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South Dakota becomes a lightning rod for pro-life, pro-abortion forces

If the courts do not step in to thwart the will of the people on July 1, a far-reaching ban on abortion will take effect in South Dakota. On March 6, South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds (R) signed into law House bill 1215, which ... (Continue reading)

Replace the Supreme Court’s judicial activists

Following a speech to the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 3, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin of the Supreme Court of Canada was asked for her opinion on the desirability of having Parliament play a more active role in the appointment of judges. A restrained judge would have refused to answer such a politically charged question. What, though, did McLachlin do? ... (Continue reading)

A litany of medical malfeasance

In last November’s issue of The Interim, we looked at the general state of Canadian medicine, which we noted is distinguished by characteristics including the fact that it kills more than 100,000 pre-born Canadians a year through abortion and perhaps as many as 24,000 born ones a year through medical errors, takes up huge chunks of government budgets and is marred by fraud to the tune of up to ... (Continue reading)

Media and the 2006 election

Mainstream media coverage of the 2006 federal election campaign was marked by a perhaps-surprising improvement in the fairness of the reporting of the major political parties. But still, there persisted an animosity toward, and an ostracization of, socially conservative candidates, particularly those from the Conservative party. Observers wondered, when the campaign began, whether the media would engage in the kind of blackmarking ... (Continue reading)

For Hollywood, ideology trumps money

Many believe that the entertainment machines of Hollywood are motivated by nothing but crass commercialism, that the people who make movies are enslaved to mammon. An examination of the numbers, however, reveals that movies might be better and more interesting if they were. If Hollywood were motivated solely by the ... (Continue reading)

Judges: a law unto themselves?

In a judgement handed down just four days before Christmas, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin declared on behalf of the Supreme Court of Canada that Canadians have a constitutional right to engage in group sex in a nightclub. The ruling was unprecedented. It outraged the public. And it ran clearly contrary to Section 210(1) of the Criminal Code, which prohibits the practice of acts of ... (Continue reading)

Here’s what Sharia law really would have meant

Mainstream media didn't fully report on what some Muslims wanted “There will be no Sharia law in Ontario. There will be no religious arbitration in Ontario. There will be one law for all Ontarians.” So declared Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty on Sept. 12, 2005. Those three sentences brought ... (Continue reading)

Canadian hockey hero makes a ‘kick save’

It was Thursday night, Jan. 6, 2006. The site: GM Place in Vancouver, B.C. Canada had just won the world junior hockey championship by vanquishing the Russian finalists by a score of 5-0. The hero of the night, and of the series, was 19-year-old Justin Pogge (sounds like Pogey). He had distinguished himself on this occasion by stopping 35 shots on net. It was his third shutout of the series, an overall accomplishment, unique ... (Continue reading)

‘Maahtin!’ cry the daycare kids

It was, as we say here, a sight for sore eyes: Prime Minister Paul Martin, story book in hand, sitting on the floor with the kids in the Montessori daycare centre in the tiny crossroads community of Poole’s Corner, P.E.I. He had to do it, of course. Steven Harper had just announced in New Brunswick that the Conservatives would provide parents with $1,200 a year ... (Continue reading)

We can change the future of Canada

Recently, it has come to my attention that only about 50 per cent of Christians ever bother to vote. Anecdotal, to be sure, but from my own experience, entirely believable. How else can we account for the fact that we live in a country that kills unborn babies, experiments on tiny human life, has now institutionalized homosexual “marriage” and is considering legalizing prostitution? Many conservative ... (Continue reading)

Canada needs Christian values

So what is our task as Christians? We are to be salt; we are also to be like leaven. Salt arrests the decay in meat. Leaven permeates the flour and transforms it into sustenance. As Canada searches for values to live by, we can join the discussion and be advocates and exemplars of virtues that ... (Continue reading)

Canadians misconceive of themselves as social liberals

Linda Burns The Interim Over 150 people gathered at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Walkerton, Ont., for a dinner sponsored by Business for Life Awareness. People of many faiths and political viewpoints joined together to promote and encourage a re-awakening of life and family values in our nation.  The keynote speaker was Conservative MP and ... (Continue reading)

Churches are growing

Peter Stock The Interim A major reversal in a key demographic measure indicates a sea change is under way in the Canadian culture war. Despite the tide of militant secularism that has washed over Canada in recent years, the high water mark of secularism, perhaps best represented by the imposition of homosexual “marriage,” may already have ... (Continue reading)

Who’s afraid of Christmas?

Sadly, each year the list of Scrooges and Grinches grows, as more public spaces remove the vestiges of Christmas during this holy season and new retailers announce policies that replace well-wishes of Christmas cheer with politically correct pap about “happy holidays.” The great irony is that the government seeks to be “inclusive” by turning its back on our Christian heritage and rejecting public appearances of that tradition, and retailers want to downplay ... (Continue reading)

Free speech not so free anymore

Doreen Beagan The Interim “Canada is a free country,” the young journalism student declared. “We can express our opinions freely.” He had quite bluntly stated his strong objections to homosexual activism and same-sex “marriage.” Given today’s prevailing politically correctness, it was startling to hear such forthright statements. “In your field, you will need ... (Continue reading)

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