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Aims for Real Women

1) To reaffirm that the family is society's most important unit, since the nurturing of children is best accomplished in the family setting. 2) To promote, defend and secure legislation which upholds the Judeo-Christian view of traditional marriage and family (family meaning two or more people living together related by blood, marriage or adoption.) 3) To support policies for women in the home and workplace that provide them with equal opportunity in employment and education. 4) To recognize woman's equal but unique contributions ... (Continue reading)

Real Women of Canada

The need to organize a group of intelligent, articulate women, who uphold pro-life and pro-family values, has become pressing in the last year. Increasingly, strident feminists speaking on behalf of all Canadian women, without our knowledge or consent, have been representing us. Recent examples were the inclusion of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1982 Canadian Constitution, and the trial balloon of MP Judy Erola, which is a direct attack on women who wish to remain at home as wives, mothers ... (Continue reading)

Ontario Bill 138- an act respecting the protection and promotion of the health of the public

The Minister of Health in the Ontario Government has spent several years drafting a very ominous piece of legislation known as Bill 138 which deals with health protection in the province. This bill has serious ramifications for Ontario and the pro-life movement for the following reasons: (1) The programs and services of the local boards of health under this legislation would change from voluntary to mandatory services and therefore every Board of Health would be required to provide services which include ... (Continue reading)

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