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Canadians misconceive of themselves as social liberals

Linda Burns The Interim Over 150 people gathered at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Walkerton, Ont., for a dinner sponsored by Business for Life Awareness. People of many faiths and political viewpoints joined together to promote and encourage a re-awakening of life and family values in our nation.  The keynote speaker was Conservative MP and ... (Continue reading)

Churches are growing

Peter Stock The Interim A major reversal in a key demographic measure indicates a sea change is under way in the Canadian culture war. Despite the tide of militant secularism that has washed over Canada in recent years, the high water mark of secularism, perhaps best represented by the imposition of homosexual “marriage,” may already have ... (Continue reading)

Who’s afraid of Christmas?

Sadly, each year the list of Scrooges and Grinches grows, as more public spaces remove the vestiges of Christmas during this holy season and new retailers announce policies that replace well-wishes of Christmas cheer with politically correct pap about “happy holidays.” The great irony is that the government seeks to be “inclusive” by turning its back on our Christian heritage and rejecting public appearances of that tradition, and retailers want to downplay ... (Continue reading)

Free speech not so free anymore

Doreen Beagan The Interim “Canada is a free country,” the young journalism student declared. “We can express our opinions freely.” He had quite bluntly stated his strong objections to homosexual activism and same-sex “marriage.” Given today’s prevailing politically correctness, it was startling to hear such forthright statements. “In your field, you will need ... (Continue reading)

School flunks in allowing use of f-word

Analysis by Dina Kok The Interim A United Kingdom secondary school announced a startling new policy just prior to classes being resumed in early September: students will be permitted to swear at teachers five times during a lesson. Weavers School in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire revealed the astonishing policy to parents and supporters with the rationale ... (Continue reading)

Not very funny, Mr. Slinger

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim On Oct. 11, 2005, one day after Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving, a cherished event of religious origin and tradition, the Toronto Star, the nation’s largest circulation newspaper, printed an article that epitomizes hatred of religion, petty vindictiveness, and a level of ignorance that is an embarrassment to the author, the paper and the country. ... (Continue reading)

‘Shooting up’ with a city’s blessing

Eli Schuster The Interim Should the city of Toronto spend millions of dollars to make it easier for hard-drug users to indulge in their addictions? That’s the question Toronto councillors are wrestling with in the wake of a new $300,000 report from the city’s public health authorities. They are calling for taxpayer-funded “harm reduction” sites, where junkies can ingest their ... (Continue reading)

Unhealthy health care

First of a two-part series Tony Gosgnach The Interim Every year, it takes up a huge chunk of federal and provincial budgets, is thought to kill 24,000 born people – and another 100,000 or so pre-born persons - and is rife with fraud to the tune of up to $10 billion. What is it? Why, the ... (Continue reading)

The future of our civilization is at stake

On Nov. 17-19, an important conference will be held in Montreal to promote life and family in Canada. (See the brochure for registration on the welcome page of All the lectures will be translated simultaneously in French and English. More than 30 pro-life speakers, about half in French and half in English, will address the challenges that face Canada at the beginning of this new millennium. For the first time in ... (Continue reading)

‘Experts’ don’t have ethical problem with fetal ‘art’

Terry Vanderheyden The Interim A panel of experts has concluded there is no reason to exclude a controversial piece of “art,” which depicts the head of an unborn baby grafted onto the body of a bird,  from a collection of Chinese works on display in a Swiss museum. One legal expert claims opposition to the piece ... (Continue reading)

In opposition to ideological terrorism

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim It has become commonplace for a person who disagrees with the opinion of another to ask him, usually in a derisive manner, “What’s your problem?” This question is not designed to advance discussion. The style of Socrates, so it seems, is no longer in fashion. ... (Continue reading)

Refer to the Old Masters to stem the decline in modern art

Commentary by Michael Taube The Interim On June 20, three paintings sold for a combined $32,000 at London’s Bonhams auction house - an astonishing 20 times more than the original estimated value. Interest in these paintings far outpaced an Auguste Renoir sculpture, which was withdrawn due to a lack of bidding interest.... (Continue reading)

Polls show pro-life shift in U.S.

Interim Staff Two recent polls indicate that Americans in general favour specific pro-life measures and that women are becoming more pro-life. In a national poll, the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute found that 70 per cent of repsondents favored “a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion before the abortion ... (Continue reading)

Homolka and the ‘injustice system’ of Canada

Karla Homolka was released July 4 from the prison of Ste. Anne des Plaines. Media from all over Canada were present in this small town of Quebec to film the first moment of freedom of this killer after 12 years in prison. She is still considered dangerous after her participation with ex-husband Paul Bernardo in the horrible murders of two Ontario schoolgirls and of her own sister. Her release, after ... (Continue reading)

Faith and games of chance

Peter Stock The Interim Is gambling an age-old, harmless pastime, or is it a pernicious vice to be publicly condemned by the Christian church? Gambling is never specifically condemned anywhere in the Scriptures. Yet, some of the attitudes of the heart that may accompany gambling certainly are, such as greed or laziness in trying to gain something without honest labour. Christian denominations have been all over the map in ... (Continue reading)

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