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Dollars for depopulation

One of the major pro-life victories in the U.S. under Ronald Reagan was the initiative known as the Mexico City Policy.  This policy, which went into effect five years ago, prevents American foreign aid agencies from funding any “family planning” organizations which promote and perform abortions overseas or support or participate in programmes which include coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization. This policy hit such organization as the United Nations’ Population Fund (UNFPA) and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).  The ... (Continue reading)

War on people The strategies of de-population

Introduction One of the reasons why people believe in abortion is that they think that it is necessary to control population growth. In Newsletter No. 25 I sought to show that population growth is not in fact responsible for the problems attributed to it. Policies of population control will not only solve these problems; in many cases they will make them worse. In this article I wish to take the matter a stage further, and consider what is actually ... (Continue reading)

World Population: Future Trends and Challenges

The following paper by Most Rev. James T. McHugh, Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., was read at the meeting in Rome pf the Bishop Presidents of the Commissions for the Family of the Episcopal Conferences of the World.  The meeting took place from 9 to 11 November, 1988. Most population specialists project world population growth rates to continue to decline during the next century, resulting in a stabilized population (births = deaths).  This will ... (Continue reading)

Birthrate worries Quebec

Despite an unexpected 3.3 per cent jump in the number of babies in 1988, Quebecois from Premier Robert Bourassa to singer Gilles Vigneault are profoundly concerned about a birth rate that falls far below the 2.1 children per couple needed to at least sustain the current population of 6.6 million. From an average of 7 children per family a century ago Quebec’s birth rate has plummeted – especially after the Quiet Revolution in the early ‘60s – to the point ... (Continue reading)

The Over-population Hoax

Last December, the National Geographic Society marked the end of its hundredth anniversary year with a special issue of its magazine, featuring a striking and very unusual cover.  A holograph showed, in three dimensions, the world as a beautiful crystal ball and then the ball shattered by a bullet.  Underneath was a question:  “As we begin our second century, the Geographic asks: “Can man save this fragile earth?” Too Many People? “If present population and pollution trends continue,” wrote editor ... (Continue reading)

Mother Teresa

    Calcutta:  Replying to those who advocate the killing of the unborn and the handicapped because the world is overpopulated, Mother Teresa asked, “Are those who think so willing to be the first to go?” (Continue reading)

Steve Mosher’s China report

Steven Mosher was one of the first American scholars allowed to study in China when the U.S. government established diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic in 1979.  He was the only academic permitted to live in a Southern China village for a year to study the lives of the rural Chinese. His discoveries and observations are published below, taken from an edited transcript of a speech Mr. Mosher gave at the Human Life International Symposium on Sexuality in Montreal ... (Continue reading)

Canada increases aid to U.N.

Although the Mulroney government is frequently accused of bowing to United States’ pressure on various policy matters, this is not the case when it comes to United Nations’ funding. Canada’s contribution to the UN will increase by 9.8 per cent in 1986, if parliament approves.  A total of $91 million is budgeted, an increase of just over $8 million. The largest portion, $64 million, is going to the UN Development Programmer, an increase of 8.4 per cent.  UNICEF will receive ... (Continue reading)

France: babies symbols of hope

All these past years, reliable observers agreed to forecast that the population in France around the year 2000 would be mostly of Arab origin. Some people were afraid of that, some others thought there was just nothing which could be done about it; politicians felt concerned, demographers wrote alarming reports and talked of natality rates, of the incapacity to replace the generations, but all these talks were austere and grim. The most common reaction was ... (Continue reading)

Science compromised at population conference

        The week-long Conference on Population, organized by the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, (IUSSP) ended Wednesday (June 12) in Florence leaving the distinct impression that something less (or more) than scientific had taken place.   Despite the best academic window-dressing and all the trappings of respectable scholarship that money could muster, one could not help feeling that science had somehow been compromised for the sake of a higher ideal – the world-wide search for lower fertility.   This ... (Continue reading)

Population implosion

      We have heard and read so much recently about nuclear war, the arms race, acid rain and the inevitability of ecological disaster, that it is a relief to wake up in the morning and find that the world is still with us! I do not wish to deny that these are all serious dangers but I am not so sure about their inevitability. To take just one – nuclear war. Somewhere in the back of my head (or ... (Continue reading)

The threat of Planned Parenthood

International International Planned Parenthood Federation has become one of the most powerful organizations on earth. Its policies, and the great success it has had in persuading various governments to implement them, are having far-reaching effects right now on the everyday life of billions of people, and will be one of the major influences on the moral and ethical attitudes of future generations. The IPPF is a globe-grinding octopus with its headquarters in London, England, and affiliated national Associations ... (Continue reading)

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