Post-abortion and Health Care

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Persistence pays off in breast cancer debate

It’s delightfully ironic that researcher Dr. Joel Bring should give credit to the mainstream media for spreading awareness of the abortion-breast cancer link. Dr. Brind, an endocrinologist at Baruch College (City University of New York) is a leading authority on studies first-time induced abortion and breast cancer. He was in Toronto in late October to discuss the impact of a new “mata-analysis” which brings together 23 previous studies. The study, published in the British Medical Association’s Journal of Epidemiology and ... (Continue reading)

Study brings more awareness of abortion-breast cancer link

Awareness of a link between induced abortion and breast cancer has grown by leaps and bounds recently, says one of the world’s leading researchers into the issue. “Eight or nine days ago, a million people in the world were aware that abortion and breast cancer are linked,” said Dr. Joel Brind in Toronto on October 20. “Right now, I would put that number at about 100 million. That’s because … of the extraordinary power of the mass media.” Brind, a professor of ... (Continue reading)

Second Chance seeking greater outreach

A Pro-Life Day all across Canada, preferably on a Sunday, will make people more aware of the pro-life cause, says Father Vincent Heffernan, founder of Second Chance which is counseling women who have had an abortion. “I would like to see in archdiocese and all across Canada a Pro-Life Day on a Sunday. All the homilies will be about pro-life, chastity, abortion, and so on and informational materials will be put at the back of the churches. If the bishops were ... (Continue reading)

Chastity is still best defence against host of medical woes

A study published August 7, 1996 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that, in effect, a husband can take cancer home to his wife. The number of deaths from cancer of the cervix is 500,000 a year, world wide and the incidence of this caner is 40 per 100,000 women world-wide. (Human papilloma virus infection – HPV virus – British Medical Journal, Vol 312, Mar. 2, 1996). The idea that genital wars is a sexually transmitted disease has ... (Continue reading)

Cautions in supporting UNICEF appeal

Before the little monsters, goblins and witches come knocking on your door bellowing trick or treat; a little word of warning. Besides opening their sacks for treats, some of the hopeful creatures may request a donation to UNICEF. After the evening’s activity, the monsters and other hideous creatures remove their masks revealing innocent little children, excited with the fun they had and with the anticipation of their hard won goodies. However, when the mask is removed from the ... (Continue reading)

Abortion-breast cancer message muted

Interim Staff PHILADELPHIA – Local pro-lifers have lost a freedom of speech case involving public displays of posters warning of the abortion-breast cancer link. In a late August decision, a Pennsylvania court ruled that signs posted at Philadelphia and Washington area bus shelters warning of the risk were “misleading and likely to cause undue public alarm.” The posters, sponsored by a group called Christ’s Bride ministries, read:  “Women who choose abortion suffer more and deadlier breast cancer.” The posters had initially been approved as ... (Continue reading)

Reports cites health risks of childbirth

A report from the United Nations Children’s Fund raises fears about women’s health risks in giving birth, especially in Third World countries. The report says complications during pregnancy and childbirth kill nearly 600,000 annually and lead to complications for another 250,000. Most of the problems stem from hemorrhaging and infection. The report also says that up to 75,000 women die each year trying to abort themselves with foreign objects. Maternal mortality was reported highest in parts of Africa where one in 100 ... (Continue reading)

Silence slowing lifting on connection between abortion, breast cancer

Slowly it seems, word of the connection between induced abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer is percolating to the general consciousness. Thanks to the effort6s of cancer researcher Dr. Joel Brind and others like him, the scientific-medical community and the mainstream media have little choice but to sit up and take notice. It hasn’t, been an easy struggle. Studies as far back as1957 found evidence of a possible connection. Subsequent studies yielded similar results over the years, yet as ... (Continue reading)

Researcher hopes truth will out

Mike Mastromatteo The Interim A leading authority on the link between abortion and breast cancer has criticized the mainstream media and the scientific community for failing to report the true nature of the risk to women’s health. Dr. Joel Brind, a professor of biology and endocrinology at Baruch College (City University of New York), was in Toronto June 19-20 as part of our tour of Canadian cities. Previously, Dr. Brind visited Ottawa and he later spoke at the National Pro-Life Conference in ... (Continue reading)

The breast cancer conspiracy

Medical researchers have begun to amass data showing that abortion may actually be harmful to women’s health. Studies upon studies are finding there is a link between women who have had abortions and an increases risk of breast cancer. Why aren’t alarm bells ringing? Whose interests are being protected? The Interim Because this article is very technical, it will be necessary to explain some terms. Relative Risk (RR) and Odds Ration (OR) also called ‘elevated risk,’ in this context refer to the ... (Continue reading)

Hard to tally deaths due to abortion

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The February death of a 21-year-old Miami women after an abortion maybe the tip of a massive iceberg of abortion related deaths and injuries. The problem is that for several reasons it is impossible to determine the frequency of the phenomenon. “Anyone who tells you abortion is either safe or dangerous doesn’t know that they’re talking about, since there’s no way of knowing,” says Mark Crutcher, founder and president of Life Dynamics Inc. of Denton, TX. His ... (Continue reading)

“Lime 5”: Exploited by Choice

Mark Crutcher Life Dynamics Inc., Denton, Texas 318 pages, $19.95 (US) Reviewed by Mike Mastromateo Readers who get through the first chapters of Lime 5, Mark Crutcher’s provocative exposé of the abortion industry in the US. will be excused if they pause to catch a breath of fresh air. The chapter accounts case after case of women being abused, injured, and even killed as a result of shoddy, careless work by abortionists. While it makes for some gruesome slogging, the chapter steels the reader for the ... (Continue reading)

You Were Asking?

It is known that women who have had abortions sometimes try to commit suicide. Are there any real statistics? M.K. Stratford, Ont. No. There are some studies, but for a number of reasons any attempt at statistics would be suspected. This fact was made clear in The Physical and Psycho-Social Effects of Abortion on Women; A Report by the Consequences of The Abortion Act.(June 1994). The Abortion Act mentioned was the British one of 1967 ... (Continue reading)

Post-abortion infertility on the increase in Russia

Russian studies show that 51% of women suffered impairment of reproductive system within five years of having an abortion Russian studies show that the articicial termination of pregnancy by abortion causes serious damage to women and impaird the reproductive system. Research carried out at the Russian Centre for Family Planning has shown that abortion has a negative effect on a woman’s general health and well being and leads directly to subsequent funtional impairment of the reproductive system.  The study shows impairment to ... (Continue reading)


It’s taken a while but the story linking abortion and breast cancer is finally starting to get out. As breast cancer rates soar – one in nine women will get it in her lifetime – study after study confirms the link. But because of the nature of the issue involved, the effect abortion has on breast cancer is very seldom discussed publicly. The silence, say many cancer experts, makes the tragedy of breast cancer even worse. Women who have had ... (Continue reading)

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