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Mother’s role superseded by “professionals”

                We are about to be conned again. This time it is the daycare question. A federal task force likely will give it solid endorsement, while much of the Big Media see proliferating daycare as a desirable objective.   But is it? As I noted in an earlier column, in Sweden daycare has become a nightmare where parents now are compelled to send their children to “professional” daycare centres.   Parents have lost most of their rights as parents, while top-level social workers, ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life commentary: “Can a woman forget the child of her womb?”

Two women bore children at the same time. One woman's child died and she laid claim to the other woman's baby. This case of disputed motherhood was brought before Solomon, the wisest of judges. Since he had no means of establishing who the rightful mother was, he offered to cut the baby in half. He depended upon the love of the real mother for her child. He was proven right: the real mother, ... (Continue reading)

Embryo experiments in Britain

In Britain, the July report of the Warnock committee on the ethics of such matters as test-tube baby research has provoked considerable debate. The government-appointed committee, chaired by Dame Mary Warnock, recommends a ban on surrogate-motherhood agencies, both profit and non-profit making; a 14-day limit on experiments on human embryos; legitimization of children born by artificial insemination by donor; the freezing of human eggs and sperm for up to five years; the freezing of embryos for up to ... (Continue reading)

Midwives and abortion

A coalition of midwifery groups presented a report in June to the Ontario review of health professions, in which they asked for the right to practice legally in the province. In asking to be licensed, and to be allowed to establish a college to set training standards, the midwives say that Canadians would save at least $8.2 million a year in physicians' fees. Having given birth to three children in hospital without drugs or other medical intervention, with my ... (Continue reading)

British Columbia

The song of women exploited An aborted baby won't keep his mother awake at night ... yet. But how long until that aborted baby keeps his mother awake with the guilt and remorse for his death? Abortion counselors downplay the psychological trauma, but pro-life doctors and women who have suffered the emotional after-effects of abortion confirm that the consequences are deep and long-lasting. In March, the guest speakers at the Annual General Meeting of North Shore Pro-life were "Patty" and ... (Continue reading)

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day May 13, 1984 should be an occasion on which all Canadians focus on motherhood and celebrate life. The celebration in Ontario will be somewhat marred with the release of statistics showing that over 90,000 reported abortions were performed in Ontario hospitals during the years 1980-82. In October 1983 over 40,000 Ontarians rallied at Queen's Park, Toronto and silently marched in protest against the Morgentaler Toronto abortuary. The steps of the Legislature will be occupied on this Mother's Day by the Ontario ... (Continue reading)

Nurturing children a national responsibility

The attaining of birth by the unborn is more than a matter of individual "choice," but is a collective social decision, deriving from national consensus. Young pregnant women are uniquely susceptible to social pressures. Canadian culture today lays little stress upon child-rearing and its own biological perpetuation but imposes heavy economic liabilities upon women entrusted with the supremely important social task of bringing new life into society and nurturing that life in its formative years. The decision by young women ... (Continue reading)

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