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Edmonton police arrest pregnant solvent abuser

Edmonton police were put on the defensive July 17 after they arrested a pregnant, 33-year-old, solvent-sniffing mother. Police Chief John Lindsay said the action was taken for the sake of the woman and her child. Jeanette Reid was later charged with illegally sniffing solvents, and sentenced to six months in jail. But that is not what has some people up in arms. It is Lindsay's explanation which has caused ... (Continue reading)

Time to recognize motherhood as career

The hand that rocks the cradle rocks or bulls the world. Up until now that hand was mom's hand. In a way, mom is the keystone to our society and civilization - the good, the bad and the in-between. So why isn't mom recognized as a societal and economic power? Why did the early feminists of some 40 years ago look down on the "stay-at-home" mothers? Why the status gap between ... (Continue reading)

New mothers’ vacation still needs support

There is still time for readers to contribute to The Interim’s Springwater project which will provide women in crisis pregnancies an opportunity for an expenses-paid vacation away from the city. As reported in the May issue of The Interim, the project is for women who have recently given birth, or those who are near delivery, to enjoy a vacation at the 40-acre Springwater Christian Campground, near Barrie, Ontario. The vacations are now scheduled for early August. The new mothers’ project is ... (Continue reading)

International walk marks 20 years

Interim Special NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. – More than 200 pro-life supporters from southern Ontario and western New York state took part in the annual Mother’s Day Walk for Life May 11 at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the popular pro-life event. Walkers converged at the center of the bridge for official ceremonies, which included dropping red roses into the Niagara Gorge. The roses were symbolic of Canadian and U.S. youth born since the ... (Continue reading)

For all women who have suffered through abortion

Lord, forgive and heal the deep emotional, physical and spiritual wounds of women who have had abortions. Pour the healing power of Your love into their hearts so that they may seek and accept Your forgiveness. God of mercy, be especially merciful to them, for so often they did not know the wrong they were doing. Lead them to those who will help them. Help all of us who have had the grace to recognize the evil in ... (Continue reading)

Dr. James Dobson

QUESTION: My wife is a full-time homemaker, and we have three children under 6 years of age. She often gets depressed, especially when she can’t keep up with everything expected of her. But I have my hands full too, and am required to put in a lot of overtime. What can I do o help my wife cope with these busy years? DR. DOBSON: Let me make two suggestions to you: For some reason, human beings (and ... (Continue reading)

Project offers holiday to women in crisis pregnancies

Interim staff The Interim newspaper and Campaign Life Coalition are joining forces to offer women in crisis pregnancies an opportunity for a vacation at the Springwater Christian Campground near Barrie, Ontario. Women who have recently given birth, or those who are nearing delivery, are eligible for an expenses-paid holiday at the 40-acre Springwater camp. July 14-20 is the scheduled date for the Springwater holiday. Featured in the December issue of The Interim, Springwater is a family-oriented campground offering swimming, nature trails, a trailer ... (Continue reading)

The Gift of Life

The celebration of motherhood in May has significant meaning for each of us. Too often, we take for granted that each child has known a mother’s love, a nurturing environment and the security of family and friends. Many of the young women who come to Rosalie Hall have lived without knowing this unconditional love. An increasing number of young women have suffered through both physical and emotional abuse and this impacts greatly on their stability to ... (Continue reading)

Mother’s ultimate sacrifice for a daughter

The short newspaper notice announcing the death of Cathy Holt of Maple Ridge on December 9 gave no clue as to the cause of her death.  It was cancer.  But that tells only part of the story.  It might also be said that Mrs. Holt, just 32 gave her life so he second child, Julianna, could live. It was exactly six years ago December when, after finding some lumps in her breasts, Mrs. Holt entered hospital for tests.  There she would ... (Continue reading)

Deciding in favour of life

For Expectant Mothers Lord, look with special love on all expectant mothers today. Help them to realize the special treasure they carry within them. Touch the minds and hearts of all who are tempted by abortion because of problem pregnancies. As You consoled Your mother at the Annunciation, console these mothers and give them special graces to trust in You. As You sent an angel to Your mother, send someone into their lives who will help them make prudent and ... (Continue reading)

‘Wrongful birth’ brings chill to Ontario’s MDs

The frightening story is becoming all too familiar. As the expected arrival of their little one approaches, new parents are increasingly anxious and frustrated at they search frantically and yet in vain to find obstetricians to deliver their babies. During July and August alone over 825 women called Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons to say they are unable to find doctors willing to deliver their babies. In Ontario, dissatisfaction among doctors has prompted about 60 per ... (Continue reading)

Cautions in supporting UNICEF appeal

Before the little monsters, goblins and witches come knocking on your door bellowing trick or treat; a little word of warning. Besides opening their sacks for treats, some of the hopeful creatures may request a donation to UNICEF. After the evening’s activity, the monsters and other hideous creatures remove their masks revealing innocent little children, excited with the fun they had and with the anticipation of their hard won goodies. However, when the mask is removed from the ... (Continue reading)

QUESTION: Our 15-year-old son literally seethes with hostility at home

—at his mother and me, at his sister, and at the world. Believe me, we have done nothing to provoke this anger, and I don’t understand what has caused it. DR. DOBSON: At least part of the answer to that question can be explained by the “in-between” stages of teenagers. They live in an era when they enjoy neither the privileges of adulthood nor the advantages of childhood. Consider the plight of the average 15-year-old. All of the highly advertised adult ... (Continue reading)

Amnesty won’t support this prisoner

Poor Linda Groce. She’s doing 12 months in jail for illegal sidewalk counselling outside of Robert Scott’s Toronto abortuary. She is also one of the 18 pro-lifers charged two years ago by the former NDP government for their pro-life activities. Linda, 46, the mother of three children is well acquainted with the serious problems ensuing from having an abortion (having had one herself). She remains in jail a silent martyr—a prisoner of conscience—ignoring a law that thwarts her attempts to tell other women ... (Continue reading)

OPINION – Oh Canada – How could you?

The Canadian point of view at a recent UN meeting preparing for the Beijing Women’s Conference held that men, in particular, are responsible for all violence, injustices and oppression against women In 1924, The Department of Health for the Dominion of Canada published The Canadian Mother’s Book. Consider the high esteem in which the government used to regard the family: “The greatest gift is a child, and the greatest honour is to be a mother.” “The Government of Canada, knowing ... (Continue reading)

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