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Lessons from the pro-life scene in Britain

Returning to Toronto after teaching for three years in the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland, I have been asked to try to interpret the pro-life situation in Britain in hope of seeing what can be learned from the British experience.  I believe that a look at that experience can be helpful since the present situation in Britain is considerably worse than it is in Canada, while we can look forward to a similarly bad situation here if pro-life efforts are not ... (Continue reading)

From a letter to H. Morgentaler Dear Henry: Forgive the liberty of calling you by your first name.  It’s just that I feel I know you so well after all these years of watching and listening.  I would have written before but there didn’t seem to be any point.  You seemed so single-mindedly consumed with the pursuit of your career.  I was sure you wouldn’t be interested in anything I had to say.  However, having just read Katherine Govier’s article on ... (Continue reading)

Steptoe stomps on human life

At the annual Canadian Bar Association meeting held in Quebec City in August, one of the guest speakers was obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Patrick Steptoe, who together with Prof. Robert Edwards of Cambridge University, developed the technique of in-vitro fertilization, which led to the birth of the first “test-tube” baby, Louise Brown.  The thrust of Dr. Steptoe’s whole talk was to justify that the experiment he is now carrying on with human embryos can lead to the “benefit of ... (Continue reading)

Natural family planning and human responsibility

Free will and the ability to assume responsibility for one’s actions establish the spiritual importance and dignity of man.  Indeed, we have come to equate maturity with a willingness to direct our behavior in terms of our goals as well as to accept the consequences of our choices.  If we look at family planning methods in this light, we can see that natural methods of family planning allow us to live out this vision of man. N.F.P. encourages us ... (Continue reading)

OXFAM sells out

If you have given a donation to Oxfam Canada, don’t be surprised to receive a begging letter from Doris Anderson, a director of CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League). The letter solicits funds to fight for Henry Morgentaler and against the Joseph Borowski legal case. Last year CARAL sent out a similar begging letter signed by Margaret Lawrence, a well-known Canadian writer, and as a result they received over $40,000 in funds. From where does CARAL get it’s mailing lists? Campaign ... (Continue reading)

Mr. Borowski’s case with Ottawa

About a year ago, in Joe Borowski’s behalf, I issued a writ out of the Queens bench of Saskatchewan, naming as defendants the Minister of Justice of Canada and the minister of finance, and I sought a declaration that those provisions in the criminal code permitting abortions with which we are all familiar are inapplicable and may not stand in the light of the statements of the Canadian bill of rights. The purpose of the case is simply in our jurisprudence ... (Continue reading)

The ambassador’s daughter

On August 28, Iona Compagnolo, Liberal party president, attended a party meeting in Bryson, Quebec.  She was picketed by about 20 members of Renfrew County Right to Life. One of those picketing was Mark Reilander of Pembroke, Ontario.  The experience provoked him into writing the following letter. Pro-life organizations across the country have been asked to challenge Iona Campagnolo’s stance of abortion on demand.  She is currently President of the Liberal Party and may one day be Prime Minister. As I ... (Continue reading)

Ontario wage slaves enslaves the unborn

In the spring of the Ontario Public Employees Union (CLCOFL-NUPGE) passes resolution 41 on abortion clinics by vote of 294 to 171 after an intense ½ hour debate. The resolution follows: WHEREAS it should be the fundamental right of each woman to choose when and if she will bear, and WHEREAS present Criminal Code restrictions affect the legality and availability of abortions, and highly organized campaigns are underway to further limit the right to choose, and WHEREAS two-fifths of the population of ... (Continue reading)

Pro-abortion lawyers defeated again

In the April edition of The Interim we reported that the liaison committee of the Canadian Medical Association put forward a resolution to have the law Reform Commission of Canada study the federal legislation on abortion. The terms of reference in the study left no doubt that the liaison committee intended that the conclusion be favourable to their point of view.       This resolution was first presented to the Canadian Barr association council at it’s Banff meeting in February 1983, ... (Continue reading)

Home Sweet Phone Ma Bell’s Trojan Horse

So you thought you could protect your own family, inside your own house? Guess again. In many Canadian cities, right now, abortion counselling advertising has been quietly deposited in householders’ homes without their knowledge or permission. All your son or daughter has to do, to get free access to pro-abortion counselling, is to pick up the White Pages of your own 1983 telephone and look up “Abortion…”  There it is, in your kitchen, or hallway, or den. The following is taken directly ... (Continue reading)

Irish protect the unborn

Catherine Bolger was invited to Ireland by the pro-life movement at the time of the referendum. She spent 2 weeks speaking to the nursing staff in hospitals, to parish groups and pro-life workers. Pro-life individuals in Toronto sponsored her trip and her accommodation was provided by pro-lifers in Ireland. Ireland September 7, 1983 Liberation Day for the Unborn The people of Ireland have spoken. They ignored the ongoing media propaganda. They ignored the urging of the FitzGerald government ... (Continue reading)

The threat of Planned Parenthood

-         PART TWO- -         Second of two parts -         By TORONTO RIGHT TO LIFE Planned Parenthood in Canada; the United Way connection;  Buffalo abortion mills; C.A.R.A.L. and THE MONEY:  Canadian tax dollars to promote killing of children around the world! Planned Parenthood in Canada As an example of the Planned parenthood federation in Canada, let us examine the Toronto Office. Planned Parenthood of Toronto is affiliated with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (I.P.P.F.).  In December 1972, at its Annual general Meeting, ... (Continue reading)

Keeping tabs on Morgentaler in Toronto

Since the successful police raid on July 5, the Morgentaler clinic has been effectively shut down. Drs. Robert Scott and Leslie Smoling were charged with performing illegal abortions, and with the inclusion of Morgentaler, all three were charged with the conspiracy to produce a miscarriage. All three men opted for trial by jury and the date for the trial will be set in September. In the meantime, all three are out of jail with bail set for $3,000 each. Crown Attorney ... (Continue reading)

Only a woman consumed by consumerism can consider abortion snuff shop talk

There are more abortions than live births among City of Toronto residents. A Globe & Mail report of July 17, 1983, made public city Health Department figures for 1981. In 1981, 8,313 abortions were recorded for city residents. In the same year, the number of live births was 7,597. These statistics are a stark contrast to 1975 when more than 10,000 births and that was more than double the number of abortions. These figures do not include residents of ... (Continue reading)

BC doctor denounces abortion

In a CP report in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel, May 14, 1983, Dr. William Jory, outgoing president of the BC Medical Association, angrily denounced abortion and euthanasia. "Is it right that in Canada each year, 65,000 embryonic Canadians are flushed down the sluices and toilets of this country?" Dr. Jory asked the association's annual convention in Kelowna. "This is a staggering total of unfulfilled human life that equals the death toll in the great atomic attack on Hiroshima and ... (Continue reading)

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