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Pro-life commentary: “Can a woman forget the child of her womb?”

Two women bore children at the same time. One woman's child died and she laid claim to the other woman's baby. This case of disputed motherhood was brought before Solomon, the wisest of judges. Since he had no means of establishing who the rightful mother was, he offered to cut the baby in half. He depended upon the love of the real mother for her child. He was proven right: the real mother, ... (Continue reading)

Pluralistic prime ministers and political robots

In the Lunches with Leaders talk on women's issues during the last electoral campaign, Brian Mulroney said that he personally did not believe in abortion but that we live in a pluralistic society and he did not wish to impose his views on anyone else.  Unless and until we have proof to the contrary, we must regard Mr. Mulroney as an honorable man.  Presumably, he has the good sense to be appalled at the slaughter of babies in this country ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism in Canada: Part three of six parts

Almost from its beginnings, Cité Libre and, subsequently, Trudeau were charged with "undermining the Church."  Writing for Relations, the Jesuit monthly, in 1951-52, M. J. d'Anjou, sj, and Richard Arès,sj, addressed this aspect of Cité Libre.  Also in 1952, charges of "leftist infiltration" were made by Patrick Walsh, an informant for the RCMP.  This was followed by another controversy, between Trudeau and Fathers Braun and Desrosiers, about Trudeau's articles on life in Moscow and the Soviet Union.  Then, in ... (Continue reading)

Any opinion poll can be manipulated

The latest Gallup Poll on sex education and birth control, commissioned by the Planned Parenthood Federation (PPF) of Canada, has ascertained that 94 per cent of Canadian adults (1,000 were interviewed) believe parents should discuss sex and sexual behaviour with their children.  Also, 83 per cent believe sex education should be taught in schools (just under half of this group want classes beginning in Grades 1 to 4, and just over half want them started later.)  It also ... (Continue reading)

Toronto General Hospital: Number of Births & Abortions: 1954, 1962, 1982

In 1982 most abortions were performed by suction D&C and by saline. The chances of an unborn child being born alive dwindled from an almost perfect 99.7 per cent to 45.2 per cent in 1982. Thirty years ago, in 1954, a total of 11 therapeutic abortions were performed at Toronto General Hospital.  By 1982 that 11 had mushroomed into an incredible 2484 "therapeutic" abortions.  During the same28 years the number of deliveries in the hospital declined ... (Continue reading)

Ontario: Review at Kingston General

The Kingston General Hospital board of directors has announced the formation of a task force to review the hospital's policies and programmers relating to abortion.  Trustee Mary Van dewater, past president of the Women's Aid and long-time hospital volunteer will head the 6-member task force, which is expected to conduct the study within one year. The review is in response to a request by Mary Ellen Douglas, president of VITA, who has been a member of the hospital's board ... (Continue reading)

Why Parents Need Children

You're 35 years old, or 40, or 45, but there you are, crawling on all fours and barking like a dog, while your little toddler howls hysterically and tries to hoist herself up onto the back of the barking monster. Or you're pulling and eager three-year-old onto your lap, her favorite "blankie" wrapped around, comfortably settling in for another episode from the exciting saga of make-believe Ratfink or for a tenth re-reading of "Jack and the Beanstalk." Or you're ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism in Canada: Part two of six parts

Trudeau's views on the secular state have been constant.  In September 1971  the United Church Observer printed interviews with the four political leaders; only one, Réal Caouette of the Créditistes, was prepared to think of Canada in its public life as a Christian country.  Ten years later, Prime Minister Trudeau presented his new Constitution to the Canadian people.  When critics queried the absence of any reference to God, Trudeau strenuously objected.  He found it strange, he said, ... (Continue reading)

Let’s hear it for the women who don’t

There is an immense difference between the philosophy of feminism (in essence a belief in civil rights for women) and the actions of those now in the women's movement, with its emphasis on "women first" and "let men and children manage ton the left-overs." This philosophical difference is highlighted in an Australian book, Women Who Do & Women Who Don't (Join the Women's Movement). The editor, Ms Robyn Rowland, has gathered together 24 essays from women on ... (Continue reading)

Abortion -a threat to a free society

Abraham Lincoln, a great American president, had a simple but profound formula for government in a free society. "...government of the people, by the people, for the people." All freedom-loving Canadians concur with Lincoln. It is a formula that works. But it must be won and kept with determination, sacrifice, and eternal vigilance. How do we rate as a free nation? All law-abiding Canadians accept government of the people. We want to be governed. Those who refuse to be governed invite ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism in Canada – part two

The idea of the pluralist society goes back roughly to the eighteenth century, to the days when separation of Church and State was launched with the Constitution of the United States. This American separation was unlike the separation of Church and State brought about a few years later, during the French Revolution (which began in 1789).  The latter was essentially one of hostility of the State towards the Church, even to the point of creating a new religion, ... (Continue reading)

Legal incest in Britain?

There have been indications for some time that the next big push from the permissive lobby in Britain will be to legalize incest. In 1975, the British Sexual Law Reform Society (SLRS) produced a report recommending that the age of consent should be reduced to 14, including incestuous relationships. The Family Planning Association (FPA - a public-funded charity) tacitly supported this report. The Secretary of the SLRS, Jane Cousins, later achieved notoriety as the author of Make It Happy, ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism and Politics

In order to grasp at once the seriousness with which the question of pluralism and secularism today must be treated, let us recall the issue which has become its most controversial sign: the legalization of abortion. Part of an article I wrote in 1971 summarizes this contradiction: In our democratic society people believe that political problems, whatever their nature, can always be "worked out". All that is needed is a little give and take and a sense of compromise. ... (Continue reading)

Announcing the Catholic Foundation for Human Life

Sometimes I'm very sad inside. People around me smile and laugh, carry on with everyday talk about weather, sports, TV, diets and the job. I often feel like a stranger trapped in fantasyland. People are oblivious, escapist, apathetic, materialist, wounded, scared, frustrated, lost and blind. Even dead. I'm filled with compassion, real pity for men, for women for our human family. We are so ill, so very sick. We are sick of life. We are sick of death. ... (Continue reading)

Secular humanism – man’s threat

There is a New Ethic broadly held in Canada today. This New Ethic assumes that there are lives not worthy to be lived and that these ought to be put to death before or after birth. The New Ethic would judge each life by its quality and meaningfulness and would put to death those whose lives did not meet the required standard. This New Ethic is the philosophy that causes man to put to death over 65,000 unborn babies every ... (Continue reading)

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