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A Message from the Administrative Board of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

A Message from the Administrative Board of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops September 7, 1983 Ethical Reflections on Respect for Life Introduction Never before in history has human life been so menaced on our planet, in its growth and in its very existence.  All of us live under the shadow of fear cast by the spectre of a nuclear war.  Governments of both left and right – in the name of national security – strip their ... (Continue reading)

Landsberg’s hatreds

On May 12, Michele Landsberg's column in the Toronto Star was headed Lunatic Spectacle in Regina. The lunatic spectacle was that of the " self-appointed spokesman" for all the fertilized ova in Canada, Holy Joe Borowski, appearing at the Court of Queen's Bench in Saskatchewan. Ms.Landsberg's referneces to him were abusive in the extreme- this man who worships a painted shrine in his backyard, who decks his body with special amulets to save him from the fires of  hell, who ... (Continue reading)

Are legal and moral the same thing?

The Globe and Mail on May 21st reported from Regina that "anti-abortionist" Joe Borowski was "astounded that the Federal Government lawyer did not call witnesses to counter his (Joe's) legal attempt to have Canada's abortion law declared invalid. Mr. Boworski's lawyer, Dr. Morris Schumiatcher, had produced a number of world experts in genetics and fetology who left any unbiased reader of the reports in no doubt as to the humanity of the fetus from the instant of conception. Yet, ... (Continue reading)

The sleeping giant roused

Abortion propaganda in the early seventies used to fire off the slogan that only the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church opposed abortion. The last decade has proven them wrong. Abortion is a grass roots issue. It is also a Protestant one. Unfortunately though, the majority of evangelical Protestants have remained silent for too long. We have played into the hands of the abortionists. We have all too often abandoned the struggle (if we have engaged in it at all) ... (Continue reading)

Biblical realism and the economic crisis

A critical comment on 'Ethical Reflections on the Economic Crisis', a report from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. At Campaign Life's request, Professor Robin Richardson prepared, on short notice, this critique of the Bishop's report as a contribution to the public debate, which has begun. He welcomes a continuing dialogue with concerned Christians on the issues raised in the Bishop's report and in this article. Professor Richardson, a Salvationist, was P.C member of Parliament for Toronto-Beaches federal ... (Continue reading)

Abortion: one Presbyterian’s viewpoint

I should initially qualify my statements by explaining that I speak for Reformed Presbyterians who accept as their standard the Westminister Confession of Faith, and hold to the full, divine and infallible inspiration of Scripture. I will limit myself to a consideration of 3 main points. First of all, the anti-abortion movement is not confined to the Roman Catholic Church. Secondly, the underlying crime of abortion is that it is a direct breach of the 6th commandment, "Thou shall not ... (Continue reading)

Aims for Real Women

1) To reaffirm that the family is society's most important unit, since the nurturing of children is best accomplished in the family setting. 2) To promote, defend and secure legislation which upholds the Judeo-Christian view of traditional marriage and family (family meaning two or more people living together related by blood, marriage or adoption.) 3) To support policies for women in the home and workplace that provide them with equal opportunity in employment and education. 4) To recognize woman's equal but unique contributions ... (Continue reading)

Bishop tells Nun, “resign”

Archbishop Edmund C. Szoka of Detroit demanded the resignation of Sister Agnes Mary Mansour as state Social Services director because of her support of state-funded abortions. "If you are opposed to abortion (as Sister Mansour says she is), how can you not be opposed to the funding of abortion?" Detroit's Roman Catholic archbishop asked yesterday at a press conference. A spokesperson for the Sisters of Mercy said they would need time to "consider all of the elements implied" in the demand for ... (Continue reading)

Vancouver Bishop Drops United Way

The Most Rev. James F. Carney, Archbishop of Vancouver, in a letter to the pastors of the Vancouver Archdiocese dated January 1983, removed the Catholic Community and charities from funding provided by United Way. The association had lasted for the past 50 years. The move, effective January 1st of this year, was made to demonstrate the disappointment with United Way permitting Panned Parenthood, which according to the Badgery report is the largest abortion referral agency in Canada, to become ... (Continue reading)

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