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An introduction to adoption

Adoption is very much a pro-life matter. An orphaned child, the child of an unwed mother who can't cope, a foundling - all are children who, like any others, require a family, a mother and father, and a home. They require in a fundamentally biological way, a mother to nourish and care for their needs as babies - otherwise they will die. Parents must love, educate and guide the infant child to become a good member of society. Parents are still ... (Continue reading)

Parents Concerned For Responsible Education and Family Health

The following is the first in a group of articles composing a brief presented by Mrs. Shirley Pennell and Mrs. Penny Costin to the Hamilton Board of Education on Tuesday, March 1st, 1983. We are representatives of a group recently formed in many areas of the province of Ontario called 'Parents for Responsible Education and Family Health'. The number of parents concerned about what is happening in our school system is rising rapidly, and enough of us now have been enlightened ... (Continue reading)

The Playboy connection

In case you didn't read it, or didn't know, the Playboy Foundation was directly involved in the U.S Supreme Court Decision, Roe vs. Wade, which brought abortion on demand to that country. The Playboy Foundation funded all the legal research in that case. As seen below in Hugh Hefner's own words, this foundation and its magazine demonstrate their anti-life, anti-family philosophy beyond any doubt. In a quote from Weekend Magazine, Dec. 9, 1978, Hefner digs his own grave: "I'm very involved in ... (Continue reading)

Christian Cultural Award … a bogus medal

Jean Chrétien should know better than to say, "I will not impose my convictions on people who do not have my faith." (The Windsor Star, Monday, April 11, 1983). Mr. Chrétien is imposing his convictions on people who do not have his faith every time an unborn child is slaughtered through abortion, and Mr. Chrétien knows it. Everyone knows that Mr. Chrétien is a politician. Therefore, Mr. Earl Amyotte and the others who effectively protested Mr. Chrétien's receiving the Christian Culture Award ... (Continue reading)

They are pro-abortionists by any name

The pro-abortionists have always been incensed that anyone who believes in the protection of human life is referred to publicly as being "pro-life". Similarly they have cringed at being called, what they are in fact, namely, pro-abortion. Anyone who believes in the legal and social acceptance of abortion, however, is pro-abortion, whether they like it or not. In order to get around this problem, two years ago the pro-abortionists, using some American Madison Avenue advertising hype, issued a press release to ... (Continue reading)

International Women’s Day 1983

A gala event within the pro-abortion community each year is International Women's Day, which is held in early March. On this day, a rally is held, followed by a parade, in which the radical Feminists hold forth on what they demand. This year they marched under three slogans. They were, 1) A Woman's Right to Work, 2) A Woman's Right to Choose (Abortion) and 3) A Woman's Right to Peace. (With the exception of the womb, which is a free ... (Continue reading)

The man who stood alone

His name was Franz Jaeggerstaetter but you will not find it in any "Who's Who' in the world. He was what would be called a 'small Austrian farmer' with a wife and two young children, and when Hitler united Austria to Germany by force in the 'Anschluss' of March 1938, he was probably in his early thirties. Franz had only grade school education but he was a man of high intelligence and strict moral principles. He had read and heard ... (Continue reading)

Hudecki speaks out

Stan Hudecki, MPP for Hamilton West, rose in the commons on February 3rd, to Morgentaler issue, and its responsibility to act. The following is quoted from Hansard of that date. "Madam Speaker, it is a serious matter of concern that Dr. Henry Morgentaler is attempting to open abortion clinics in Toronto and Winnipeg. While the Attorney General for Manitoba has turned down a request from Morgentaler for immunity from prosecution, and the Attorney General for Ontario has threatened prosecution of Section ... (Continue reading)

Morgantaler up-date – Winnipeg

It would seem that Morgentaler has decided that it would be easier to open an abortion clinic in Winnipeg owing to the fact that Manitoba at present has a NDP government which has abortion on demand as one of its policies. In addition, Manitoba's Attorney-General Roland Penner has publicly stated his own very strong personal pro-abortion views. On CBC National radio programme, "As It Happens", aired on December 2, 1982, Attorney-General Penner stated, "personally I am in favour of freedom ... (Continue reading)

Pro-abortion move to manipulate federal law reform commission fails

Mr. Frank Muldoon, Chairman of the Law Reform Commission of Canada struck down an attempt by some pro-abortion members in the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Medical Association to widen the already infamous 1969 abortion law. In a joint resolution (not binding on the parent associations), the law reform commission of Canada was asked to study the federal legislation on abortion. By the questions asked to be studied, it was quite apparent that the pro-abortionists hoped that the law reform commission ... (Continue reading)

The Ovulation Method

Natural Family Planning has been steadily becoming more and more reliable. However, little publicity has been given the great strides that have been made in the medical research in this area. We hope to partially correct this through a series of articles on the Ovulation Method, the latest breakthrough in the field of natural family planning. Dr. John Billings, the Australian who developed the Ovulation Method, first became interested in this field because of his parish priest. Rev. Maurice Catarinich. He ... (Continue reading)

Advocates for Human Life

A flood of critical court cases is expected across Canada in the next few years as pro-abortionists and others try to use various dangerous clauses in the new Canadian Charter of Rights to bring in abortion on demand, etc. It is vital, therefore, that the pro-life movement in this country have on call lawyers who are knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the ramifications of such "life" issues as abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, test tube babies, etc. To this end, a special group ... (Continue reading)

The pro-abortion feminist is a fraud

Politics and religion are the subjects of yesterday's fights. There are today two statements which guarantee changing a pleasant conversation among friends into a hostile brawl. To say either "I am pro-life," or "I am a feminist," will start the attack. To say "I am a pro-life feminist" will ensure a full-scale war. Feminism is a lot more than bra-burning and uni-sex washrooms. Also, it is more than just another equal' rights movement. True feminism, under all the rhetoric and publicity, ... (Continue reading)

We never thought it would go that far

What has become known to history as the "Nuremberg Trial" began on November 20th, 1945. An indictment was lodged against twenty-four former Nazi leaders, charging them with numerous crimes against peace, conventional war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The chief crime was the killing of millions of innocent human beings, not only Jews (the largest number) but also gypsies (the most exterminated group), Slavs, political prisoners and undesirable civilians - this included the handicapped (physical and mental), the old and ... (Continue reading)

Homemaker’s Magazine-Pro-Abortionists’ Propaganda Tool

The editor of Homemaker's Magazine, Jane Gale and its resident hard-line feminist columnist, Penney Kome, obviously see that the purpose of the magazine is to serve as consciousness raiser for the teeming masses of ignorant Canadian women who do not even realize that they are being oppressed. Consequently, many of the articles do not lend themselves to the "homemaker" image and the magazine has been aptly nicknamed "Homewrecker's" Magazine. This magazine is published ten times a year by Comac Communications ... (Continue reading)

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