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Conservative politics and the Quebec factor

From March 17-19, an important event will take place in Montreal: the founding convention of the Conservative Party of Canada. Political analysts and even the leaders of the party have perhaps not yet pondered the importance of the Quebec factor at this convention. Unlike the Canadian Alliance, which ... (Continue reading)

Amber alert for an unborn kidnap victim

In December, an amber alert was issued for an abducted baby after she was ripped from her mother's womb in the eighth month of gestation. The baby was cut from Bobbi Jo Stinnett's womb after the mother was murdered. Police believed that the murderer abducted the baby girl and that the child was still living. They ... (Continue reading)

A cardinal’s plea for traditional marriage

'A turning point in the evolution of Canadian society' The Canadian government has announced its intention to present a bill at the beginning ... (Continue reading)

Tsunami relief and the UN

The Dec. 26 tsunami that ravaged southern Asia (and the east coast of central Africa) has led to a tidal wave of compassion from both the citizens and governments of the West. Individually and collectively, the pledges of financial assistance reached the hundreds of millions of dollars within days. Just over a week after the disaster, Doctors ... (Continue reading)

Everything you need to know about our ‘brave new world’

Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World by Wesley Smith (Encounter Books, $38.95 in bookstores or $35.00 through the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, toll free at: 1-877-439-3348, 219 pgs ) Reviewed by Alex Schadenberg The ... (Continue reading)

Democrats abort their future

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus Special to The Interim Survey research and common sense combine in telling us that children tend to share the values of their parents, including their political views and way of life. It is far from the most important factor in abortion, but there are enormous political consequences in the 40 million children aborted since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. In the June issue of the American ... (Continue reading)

The kneeling Santa

For many years - probably since I began preaching - Santa Claus or Father Christmas has been a problem for me. I haven't anything against Santa himself. After all, he was ... (Continue reading)

Document protects students’ moral and spiritual values

Parents concerned about some of the questionable moral and spiritual principles imparted to their children within various school systems - especially public ones - now have a tool they can use to ensure that parental values are the ones that reign supreme in their children's education. The Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council, ... (Continue reading)

Eschewing ‘happy holidays’ in business

As the Christmas season nears, get ready to be inundated by politically correct attempts to downplay the true meaning of our joyous holiday. In fact, it's already started. Visiting the websites of some of our more prominent retailers, we can see the early signs. Wal-Mart's homepage greets us with "holiday cheer" and offers us "holiday trees" and "holiday stockings." The word "Christmas" appears ... (Continue reading)

What the Red Sox win teaches about fate and fatherhood

When 3.2 million people gather together, the largest public gathering in New England history, to celebrate a baseball victory, you know it cannot be just about a baseball victory. Major ... (Continue reading)

MP warns against suppression of faith in public square

Pro-life member of Parliament Jason Kenney is expressing hope that church leaders in Canada and the United States take a stronger stand in instructing the faithful as to the suitability of certain politicians ... (Continue reading)

Europe’s anti-Christian discrimination

Like a selfish and impudent teenager who detests his elderly mother since he sees her as an embarrassment - a lingering evidence of his one-time dependency - who wishes her a speedy demise and is even tempted to assist in the process, Europe has rejected its Christian patrimony. When lovingly asked ... (Continue reading)

UN pushes abortion on a host of countries

Pro-life leaders worldwide are saying "enough is enough" regarding abortion pushes and other radical social engineering agendas being imposed on the world via the United Nations. spoke with pro-life leaders in various countries, all of whom were outraged that the United Nations Human Rights Committee has urged Poland to liberalize abortion laws and implement sex-ed, contraception and ... (Continue reading)

Science v Faith

This summer, a humanist interviewed on CBC radio declared that his ideal world would not be based on religion, but on logic and science. In early October, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas (whom Time magazine named America's best theologian) stated, "Science tries to do more than it is qualified to do." "Science is only hypothetical," Rev. Dr. Ian Ker of Oxford ... (Continue reading)

One-child policy opponent tortured in Chinese labour camp

LifeSite News A Chinese woman imprisoned for activism against China's restrictive one-child rule is a victim of inhuman torture in prison, according to a civil rights organization. According to the New York-based Human Rights in China (HRIC) report, Mao Hengfeng was ... (Continue reading)

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