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A new “harvest”

British doctors have announced that they are now beginning to "harvest" human eggs. Donated eggs will be used to produce test-tube babies for women who are afraid to pass on such inherited genetic diseases as muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, etc. In effect, the process is a reverse artificial insemination in that the husband's sperm is joined with a donor egg. AI until now has used donated sperm joined with the wife's egg. Healthy women will donate their eggs when they are ... (Continue reading)

The threat of Planned Parenthood

International International Planned Parenthood Federation has become one of the most powerful organizations on earth. Its policies, and the great success it has had in persuading various governments to implement them, are having far-reaching effects right now on the everyday life of billions of people, and will be one of the major influences on the moral and ethical attitudes of future generations. The IPPF is a globe-grinding octopus with its headquarters in London, England, and affiliated national Associations ... (Continue reading)

A teenager tells the truth

Wendy Godsoe is 16 years of age, a grade 11 student at Malvern Collegiate Institute in Toronto. The following is the text of a speech given by Wendy to her Level 5 English class. She accompanied her presentation with graphic photographs of the results of types of abortion she describes, together with a fact sheet detailing fetal development. Wendy's speech opened many of her classmates' eyes - she gave them facts never before heard in their ... (Continue reading)

Stock response and the conditioned male

I won't soon forget the day Morgentaler announced the opening of his Toronto abortion clinic. I was taking the subway to the Carlton Inn where the press conference was being held, and, as if I wasn't nervous enough, I ended up beside a young businessman who happened to be reading about our leading executioner in the Toronto Sun. "I'm just on my way to see that man now," I said to my companion. Presuming that I was sold ... (Continue reading)

Canadian Civil Liberties trying to erase evidence in Borowski case

Both the Canadian abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and the pro-abortion Canadian Vicil Liberties Association (CCLA) have been outraged not only because Mr. Borowski was permitted to proceed with his legal case in Regina on behalf of the unborn child, but also because, during the trial, he was permitted to introduce evidence on the humanity of the unborn child by world-renowned medical experts. These pro-abortionists tried unsuccessfully to intervene in the case in order to contradict this medical evidence. ... (Continue reading)

N.D.P. reaffirms pro-abortion stand

The New Democratic party has a long-standing policy of abortion on demand. This was reaffirmed at the party's national convention held in Regina the weekend of July 1. Delegates to the convention also lent support to two further anti-life resolutions. Firstly, the NDP officially supports Henry Morgentaler's abortion clinics in both Winnipeg and Toronto. The party also supports the establishment of similar clinics throughout the Canada "wherever necessary." Secondly, the party condemned the alleged police "harassment" and the ... (Continue reading)

Morphine caused Edmonton baby’s death

The Edmonton enquiry into the morphine death of Baby Candice Taschuk died last fall, 16 hours after birth. She had suffered oxygen deprivation due to a blockage in the umbilical cord during the caesarian delivery and was immediately put on life support systems. Aware of the possibility of severe brain damage, her parents gave permission to have the support systems removed to see how well the baby could function independently. The fact that a lethal 15 milligram dose of ... (Continue reading)

A Message from the Administrative Board of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

A Message from the Administrative Board of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops September 7, 1983 Ethical Reflections on Respect for Life Introduction Never before in history has human life been so menaced on our planet, in its growth and in its very existence.  All of us live under the shadow of fear cast by the spectre of a nuclear war.  Governments of both left and right – in the name of national security – strip their ... (Continue reading)

We all need more heroes

Popular sociological jargon uses the term 'role model' frequently.  Usually this refers to children and their need to identify with an appropriate adult.  It occurs to me that adults too need their role models, and I suspect it is more appropriate to talk of heroes. There is no finer example of contemporary heroism than Mother Teresa.  Her love for all humanity shines so brightly that even reading about her leaves one feeling cleaner and more whole.  She has the ability to ... (Continue reading)

What the trial in Regina is really all about

Something very serious is coming out of the Borowski trial in Regina. It is not just a matter of deciding when life begins and whether or not abortion is murder. Truth itself is on trial. Daily at this trial a group of women marched outside the courtroom, with tape covering their mouths - to signify that this was a trial dominated by men and therefore invalid. This is the theme which the media have taken up vociferously: "It's women who will be ... (Continue reading)

How quickly they forget

At the press conference on June 7 in Toronto, where Morgantaler announced the opening date of his Toronto clinic, his supporters handed out "information kits" to the press. One of the pieces of paper was a reprint of articles by Michele Landsberg in the Toronto Star and Laura Sabia in the Toronto Sun. Landsberg's article (November 4, 1982), opened: "Dr. Henry Morgantaler is not going to open an abortion clinic in Toronto. Nor, despite some exceedingly nasty rumors, is he scheming to ... (Continue reading)

An introduction to adoption

Adoption is very much a pro-life matter. An orphaned child, the child of an unwed mother who can't cope, a foundling - all are children who, like any others, require a family, a mother and father, and a home. They require in a fundamentally biological way, a mother to nourish and care for their needs as babies - otherwise they will die. Parents must love, educate and guide the infant child to become a good member of society. Parents are still ... (Continue reading)

Parents Concerned For Responsible Education and Family Health

The following is the first in a group of articles composing a brief presented by Mrs. Shirley Pennell and Mrs. Penny Costin to the Hamilton Board of Education on Tuesday, March 1st, 1983. We are representatives of a group recently formed in many areas of the province of Ontario called 'Parents for Responsible Education and Family Health'. The number of parents concerned about what is happening in our school system is rising rapidly, and enough of us now have been enlightened ... (Continue reading)

The Playboy connection

In case you didn't read it, or didn't know, the Playboy Foundation was directly involved in the U.S Supreme Court Decision, Roe vs. Wade, which brought abortion on demand to that country. The Playboy Foundation funded all the legal research in that case. As seen below in Hugh Hefner's own words, this foundation and its magazine demonstrate their anti-life, anti-family philosophy beyond any doubt. In a quote from Weekend Magazine, Dec. 9, 1978, Hefner digs his own grave: "I'm very involved in ... (Continue reading)

Christian Cultural Award … a bogus medal

Jean Chrétien should know better than to say, "I will not impose my convictions on people who do not have my faith." (The Windsor Star, Monday, April 11, 1983). Mr. Chrétien is imposing his convictions on people who do not have his faith every time an unborn child is slaughtered through abortion, and Mr. Chrétien knows it. Everyone knows that Mr. Chrétien is a politician. Therefore, Mr. Earl Amyotte and the others who effectively protested Mr. Chrétien's receiving the Christian Culture Award ... (Continue reading)

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