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Europe’s anti-Christian discrimination

Like a selfish and impudent teenager who detests his elderly mother since he sees her as an embarrassment - a lingering evidence of his one-time dependency - who wishes her a speedy demise and is even tempted to assist in the process, Europe has rejected its Christian patrimony. When lovingly asked ... (Continue reading)

UN pushes abortion on a host of countries

Pro-life leaders worldwide are saying "enough is enough" regarding abortion pushes and other radical social engineering agendas being imposed on the world via the United Nations. spoke with pro-life leaders in various countries, all of whom were outraged that the United Nations Human Rights Committee has urged Poland to liberalize abortion laws and implement sex-ed, contraception and ... (Continue reading)

Science v Faith

This summer, a humanist interviewed on CBC radio declared that his ideal world would not be based on religion, but on logic and science. In early October, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas (whom Time magazine named America's best theologian) stated, "Science tries to do more than it is qualified to do." "Science is only hypothetical," Rev. Dr. Ian Ker of Oxford ... (Continue reading)

One-child policy opponent tortured in Chinese labour camp

LifeSite News A Chinese woman imprisoned for activism against China's restrictive one-child rule is a victim of inhuman torture in prison, according to a civil rights organization. According to the New York-based Human Rights in China (HRIC) report, Mao Hengfeng was ... (Continue reading)

Indian court upholds two-child norm

Interim Staff The Supreme Court of India upheld the decision to disqualify a member of a village council in the north-western Indian state of Haryana for violating the region's two-child norm, even though the norm is not legally binding. The court claimed it is "in the national interest to check ... (Continue reading)

Economics dictate abortion will lead to euthanasia

Pro-life leader warns that the burden of pensions and healthcare costs will mean more people must die. In his book Don't Trust Anyone Over 30: A History of the Baby Boom, Howard Smead called the boomers "the most egocentric generation in the history of ... (Continue reading)

Poll shows Canadians becoming more pro-life

Interim Staff According to a LifeCanada-sponsored Environics poll, more than two-thirds of Canadians want abortion restricted or prohibited, informed consent and the public defunding of abortion. The poll also indicates that support for the pro-life position on several abortion-related issues, including informed consent and taxpayer-funding of abortion, is going up across the board. Joanne Byfield, president of LifeCanada, revealed to the National Pro-Life Conference in Winnipeg that 68 per cent of respondents favoured some legal protection before ... (Continue reading)

Judgement is coming

"But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers … shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone" (Rev. 21:8). It was an unsettling conversation, and quite unlooked for. I brightly greeted the Tim Hortons cashier with a cheery, "Good morning, how are you"? We had many times exchanged such pleasantries, so I was surprised by her response. With sad eyes, and a pained look she said, "Not so good. How can anyone feel good ... (Continue reading)

Seizing the potential of the internet

One of the factors credited for the conservative and pro-life revival in the U.S. - along with talk radio and the presence of numerous, supporting institutions and foundations - is the internet. This medium of communication has been seized upon to circumvent the liberal, filtering function of more traditional forms of mainstream media and has allowed common citizens access to closer versions of the truth, as well as the ability to get ... (Continue reading)

Study confirms TV-teen sex link

According to a recent study, teenagers who watch television programs with sexual content are two times as likely to engage in sexual activity at an earlier age than their peers who do not watch such shows. The study was released Sept. 7 in Pediatrics, a journal published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. While the results of this study are not groundbreaking, they do confirm the fears of many ... (Continue reading)

How Canada got homosexual ‘marriage’ – Constitutional Calvinball

Do you remember the 1980s comic strip about a boy and his stuffed tiger, the strip Calvin and Hobbes? It sometimes featured a game called Calvinball. The most outstanding thing about the rules of that game was that they changed. Continuously. In fact, in one of the classic panels that introduced the game, Calvin gleefully tells Hobbes that "the only permanent rule in Calvinball is that you ... (Continue reading)

Reason is the basis of morality

Freedom presents the chief problem in moral education I have been a teacher of ethics at several institutions of higher learning over the course of the past five decades. While I cannot assess the impact I have had on my students, I can easily assess the impact they have had on me. One problem, central and challenging, remains. It is, I would say, the number one obstacle in getting anything of substance across to ... (Continue reading)

Readers aid Africans

Thanks to the generosity of Interim readers, an orphanage and family centre run by a Catholic priest in a Rwandan village is $1,400 richer, bringing the total raised in a recent Canadian fundraising initiative for the projects to about $41,000. Peter Tassi, a Hamilton Catholic high school chaplain who helped organize the fundraising effort, which included the staging of a concert, expressed his gratitude to Interim readers on behalf of Father Hermann Schulz, who established ... (Continue reading)

Notorious child pornographer finally convicted

Robin Sharpe to get two years minus a day for sexual assault "I am the nation's most notorious child pornographer," Robin Sharpe states in the short bio posted to his website. "As a young boy, I was a nerd, a loner and religiously Anglican. I had no friends until my early teens and didn't start to overcome my hypermoralism until I was liberated by booze, which has remained my drug of choice." The "hypermoralism" of ... (Continue reading)

Teens are spurning the ‘Britney-and-Janet’ fashion sense

Despite bombardment by the media on young females to enhance their sex appeal, fashion and image, recent news reports claim that that pre-teen and teen girls are opting for more modest wear. As of late, young girls have been feverishly attempting to dress like favourite Hollywood and MTV celebrities. These women, with their ultra-thin, ultra-tight, ultra-low styles, set a high "sex" standard for girls to follow. According to one ... (Continue reading)

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