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Pro-life groups denied intervenor status in N.B. case

LifeSite Daily NewsThe request by the Coalition for Life and Health to intervene in the case of Morgentaler vs. New Brunswick has been denied by Mr. Justice David Russell in his ruling of April 2. The Coalition was formed in response to the launching of a lawsuit by abortionist Morgentaler against the province of New Brunswick because of its refusal to subsidize his private abortion clinics with provincial tax dollars. Coalition members include the ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler sues New Brunswick for funding

Acting on a threat he has made for years, Henry Morgentaler has launched a lawsuit which, if successful, will force the province of New Brunswick to pay for abortions at his Fredericton abortuary. The suit has national implications according to Peter Ryan, executive director of New Brunswick Right to Life. "It could mean a new Charter 'right' to abortion on demand, as ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler jousts with health authority

Interim Staff A dispute over liability insurance closed the doors of Henry Morgentaler's Edmonton abortuary for two weeks. Upon noticing that the abortuary was not holding up its liability insurance obligations, Capital Health, the city's regional health authority, attempted to bump ... (Continue reading)

Christmas, liberation and Morgentaler

Over the past year, Canada has heard much of Henry Morgentaler. The abortionist has continued to champion the view that in order to be truly liberated, women must have the right to abort the children conceived within them. As a youngster in Poland in the 1920s, Morgentaler grew up in a family where religion was relegated to the dustbin. His father was an atheist who not only despised the religion of the newly independent Poland, but also rejected the Judaic religious ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life leader challenges Morgentaler in remarkable meeting

Peter Ryan and Henry Morgentaler were sitting in the "counselling room" of Morgentaler's Frederiction, N.B. abortuary, when Ryan pulled out from his pocket a plastic model of a 12-week-old pre-born child. "So you're saying that at this stage, it would not be a baby?" said Ryan to Canada's most prominent abortionist. "Oh no, that there looks like a baby," Morgentaler replied. Surprised at the response, Ryan pressed further. "You realize that this is of 11 or 12 weeks' gestation?" Incredulous at the claim, ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler agitates for more money in N.S.

In Nova Scotia, Henry Morgentaler is trying again to get the government to pay facility fees of $425 per procedure at his abortion franchise on McCully Street in Halifax. The provincial practice is to pay only the doctor's fee. At less than $140 each, Nova Scotia's total payout for the 134 abortions performed in 1999 was about $18,500. The remainder of Morgentaler's charges (the $425 facility fees) became the responsibility ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler renews campaign for P.E.I. taxpayer funding

Like the groundhog, Henry Morgentaler has surfaced again with his perennial campaign to establish government-funded abortuaries – his abortuaries – in every province. He has written a letter to new federal Health Minister Anne McLellan pointing out that five provincial governments – P.E.I., Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – refuse to pay for clinic abortions. As always, he argues that they are endangering the health of women, discriminating against ... (Continue reading)

Nothing and no one can replace a child’s mother in the early years

On Friday, April 20, 2001, an article appeared on the front page of the National Post under the title, "Study paints daycare as hothouse for aggression." The main substance of the article is the result of a 10-year study by psychological experts on the effects of daycare on young children. The principal researcher is a Dr. Belsky, a developmental psychologist at the University of London. The results of the ... (Continue reading)

Maritime reflections

'Not in the slightest contrite' in continuing to protest abortion Henry Morgentaler, Canada's most flamboyant abortionist, is an in-your-face kinda guy. That's presumably why he chose a location adjacent to a junior high school and within sight of several churches for his new Fredericton, N.B., abortuary. Of course, Henry was on hand for the grand opening, milking as much publicity as he could from the occasion. And of course the media eagerly lapped it up. Reportedly, the nine anti-abortion protesters on hand ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler’s former neighbor goes to court

Interim staff A Toronto-area businessman may be one step closer to victory in a long-running legal battle involving leased property located one floor above Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic. Robert Blondell, head of a funeral consultant and casket sales company, leads a group of former tenants of 1670 Bayview Avenue who have been sued by the landlord for evacuating the premises prior to the expiration of their lease. Blondell, who leased space in the Bayview property in 1992, feared Morgentaler’s moving into the ... (Continue reading)

A difficult hero

Morgy was on the phone. Ever since I saved him from being publicly executed in China recently, Morgy can’t do enough for me. “Frank, you don’t know how grateful I am that you flew all the way to China to save my life.” “Stop reminding me! What was I thinking of? It must’ve been the free trip in your Lear jet.” “I got good news for you! They’re getting ready to shoot a film based on my book. The ... (Continue reading)

Book a bold statement about the humanity of the unborn child

Beginning Life: the Marvellous Journey from Conception to Birth By Geraldine Lux Flanagan Firefly Books, Willowdale, Ont. 120 pages, $26.00 Book Review If you thought the womb was dark and silent and that you spent your time there tightly curled up in a permanent fetal position, you need to read Geraldine Lux Flanagan’s Beginning Life: the Marvellous Journey from Conception to Birth. “I have never found this to be ‘cold science’,” says Flanagan, “but colourful and vivid.” Combining stunning photographs with a lucid text, ... (Continue reading)

Revealing story of a sad, lost life

Morgentaler, A Difficult Hero By Catherine Dunphy Random House Canada, 1996 474 pages, $32 Book Review A child is born in the ghetto. His parents are socialist, atheist. They belong to a despised race. At school the child is taunted and reviled. He is a very clever child. Soldiers of a brutal invading army come and seal hi ghetto, then routinely break the inhabitants through violence and deprivation. The child’s father is taken and killed. The family is taken to an extermination camp. On ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler lands in hot water

I got the shock of my life recently. The phone rang. I picked it up and heard a very familiar voice. “Is that you ‘Idiothead’ – er I mean Frank?’ With that delightful little nickname that he had for me I knew who it was, old friend Henry Morgentaler, immediately. “Frank, I’m in deep trouble – I’m in jail.” “Jail?” I thought to myself – why that’s the best news I’ve heard in years – Henry Morgentaler on jail! “Where?” “China. I was over here setting ... (Continue reading)

Abortionist rejected in PEI

CHARLOTTETOWN - a PEI court ruling has upheld the province’s policy of paying only for hospital abortions deemed medically necessary. The ruling came September 17 after a court action launched by abortionist Henry Morgentaler who is attempting to establish another of his free-standing abortion clinics on the island. No hospitals on PEI perform abortions and island women seeking the procedure must travel to another province. Morgentaler, who described the court ruling as “extremely disappointing,” says he will ask the federal government to ... (Continue reading)

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