Marriage and Family

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Canadians for Decency

In January and February 1983, there was a media furor about pornography on pay television. Literally hundreds of articles, reports and editorials appeared in newspapers across the country over a six-week period until Pay-TV went on the air on March 1. At that time, many editorial writers and columnists opposed suggestions of censoring these programs, often in belittling or mocking tones. On the other hand, groups of feminists took to the street in cities throughout Canada to let the ... (Continue reading)

Traits of a Healthy Family

It doesn't take a genius to see that the family is, and has been for many years, under attack. The current alarming trend is, accept social disasters as the norm and, on the assumption that there is going to be an increase in the number of disasters, set up a superstructure of professionals and government bureaucracy to sort out the mess. One of the longest-enduring human traits has been a dependence on and a fascination with people and their ... (Continue reading)

“Male and female created He them”

Recently I was blessed to find myself pregnant with my third child. My first two children are boys. Almost without exception, upon finding out about my pregnancy the response has been the same, "you must be hoping for a little girl". To have a little girl would be absolutely wonderful - but no more so than having another boy, I'm convinced. What is it in us that desires so strongly to manipulate the sex of our offspring? Some ... (Continue reading)

“Family Planning” programmes outrage parents

Across Canada Ontario Every year, their promotions are more outrageous, but the basic message is the same. This year, the Department of Public Health of the City of Toronto (Family Planning Division) is giving away 10,000 condoms during Birth Control Week. Their programmers are aimed mainly at teens, despite the fact that the 20-24 year group has the highest ... (Continue reading)

Natural family planning and human responsibility

Free will and the ability to assume responsibility for one’s actions establish the spiritual importance and dignity of man.  Indeed, we have come to equate maturity with a willingness to direct our behavior in terms of our goals as well as to accept the consequences of our choices.  If we look at family planning methods in this light, we can see that natural methods of family planning allow us to live out this vision of man. N.F.P. encourages us ... (Continue reading)

Parents Concerned For Responsible Education and Family Health

The following is the first in a group of articles composing a brief presented by Mrs. Shirley Pennell and Mrs. Penny Costin to the Hamilton Board of Education on Tuesday, March 1st, 1983. We are representatives of a group recently formed in many areas of the province of Ontario called 'Parents for Responsible Education and Family Health'. The number of parents concerned about what is happening in our school system is rising rapidly, and enough of us now have been enlightened ... (Continue reading)

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