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Who wrecked Canada

A rogue’s gallery: The Interim recently invited its readers* to nominate those who have most helped lead the moral assault on Canada. Here are the results. * The preponderance of Liberals on ... (Continue reading)

Surrendering to rule by a judicial elite

On the 28th of January 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down one of the most disastrous judgements in the history of Canada. The case was R. v. Morgentaler and at issue were a multitude of brazen violations of abortion restrictions in the Criminal Code by Henry Morgentaler. The duty of the judges was clear: they should have authorized the Crown to prosecute Morgentaler. Instead, a ... (Continue reading)

Another award for abortionist

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Pro-life advocates had barely stopped making phone calls, sending letters and putting away picket signs over Henry Morgentaler’s honourary degree award at the University of Western Ontario, when news emerged that the abortion crusader was about to receive another public recognition. The Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler gets his degree, but the fallout persists

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Although the dirty deed has been done, the fallout from the University of Western Ontario’s awarding of an honourary doctor of laws degree to abortionist Henry Morgentaler continues. Discourse leading up to the conferring of the award on June 16, as part of convocation ceremonies, had focused on financial and enrollment losses that would be accruing to the university as a result of its decision. In the weeks since ... (Continue reading)

A suggestion for UWO

When the University of Western Ontario awarded notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler an honourary doctor of laws degree as part of its spring convocation ceremonies this year, vice-president Greg Moran justified the move by claiming the choice of such a controversial recipient was in keeping with the university’s commitment to “open, courageous, respectful and civil debate,” which leads to “a humane, caring and tolerant society” marked by “diversity.” Fine. That being the ... (Continue reading)

It’s self evident!

Rory Leishman In the morning of June 16, one of the most impressive pro-life demonstrations in the history of London occurred outside the gates of the University of Western Ontario. It was a peaceful and prayerful gathering of pro-lifers witnessing to the sanctity of all human life and deploring the shameful decision of the university to confer an honourary doctorate on Henry Morgentaler. University professors, for the ... (Continue reading)

Dishonourable mention

There are many problems with universities in North America. They have been described as “island(s) of repression in a sea of freedom.” But the University of Western Ontario’s move to confer an honourary doctorate upon notorious Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler is a new low. The blatant political stunt by the university’s senate has not only irreparably damaged the reputation of UWO, but has tainted the very academic awards it was founded ... (Continue reading)

Western ignores protests and lost funds to award Morgentaler honourary degree

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The University of Western Ontario resembled more an armed camp under siege than a place of higher learning when Henry Morgentaler’s honourary degree roadshow rolled into London, Ont., June 16. At least five dozen police officers ringed the area around the university’s Alumni Hall as Morgentaler received the ... (Continue reading)

Protests against Morgentaler’s UWO honour hit fever pitch

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The University of Western Ontario’s intransigence in awarding an honourary doctor of law degree to notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler may wind up costing it as much as an astounding $50 million in lost donations from alumni. Such a loss has the potential to disrupt London, Ont.’s economy as a whole. And as of this writing, 10,000 people had signed an online petition at against the award. ... (Continue reading)

Stakes high in New Brunswick abortion fight

Doreen Beagan The Interim Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler and federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh are trying to force New Brunswick to pay for all abortions, Peter Ryan told the annual meeting of P.E.I. Right Life at its April 23 meeting in Charlottetown. Ryan is executive director of New Brunswick Right to Life and a spokesman for the multi-group Coalition for Life and Health. Currently, New ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler degree protests intensify

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The University of Western Ontario may be coming to the realization that it is getting in over its head with regard to its planned awarding of an honorary doctor of laws degree to Canada’s most notorious abortionist, Henry Morgentaler, the morning of June 16. However, to this date, it appears to be remaining ... (Continue reading)

University to give Morgentaler honours

Paul Tuns The Interim The University of Western Ontario announced that it would bestow an honourary doctorate to Henry Morgentaler leading pro-lifers to call for alumni to cease donationg to the institution. For two decades before the 1988 ... (Continue reading)

Media conglomerate offends again

The Bell Globemedia conglomerate took another kick at pro-life, pro-family Canadians recently with the airing of a made-for-TV movie lionizing Canada's most notorious abortionist, Henry Morgentaler. Broadcast by its CTV television component on Jan. 5, Choice purported to recount the "tumultuous life story" of Morgentaler, who was credited ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler being sued for negligence

Media turning a blind eye to alleged misdeed In a story you would be hard-pressed to find in the mainstream media, abortionist Henry Morgentaler is being sued for at least $185,000 for an alleged botched abortion last year on an Ottawa woman, which she claims caused damage to her reproductive organs and harm to her marriage. A Canadian Press wire story reported that an Ottawa couple filed documents with ... (Continue reading)

Press Council biased Interim staffComing on the heels of blatant liberal-left bias in media coverage during the recent federal election campaign comes disturbing news of further bias and a conflict of interest on the part of a press watchdog organization in Ontario. The Ontario Press Council has rejected final appeals into a complaint over a series of pieces by Globe and Mail columnist Heather Mallick, which appeared in January ... (Continue reading)

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