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We never thought it would go that far

What has become known to history as the "Nuremberg Trial" began on November 20th, 1945. An indictment was lodged against twenty-four former Nazi leaders, charging them with numerous crimes against peace, conventional war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The chief crime was the killing of millions of innocent human beings, not only Jews (the largest number) but also gypsies (the most exterminated group), Slavs, political prisoners and undesirable civilians - this included the handicapped (physical and mental), the old and ... (Continue reading)

A message from the President

It's becoming increasingly clear that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals want to choose a leader who is sympathetic to Pro-Life concerns. Of the P.C. Party hopefuls, neither Mulroney, Blaikie, Crombie, Crosby nor Clark would bring any significant change in present party policy. Crosby did admit during the 1981 Convention that it was politically expedient to be Pro-Life in his riding! Jake Epp is personally Pro-Life, but being a strong Clark supporter, where does that put him? Don Mazankowski would ... (Continue reading)

Protestant Clergy supports commitment to life

A pastoral letter read in Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Vancouver informed Catholics that funds would no longer be accepted from United Way Appeal. The reason given is that "a financially participating agency of the United Way appears to promote or support abortion". We are extremely heartened by the united front which has emerged from religious groups. Margaret Fraser of Christians for Life has the signatures of 28 Protestant clergymen in a letter addressed to the Vancouver Sun as ... (Continue reading)

Aims for Real Women

1) To reaffirm that the family is society's most important unit, since the nurturing of children is best accomplished in the family setting. 2) To promote, defend and secure legislation which upholds the Judeo-Christian view of traditional marriage and family (family meaning two or more people living together related by blood, marriage or adoption.) 3) To support policies for women in the home and workplace that provide them with equal opportunity in employment and education. 4) To recognize woman's equal but unique contributions ... (Continue reading)

Vancouver Bishop Drops United Way

The Most Rev. James F. Carney, Archbishop of Vancouver, in a letter to the pastors of the Vancouver Archdiocese dated January 1983, removed the Catholic Community and charities from funding provided by United Way. The association had lasted for the past 50 years. The move, effective January 1st of this year, was made to demonstrate the disappointment with United Way permitting Panned Parenthood, which according to the Badgery report is the largest abortion referral agency in Canada, to become ... (Continue reading)

Abortionist Intervention Thwarted

Mr. Borowski commenced legal action against the Federal Ministers of Justice and Finance, alleging that they are misappropriating tax payers' money for the wrongful purpose of funding abortion procedures. The case has now been set down for trial for May 9, 1983. However, on January 25, 1983, two pro-abortion organizations, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Abortion Rights League (CARAL) applied to intervene in the trial as "amicus curiae" or "friends of the court". They argued that Mr. Borowski had ... (Continue reading)

Edmonton mayor proclaims Pro-Life Week

Edmonton's mayor, Cec Purvis has proclaimed the week of May 8th to the 15th, beginning Mother's Day 1983, as Respect Life Week. Campaign Life in Edmonton has appealed to supporters to launch a signature proclamation during that week to state publicly their beliefs in protecting the right to life of innocent human beings from conception to natural death, a summary of the entire pro-life philosophy. (Continue reading)

Nathanson does pro-life commercials

  For the first time in the history of Toronto television, pro-life advertising is on the air.  ... (Continue reading)

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