made “the eight-inch journey down the birth canal.” London police announced Sept. 26 the laying of a belated charge of criminal negligence for the death of newborn Rhiannon Bozek. Rhiannon died only seven days after her delivery ... (Continue reading)

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Nova Scotia assault case spotlights need for unborn victims legislation

In Dartmouth, across the harbour from Halifax, N.S., Charlene Marie Knapp, 28, was admitted to hospital in the early morning of August 1 after being stabbed 15 times with a sword. She was almost four months pregnant. Her sister, Stephanie Humber from Essex, Ont., later told the media that “three of the 15 stab wounds went clear through Charlene’s body. She underwent ... (Continue reading)

Unborn victims bill scuttled

In May, a sub-committee of the standing committee on procedural and House affairs ruled that Bill C-291, a private member’s bill by Conservative MP Leon Benoit (Vegreville-Wainwright) that would have made it a separate criminal offence to harm an unborn child during the commission of a crime against a pregnant mother, was non-votable. On June 6, the full committee upheld the ... (Continue reading)

U.K. ruling provokes abortion law scrutiny

Man who killed his baby in utero can be tried for murder An appeal hearing in Great Britain will define whether a person who fatally injures a child “en ventre sa mere’ (in the womb of the mother) can be charged with murder or manslaughter. The hearing follows a 1993 case where a trial judge acquitted a man accused of murdering his own child. The man stabbed his girlfriend who was 24026 weeks pregnant. The stabbing caused premature birth and the child ... (Continue reading)