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Legal incest in Britain?

There have been indications for some time that the next big push from the permissive lobby in Britain will be to legalize incest. In 1975, the British Sexual Law Reform Society (SLRS) produced a report recommending that the age of consent should be reduced to 14, including incestuous relationships. The Family Planning Association (FPA - a public-funded charity) tacitly supported this report. The Secretary of the SLRS, Jane Cousins, later achieved notoriety as the author of Make It Happy, ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism and Politics

In order to grasp at once the seriousness with which the question of pluralism and secularism today must be treated, let us recall the issue which has become its most controversial sign: the legalization of abortion. Part of an article I wrote in 1971 summarizes this contradiction: In our democratic society people believe that political problems, whatever their nature, can always be "worked out". All that is needed is a little give and take and a sense of compromise. ... (Continue reading)

Announcing the Catholic Foundation for Human Life

Sometimes I'm very sad inside. People around me smile and laugh, carry on with everyday talk about weather, sports, TV, diets and the job. I often feel like a stranger trapped in fantasyland. People are oblivious, escapist, apathetic, materialist, wounded, scared, frustrated, lost and blind. Even dead. I'm filled with compassion, real pity for men, for women for our human family. We are so ill, so very sick. We are sick of life. We are sick of death. ... (Continue reading)

Secular humanism – man’s threat

There is a New Ethic broadly held in Canada today. This New Ethic assumes that there are lives not worthy to be lived and that these ought to be put to death before or after birth. The New Ethic would judge each life by its quality and meaningfulness and would put to death those whose lives did not meet the required standard. This New Ethic is the philosophy that causes man to put to death over 65,000 unborn babies every ... (Continue reading)

Natural Family Planning The attack on the body by contraception

Family planning touches on so many issues vital to the health and happiness of people that any thorough discussion of the subject will eventually become moral in nature.  We have discussed the impact that family planning methods can have on an individual’s health, on a woman’s image of herself, on a couple’s relationship, on simple concepts of justice and shared responsibility.  These in themselves are clues that there is a moral dimension involved.  Since ... (Continue reading)

On the road by air

As my business occasionally takes me to different parts of Canada, recently I have begun to contact various pro-life groups in the cities I visit. In August, for example, I was in Calgary and in Edmonton (two days each), and in September, business took my partner and I to Vancouver for a week. I cannot speak too highly of the kindness and generosity extended by those I have contacted. Everywhere, people gave ... (Continue reading)

Funding of in-vitro experimentation should be halted

Over the last number of years many people have begun to grasp that there are interrelationships between such things as abortion, sterilization, the contraceptive mentality, homosexuality, euthanasia, artificial insemination, sperm banks, test tube babies, surrogate motherhood, cloning and experimentation on embryos. Those who accept abortion, for example, will experience no pangs of conscience in experimenting with human embryos, killing them when no longer needed or when the experiment runs out, or when, finally, one of the many embryos used ... (Continue reading)

Family planning or family banning?

For years, we have listened and approved as the heads of various governments have told us that we citizens who enjoy the advantages of living in developed nations have a responsibility to help those in under-developed countries. So, we share our scientific knowledge, we export out advanced technology, we send out experts in every field to teach those not as “advanced” as we are. Most of us agree, in principle, and then most of us don’t give the subject any ... (Continue reading)

Higher rights override lesser rights

The arguments favoring abortion rest on the proposition that women with unborn children have the unqualified right to dispose of those children, including action encompassing the extinction of those children, according to their convenience. The proposition is asserted that women are entitled to administer their bodies as they see fit, without being inhibited by the values of society. This is a simple-minded approach which assumes that all rights are absolute. In moral truth, in all matters of significance one set ... (Continue reading)

Lessons from the pro-life scene in Britain

Returning to Toronto after teaching for three years in the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland, I have been asked to try to interpret the pro-life situation in Britain in hope of seeing what can be learned from the British experience.  I believe that a look at that experience can be helpful since the present situation in Britain is considerably worse than it is in Canada, while we can look forward to a similarly bad situation here if pro-life efforts are not ... (Continue reading)

From a letter to H. Morgentaler Dear Henry: Forgive the liberty of calling you by your first name.  It’s just that I feel I know you so well after all these years of watching and listening.  I would have written before but there didn’t seem to be any point.  You seemed so single-mindedly consumed with the pursuit of your career.  I was sure you wouldn’t be interested in anything I had to say.  However, having just read Katherine Govier’s article on ... (Continue reading)

Steptoe stomps on human life

At the annual Canadian Bar Association meeting held in Quebec City in August, one of the guest speakers was obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Patrick Steptoe, who together with Prof. Robert Edwards of Cambridge University, developed the technique of in-vitro fertilization, which led to the birth of the first “test-tube” baby, Louise Brown.  The thrust of Dr. Steptoe’s whole talk was to justify that the experiment he is now carrying on with human embryos can lead to the “benefit of ... (Continue reading)

Natural family planning and human responsibility

Free will and the ability to assume responsibility for one’s actions establish the spiritual importance and dignity of man.  Indeed, we have come to equate maturity with a willingness to direct our behavior in terms of our goals as well as to accept the consequences of our choices.  If we look at family planning methods in this light, we can see that natural methods of family planning allow us to live out this vision of man. N.F.P. encourages us ... (Continue reading)

OXFAM sells out

If you have given a donation to Oxfam Canada, don’t be surprised to receive a begging letter from Doris Anderson, a director of CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League). The letter solicits funds to fight for Henry Morgentaler and against the Joseph Borowski legal case. Last year CARAL sent out a similar begging letter signed by Margaret Lawrence, a well-known Canadian writer, and as a result they received over $40,000 in funds. From where does CARAL get it’s mailing lists? Campaign ... (Continue reading)

Mr. Borowski’s case with Ottawa

About a year ago, in Joe Borowski’s behalf, I issued a writ out of the Queens bench of Saskatchewan, naming as defendants the Minister of Justice of Canada and the minister of finance, and I sought a declaration that those provisions in the criminal code permitting abortions with which we are all familiar are inapplicable and may not stand in the light of the statements of the Canadian bill of rights. The purpose of the case is simply in our jurisprudence ... (Continue reading)

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