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Lower birthrates will trigger labour shortages

Lower birthrates will trigger labour shortages

Statistics Canada has released a report, “Labour Force Projections for Canada, 2006-2031,” which finds that as babyboomers begin to retire, there will be a major decline in the workforce participation rate. While sunny-eyed optimists point to the part of the study that says the number of workers will continue to ... (Continue reading)

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Declining population impacting P.E.I.’s schools and churches

School enrolment figures in P.E.I. have dropped dramatically in recent years. Some rural schools are down more than 40 per cent and there are almost 25 per cent fewer students in Grades 1-3 than in 2001. “The declines have come quicker and broader than expected. The drop in the younger grades is particularly worrisome,” says ... (Continue reading)

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Will there be a ‘people cam’?

“Would homosexuality be one of nature’s ways to control world overpopulation?” a student in our Senior’s College biology class asked the other day.  She didn’t know there isn’t actually an overpopulation problem. The professor didn’t enlighten her. Didn’t tell her there are more TVs than people in the average North American home. Didn’t tell her that an aging population and declining fertility are now the biggest problem facing ... (Continue reading)

Canada’s population time bomb continues to tick toward disaster

A Statistics Canada report is revealing once again that Canada’s birth rate continues to decline, now to a record low of 10.5 live births per 1,000 population in 2004, down from 10.6 in 2003. It is part of a worrying trend. StatsCan is also reporting that the average age of women giving birth ... (Continue reading)

Scientist advocates elimination of 90 per cent of the human race

It's hardly a stretch to say that the near-extermination of humankind isn't a popular idea among the public. If any politician ever dared to dismiss humanity as "fat, human biomass" and advocated the destruction of 90 per cent of the world's population from the dreaded Ebola virus (an 80-90 per cent lethal disease, which inflicts horrible suffering upon its victims, ... (Continue reading)

Some people just don’t get it

That’s just one of so many things they just don’t understand. Canadians are aging. Elderly persons are heavy consumers of health care. In the past 30 years, we have aborted 2.5 million children, some of whom could have been doctors by now. Will “they” ever see the connection? It was recently reported that in a very few years, the majority of Canadians will be new immigrants. We have to rely on immigration to ... (Continue reading)

‘Generation Pro-Choice’ may be the last

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim The story is told of the airline captain who announced some “good news” and some “bad news” to his passengers. The good news was that the plane was travelling smoothly at 30,000 feet and steadily at a speed of 500 miles per hour. The bad ... (Continue reading)

Canada increases its support to the UNFPA to make up for shortfall from the U.S.

Paul Tuns The Interim On the eve of President George W. Bush's visit to Canada, it was reported that the Liberal government, in the words of the Toronto Star, would raise "a small flag of independence" with a planned announcement that Ottawa would provide "a major funding increase" for the United Nation's Population Fund, the UN's population-control arm. On Dec. 1, while Bush was in Halifax, International Co-operation Minister Aileen Carroll announced Canada ... (Continue reading)

Proposed Philippine two-child policy creates controversy

Senator ties depopulation scheme to U.S. security memo In August, Philippine Congressman Edcel Lagman introduced the Reproductive Health Act to the House of Representatives in Manila. The bill calls for "the limitation of the number of children to an affordable two children per family" and calls upon the government to "encourage two-child family size to attain the desired population growth rate." The following week, nine lawmakers filed two more bills seeking to address the supposed ... (Continue reading)

Report ignores abortion’s link to depopulation

Tom Kent, a former federal Liberal party social policy adviser, urged Ottawa to increase youth immigration to counter Canada's decline in fertility and the economic consequences for the country. Writing in Policy Options, Kent suggested immigration policy be changed to attract teens and university-aged individuals from foreign countries to create a sufficient base of workers and taxpayers so that Canada's social programs - old-age pensions and universal healthcare - can remain solvent. Kent said, "If we want ... (Continue reading)

Killing our future

On April 19, Statistics Canada revealed that the 2002 birth rate in Canada fell for the 11th time in 12 years and that the fertility rate - 1.5 children per woman of child-bearing age (15-49) - is one quarter under the replacement level of 2.1. The birthrate of 10.5 live births per 1,000 population is the lowest since statistics keeping track of ... (Continue reading)

New report details unicef support for abortion, radical politics

A major new study just released by the New York-based International Organizations Research Group (IORG) reports in great detail the gradual change of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) from a child survival agency to one that promotes aspects of radical feminism. Produced by the International Organization Research Group, an arm of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), the study is entitled "UNICEF, Women or Children First?" The paper establishes that ... (Continue reading)

UNFPA invades Iraq

The Commission for Refugee Women and Children has praised the international community for its unprecedented readiness to deal with what it calls a potential "reproductive health crisis" that the war in Iraq threatened to unleash. A media liaison for the commission has remarked that, "Crisis preparation for the war in Iraq marked a milestone. Emergency reproductive health care supplies had been pre-positioned in the region, and for ... (Continue reading)

With success like this …

The United Nations Fund for Population Activities says two American women began e-mail campaigns urging people to make up for the withdrawal of $34 million by the Bush administration for international population control. The administration withdrew its financial support because the Fund's support for abortion and coercive population-control schemes violated the Mexico City policy Bush reinstated after eight years of Bill Clinton's shenanigans. The "34 Million Friends" campaign raised $155,257 between August ... (Continue reading)

Canada plays host to world’s pro-abortion politicos UNFPA, Planned Parenthood also take part

More than 130 parliamentarians from around the world met in Ottawa in November for a meeting to discuss global strategies to promote "reproductive rights" and "access to reproductive health care" (read: abortion). The meeting was hosted by the Canadian Association of Parliamentarians for Population and Development, headed by Jean Augustine, the secretary of state for multiculturalism and women's affairs, and co-sponsored by the United Nations Fund for Population Activities and the ... (Continue reading)

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