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Winning’s act still makes impact

Interim Special Cardinal Thomas Winning, leader of Scotland’s 750,000 Roman Catholics, has received overwhelming offers of cash to bolster his initiative – disclosed in mid-March – to stem abortion. Unsolicited donations have poured in to the Archdiocese of Glasgow at the rate of up to $2,000 a day - from a pensioner’s offer of $5 a week to a City stockbroker’s pledge of $10,000 a year for five years. A woman living in the south of England has offered $50,000 from the sale ... (Continue reading)

Increasing attacks on Christian groups

Commission to study faith persecution ABBOTSFORD, B.C. – Canadian Christians cannot remain silent while the religious liberties of Christians and other people of faith are increasingly under attack throughout the world. Consequently, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) May 8 announced that it will establish a Religious Liberty Commission to raise awareness in Canada of the persecuted church. The announcement was made by EFC president-elect Gary Walsh to correspond with the opening of the World Evangelical Fellowship’s (WEF) General Assembly ... (Continue reading)

Amazing Grace still a presence

To explain where Grace is now we need to know where Grace has been. In her words she, “Came out of the Arctic, pregnant with her fifth child in 1966.” Think what you will, but those who know her can easily conjure up an image of Grace, large of belly, propelled by a blast of cold air and snow, flying across the tundra on a dog sled heading for Ottawa. Richard “Dick” Hargrave gad been transferred to Ottawa and the family ... (Continue reading)

Churches taking more active role

VANCOUVER – A report in Western Report magazine suggests Catholic bishops are stepping up their efforts against abortion. Despite official pronouncements against the practice, some churches have offered a tepid response to abortion. In Vancouver, a Catholic Organization for Life and Family pledges to make abortion an election issue. Other Catholic leaders in North America are in the midst of similar pro-life initiatives. (Continue reading)

Christian Heritage: only pro-life choice

Will we or won’t we? Vote in the June 2nd election that is. More important is what we do when we get there. Will we or won’t we. Vote for more of the same, that is. Will we vote for the best hope, or will we vote for no hope? The problems – Canada has many problems – all of them moral. It sounds simple because it is simple. Our relentless pursuit of greed, materialism, instant comfort, ambition and selfishness, our ... (Continue reading)

Cardinal’s initiative earns high praise

“Cardinal offers women money to cancel abortions” The above heading appeared in the Sunday Telegraph of London recently. The Cardinal in question is Thomas Winning, Archbishop of Glasgow. The Cardinal is outspoken in his opposition to Britain’s shocking abortion policy, and was the centre of a political storm last October, when he attacked Labor Leader Tony Blair’s inconsistent statement that he is “privately opposed to abortion, but believes women should have the right to choose.” The Cardinal’s recent statement is as follows: “Today ... (Continue reading)

Pontius Pilate and the election

And Pilate seeing that he prevailed nothing… washed his hands before the people saying ‘I am innocent of the blood of this just man. Look you to it.’ Mathew 27:24-30 Our nation is approaching a crossroads in its history with this federal election. I believe that if the current Liberal leadership receives another majority our freedoms will be in great danger. Thank God for those brave Liberal backbenchers who repeatedly opposed their party’s wrong actions. I pray that they will be ... (Continue reading)

Heaven’s gate case: neo-gnostic tragedy

Heaven’s Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite, who committed suicide with 38 of his hapless followers in San Diego, California, in late March, reportedly likened himself to Jesus Christ. Applewhite is on record saying that Jesus also had to leave His body and His identity to move on to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Heaven’s Gate cultists were persuaded that their bodies were merely “containers” that they had to leave behind in order to attain what they called the “Next Level” ... (Continue reading)

Rights of the unborn should be election issue Catholic bishops argue

Interim staff Canada’s Catholic bishops have seized on the Brenda Drummond case to make the rights of the unborn a prominent issue in the upcoming federal election. In a letter to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the Catholic Organization for Life and Family said the results of the Drummond case – which found that the unborn are not entitled to legal protection in the Criminal Code until they fully pass from the mother’s womb – “defy common sense and offend the moral sense ... (Continue reading)

Writer re-examines cardinal’s pro-life image

A conservative Catholic journalist has expressed reservations about the image of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago as a champion of unborn children. In an essay in the Catholic World Report magazine (February, 1997), James Hitchcock reflected on the cardinal’s popularity with liberal elements, and on his ability to mask his support for dissenting voices within the church. While praising the courage and dignity with which Cardinal Bernardin faced death, and his deathbed letter opposing legalization of ... (Continue reading)

Abortion backer’s ‘lie’ puts heat on Clinton

Roman Catholic leaders in the U.S., including Cardinal John O’Connor of New York have urged President Bill Clinton to change his position on late-term abortions. In a letter to the president, Cardinal O’Connor and other U.S. cardinals said Clinton and the public were deceived by a leading abortion supporter last year who said the partial-birth abortion technique was rare and was used only in cases where the mother’s health was at risk. The abortion supporter, Ron ... (Continue reading)

EFC wins intervenor status

Toronto – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has been granted intervenor status for Supreme Court cases involving unborn children and sexual orientation. The first involves the Manitoba ruling that a pregnant solvent addict could not be confined to a substance abuse program to protect the unborn child. The second deals with an Alberta case arguing the inclusion of sexual orientation in human rights legislation. Both cases give the EFC an opportunity to argue a pro-life, pro-family viewpoint. (Continue reading)

Lutheran Church releases statement on Sanctity of life

A “sanctity of life” commission established by the Mission Synod of the Lutheran Church has released a statement offering a fresh approach to life issues and continuing the church’s high profile pro-life testimony. Entitled That They Might Have Life, (John 10:10), the statement will be used by church workers and the Lutheran laity to promote an increased awareness of life issues. Some regard synod of the Lutheran church as having the strongest pro-life position of any ... (Continue reading)

Walsh named as EFC president

“Evangelicals cannot live on the sidelines” Gary R. Walsh, the current Bishop of the Free Methodist Church in Canada has been unanimously elected president of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC). Walsh succeeds Dr. Brian Stiller who stepped down after 14 years. EPC serves as a national voice and network for the Canadian evangelical community. EPC’s membership includes 28 denominations and over 100 Christian charitable organizations, mission and relief agencies as well as 14,000 individuals. Walsh believes that concerned Christians from every tradition must ... (Continue reading)

Never trust a politician with a bad memory

Premier Mike Harris appears to be planning to erase gently the Ontario Catholic school system for the backboard. Mike is dangling a fairer share of commercial taxes – spreading the largesse evenly all over Ontario – hypnotically a T-bone steak in front of a meat lover. Ed McMahon, the able chairman of the Metro Separate School Board is also concerned about what's happening. The deal. The Ontario Catholic school boards are being forced to give up their historic and much-envied right under ... (Continue reading)

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