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‘Deceitful’ anti-Crisis Pregnancy Centre report refuted

In May 2017, pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney, who operated Run with Life, released a report called “Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada Deceitful on Crisis Pregnancy Centres.” This report is a critique of a report written in 2016 entitled “Review of Crisis Pregnancy Centre Websites in Canada” by ARCC’s founder Joyce Arthur, in which Arthur attempted to show that most of the 180 identified crisis pregnancy centres (CPCs) in Canada have a hidden Christian agenda which causes them to misinform women ... (Continue reading)

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Society ignores pain abortion causes women

Australian book gives voice to broken women, might save others from same mistake It was late January that the media publicized a flawed study saying abortion doesn’t cause mental health problems. It got worse. They claimed that pregnancy does. The headlines were out, the verdict in: pregnancy is dangerous and abortion is a legitimate, neutral tool. The subtext? Pro-lifers, stop raising this red herring. The case is closed. This sort of misleading headline is a sucker-punch to the gut ... (Continue reading)

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Post-abortive women question new pro-abortion rhetoric

Post-abortive women question new pro-abortion rhetoric

Two leaders from Silent No More Awareness, a ministry that works with post-abortive women, talked with The Interim about the hand-wringing rhetoric of President Barack Obama and former first lady Hillary Clinton and the tactics of abortionists that seem to recognize the humanity of the unborn child. ... (Continue reading)

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Silent No More pickets with Fr. Pavone

Silent No More pickets with Fr. Pavone (Continue reading)

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The truth on post-abortion health

Family physician Dr. Deborah Zeni was called into her local hospital’s emergency ward recently and while entering it, was accosted by a woman asking for help in bringing in her daughter, who was looking pale, sweaty and generally unwell. Later, she saw that the young woman, with her mother by her ... (Continue reading)

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Woman on TV program details her abortion

A woman now in her 20s, identified only as ‘Kelly,’ appeared on Fox News’s The O’Reilly Factor to relate her late-term abortion experience and the emotional aftermath she was forced to deal with as a teen. Kelly told host Bill O’Reilly that her parents took her from their Maryland home to Kansas when she was a pregnant 14-year-old to have ... (Continue reading)

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Marriage battle not over

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The battle to bring back the traditional definition of marriage in Canada is NOT over. That was the message brought loudly and clearly to hundreds of attendees at the 2005 National Pro-Life Conference in Montreal by Pat O’Brien, the independent – and formerly Liberal – MP for the riding of London-Fanshawe, Ont. He ... (Continue reading)

Silent No More campaign leaving abortion on its last, shaky leg

Natalie Hudson The Interim There is a new movement afoot in the world of pro-life advocacy that is leaving the last leg of the pro-abortion position very shaky, indeed. The movement began in the United States and is called the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (SNMAC).... (Continue reading)

Abortion worst thing I ever did, says Osbourne

Dina Kok The Interim In the new book, Sharon Osbourne: Unauthorized, Uncensored – Understood, the trials and tribulations of the famous wife of heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne are revealed by author Sue Crawford. Of particular interest is the disclosure of an abortion Osbourne underwent at the young age of 17. Osbourne was ordered to ... (Continue reading)

Doctors examine case of an unborn baby who would not die

Hillary White Special to The Interim Doctors at Hope Hospital in Salford, England are saying that a child, now two years old, is one of the most premature children to survive a late-term abortion attempt. “Doctors tried three or four different abortive drugs,” said Dr. Paul ... (Continue reading)

Silent No More goes global

Tony Gosgnach The Interim A North American initiative that has been successful in letting women come forth and tell about their negative experiences with abortion is now poised to go global. International Protection for Women and Preborn Children, as it is ... (Continue reading)

Numbers show ‘legal’ abortion hasn’t lowered maternal deaths

Giuseppe Gori Special to The Interim Ten times more women are dying today, as a result of abortion, than in 1972. How is this possible, if legal abortion has reduced the fatality rate by 10 times as a result of the procedure being committed ... (Continue reading)

New CD aims at post-abortion healing

A Christian musician's recent CD aimed at ministering to those dealing with post-abortion effects has been somewhat influenced and inspired by the experiences of someone very close to him. Michael John Poirier has released Healing After the Choice on the World Library Publications label. The recording seeks to establish a musical environment of healing and consolation for an estimated 80 million ... (Continue reading)

New late-term method approved in Alberta

By Pat Hansard The Interim In June, the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons approved faticide, the deliberate killing of 20-week and older fetuses prior to their mother's abortions. The procedure involves puncturing the heart of the unborn child with a surgical needle full of potassium chloride. Death occurs within seconds, but not without pain, as no anesthesia is used. The college says the purpose is to reduce suffering, but the question is, whose suffering? ... (Continue reading)

‘Forgiven of Murder’

Review by Pat Hansard The Interim Every woman who has given birth has a story to tell. When a woman has an abortion, she also has a story, but it's likely she will never tell anyone. For those who have been touched by abortion, telling the story is one of many healing steps on the road to recovery. They stand in the gap as advocates for those who have sacrificed their children on various altars and cannot ... (Continue reading)

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