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‘Experts’ don’t have ethical problem with fetal ‘art’

Terry Vanderheyden The Interim A panel of experts has concluded there is no reason to exclude a controversial piece of “art,” which depicts the head of an unborn baby grafted onto the body of a bird,  from a collection of Chinese works on display in a Swiss museum. One legal expert claims opposition to the piece ... (Continue reading)

In opposition to ideological terrorism

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim It has become commonplace for a person who disagrees with the opinion of another to ask him, usually in a derisive manner, “What’s your problem?” This question is not designed to advance discussion. The style of Socrates, so it seems, is no longer in fashion. ... (Continue reading)

Refer to the Old Masters to stem the decline in modern art

Commentary by Michael Taube The Interim On June 20, three paintings sold for a combined $32,000 at London’s Bonhams auction house - an astonishing 20 times more than the original estimated value. Interest in these paintings far outpaced an Auguste Renoir sculpture, which was withdrawn due to a lack of bidding interest.... (Continue reading)

Polls show pro-life shift in U.S.

Interim Staff Two recent polls indicate that Americans in general favour specific pro-life measures and that women are becoming more pro-life. In a national poll, the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute found that 70 per cent of repsondents favored “a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion before the abortion ... (Continue reading)

Homolka and the ‘injustice system’ of Canada

Karla Homolka was released July 4 from the prison of Ste. Anne des Plaines. Media from all over Canada were present in this small town of Quebec to film the first moment of freedom of this killer after 12 years in prison. She is still considered dangerous after her participation with ex-husband Paul Bernardo in the horrible murders of two Ontario schoolgirls and of her own sister. Her release, after ... (Continue reading)

Faith and games of chance

Peter Stock The Interim Is gambling an age-old, harmless pastime, or is it a pernicious vice to be publicly condemned by the Christian church? Gambling is never specifically condemned anywhere in the Scriptures. Yet, some of the attitudes of the heart that may accompany gambling certainly are, such as greed or laziness in trying to gain something without honest labour. Christian denominations have been all over the map in ... (Continue reading)

Gambling crisis realization sets in

Peter Stock The Interim After several high-profile suicides and bankruptcies involving gambling addicts who had been using provincially licensed video lottery terminals, or VLTs, Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm has ordered a quarter of the province’s 3,200 machines removed from bars and restaurants. The move will likely cost the province a substantial portion of the $170 million it annually rakes in from the machines, yet a majority of Nova Scotians told the ... (Continue reading)

The destruction of Canada: a survey

Paul Tuns The Interm “Once human life is devalued at its core, a chain of devaluation begins that travels outward from the source and cheapens all life. This chain is not visible in any single person's decision. From legalized abortion to child abuse and infanticide, to convenience killing of the disabled, to passive euthanasia, to active euthanasia, ... (Continue reading)

Illusion or reality?

Doreen Beagan When the environment in which we live and work and socialize is drenched in sexuality, does “innocence” still have meaning? Is “wholesome” understandable any more? There seems to be a frenzied urgency in the drive to fill even the youngest Maritime minds with unnecessarily explicit sexual information, while simultaneously stripping away their traditional protections. The goal, supposedly, is to give our children more fulfilling lives. A song by Newfoundlander Kevin Blackmoor ... (Continue reading)

Liberals rail over ‘cyber-squatting’

Peter Stock The Interim The truth will set you into a frenzy – at least, that was the case recently with the easily agitated MP Don Boudria (Lib, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell), during a mid-June sitting of the Commons. The hyper-sensitive Boudria launched into a tirade against Dr. Charles McVety of the Defend Marriage Coalition for allegedly “cyber-squatting” a website domain name that Boudria had previously owned the rights to, but had let the subscription ... (Continue reading)

Globe and Mail demonstrates anti-Christian, pro-abortion bias

Tony Gosgnach The Interim A series of recent articles, photos and cartoons in the Globe and Mail newspaper has enraged Christians and social conservatives from coast to coast with its biased coverage and insinuations that there is something untoward about Christian involvement in the democratic political process. It has also pointed out, once again, that despite any postulations to the contrary, the Globe is anything but a conservatively oriented newspaper.... (Continue reading)

Poll shows little support for change in law on euthanasia

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has been involved in conducting a comprehensive poll concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide. The poll involved 1,122 participants who are involved in an online survey company. Dr. Will Johnston, president of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of B.C., expressed an interest in determining the effect on the Canadian public of the acquittal of Evelyn Martens. “We were also concerned about the ... (Continue reading)

Some people just don’t get it

That’s just one of so many things they just don’t understand. Canadians are aging. Elderly persons are heavy consumers of health care. In the past 30 years, we have aborted 2.5 million children, some of whom could have been doctors by now. Will “they” ever see the connection? It was recently reported that in a very few years, the majority of Canadians will be new immigrants. We have to rely on immigration to ... (Continue reading)

Caving in to the media

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The Bank of Montreal has decided to cease a fundraising MasterCard affinity program it had arranged with the Life Canada organization, but the pro-life group’s leaders say the media, more than the bank, are to blame for the development. Life Canada and its predecessor, Alliance for Life, had ... (Continue reading)

Canadian Tire clarifies role in gay ‘marriage’ show

Interim staff In March, The Interim reported that Canadian Tire financially supported the making of a gay television program that would propagandize for same-sex “marriage.” After being inundated with calls, faxes and e-mails from patrons and local franchise owners, the company clarified its position in terms of corporate support for an up-coming Global television special, ... (Continue reading)

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