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Novel explores feminism’s anti-motherhood contradictions and the mantra of ‘choice’

amanda bright@home by Danielle Crittenden (Warner Books, $34.95, 322 pages) Reviewed by Christina Tuns The Interim As I began reading Danielle Crittenden's latest book amanda bright@home, I was concerned when the acknowledgments said that the title character had originally come to life in the National Post and Wall Street Journal online. I was concerned that not having read any of Crittenden's serializations would leave me unsatisfied with the book. Would I be able to piece ... (Continue reading)

Midge makes a comeback

Many little toddlers love Barbie dolls. For years, Barbie and Mattel have been exploring new ways of enhancing and broadening the young minds to which they cater. In 2002, the Midge doll - part of Matell's Barbie doll line - became embroiled in controversy when she showed up in the toy aisle pregnant. She wore a wedding ring and her packaging told a story about how she and her husband were expecting their second child. ... (Continue reading)

Fr. Ted on the importance of motherhood

It was suggested to me recently that I should write a column on "the mother" in today's world. When I began to think about it, I realized that it is impossible to separate the mother from the family and so I decided to write on the family and the importance of the mother in that capacity. I am going to more or less repeat an article ... (Continue reading)

It’s good to be kicked

My Darling Baby: It is with much excitement that we await your arrival. As a family, we count down the weeks until you arrive. We talk about you both at home and at school. How long you are, how you are continuing to develop and how life will ... (Continue reading)

The absurdities of ‘donating’ motherhood

Women who sell or donate their eggs and giving away a whole lot more Donating motherhood "Is this egg worth $50,000?" is the provocative title of an article in Self magazine (Nov. 2000) that takes a close look at the new world of "egg donation." According to its author, Sheila Weller, close to 4,500 American women "donate" their eggs every year. Receiving $50,000 in exchange for a "donation" is obviously disingenuous. Federal law prohibits the selling of human organs, and although ova may ... (Continue reading)

Alliance for Life launches TV ad campaign

Caring Foundation ads designed to appeal to feelings and concerns of abortion-minded women By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Alliance for Life Ontario is optimistic that its soon-to-conclude TV ad campaign will convince young women in crisis pregnancies that there are several readily available alternatives to abortion. The Alliance for Life Campaign 2000 featured pro-life television commercials broadcast on 19 TV stations, including the MuchMusic channel for young people. The five-week campaign, which aired between mid-October and December 18, is expected to reach up to ... (Continue reading)

W-5 expose of CPC’s was biased and unfair

CTV newsmagazine's allegations of deception and manipulation are without foundation By Tony Gosgnach The Interim One building houses a volunteer-driven crisis pregnancy centre, where mothers-to-be are given counselling and as many resources as possible in support of bringing their babies to birth. Right next door is an abortuary, in which preborn humans of five months gestation are regularly killed. Guess which of the two got to be the victim of a hidden camera "expose" by the CTV newsmagazine program W-Five? If you guessed the abortion clinic, ... (Continue reading)

New Saskatoon crisis pregnancy centre opens

Real Choices for Women and Children shares space with several pro-life organizations By Linda Wegner The Interim It took three years of planning, two years of fundraising, the cooperation of several organizations and many hours of training and preparation, but on November 6, 2000, a site housing the Campaign Life Coalition office, the Canadian Survivors of Abortion office and the Saskatoon Crisis Pregnancy Centre opened its doors to the public.... (Continue reading)

U.S. approves RU-486

The Interim As the October issue of The Interim went to press the United States Food and Drug administration announced it has given final approval to the abortion pill RU-486, which pro-lifers call a "human pesticide." The approval process was begun by President Bill Clinton, as one of his first acts in office in 1993. "Campaign Life Coalition is shocked that a dangerous drug has been given such approval in the U.S. and we will strenuously oppose its acceptance in Canada. This pill ... (Continue reading)

Interim readers reach out to mother and child

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Readers of The Interim have donated more than $900 to a Toronto woman who recently gave birth to a baby girl, after resisting pressure from her former boyfriend to abort the child. Maria (not her real name), whose story was featured in the April, 2000 edition of The Interim, gave birth to six-pound, 10-ounce baby daughter, Jenna Maria, June 6. Maria had turned to the Toronto Right to ... (Continue reading)

Why Canada needs an open debate on social issues

Commentary by William Gairdner The Interim If smart people are so stupid, what is there to hope for? In her recent article in the National Post on the Canadian Alliance leadership race ("Manning Looks Like a Leader," July 6), Diane Francis wrote something appalling and disappointing that illustrates precisely why Canada needs an honest and open debate on social issues and a party and a leader unafraid to address them. Rightly sensing that abortion is the sharpest moral issue dividing so-called "fiscal" from "social" ... (Continue reading)

Hope in Fredericton

"We want to be here to say women do have a choice, and to help them make a choice for life,' says the founder of the Mother and Child Welcome House By Jill Little The Interim After nearly two years in the planning, New Brunswick's new pro-life service centre in Fredericton is becoming a reality. The Mother and Child Welcome House was first conceived in the fall of 1998 when the centre's founder, Peter ... (Continue reading)

Participation in PrepCom was eye-opener on feminism

‘I thought feminists were pro-woman, not angry, hurt people whose logic I can't understand' By Cathrina Keet The Interim A battle over women's rights was fought at the United Nation Headquarters in New York. My concept of justice, democracy, and reality was shattered during the portion of the Beijing+5 PrepCom which I recently attended. I expected the United Nations to attack violence against women, hunger, war disease, and a lack of education, water, and medicine. Instead I ... (Continue reading)

Contraception not the answer to hunger problem

I have never been an expert at anything, apart from eating and sleeping. But, since I became active in the pro-life movement some years ago, I have taken a special interest in the question of world population. The obvious reason for this is the effect which abortion and contraception must have on the number of new human beings. Having read the 19th-century predictions of Thomas Malthus, that the population growth would outrun the ... (Continue reading)

Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just been badly beaten

By Andrea Procher The Interim Chivalry is dead!" Such is the oft-heard cry of the 1990s non-feminist female. Believe it or not, guys, there are more than a few women who are still honoured when you open a door or pull out a chair for them. But before we go blaming the men for a lack of chivalry, we must consider how much the feminist movement has contributed to ... (Continue reading)

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