Human rights

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A Modest Proposal

          In 1729, the Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, published an essay entitled A Modest Proposal.  The title is ironic because what he proposed was a scheme to solve the problem in Ireland by butchering children.  In a carefully reasoned argument, he explains how the parents will be paid for raising small children who will then be slaughtered to provide cheap, plentiful meat for the rest of the population.  Some children will be spared or the purpose ... (Continue reading)

Controversy over vaccine

      In November 1984, The Interim front page story (“Aborted babies used for vaccine”), attracted national media attention.  The reaction to information that the current rubella vaccine was developed from cells of an aborted baby varied from amused credulity that pro-lifers would reveal see no objection to continued use of the vaccine, while others are distressed that their children have already received it and others worry about what to do for their children coming up for vaccination. The WI-38 strain ... (Continue reading)

Brockville NFB criticism

  When the civic centre in Brockville, Ontario showed the films, Abortion: - Stories North and South and Democracy on Trial recently, the local Right to Life group handed out the following piece of literature.   - In spite of scientific and medical fact Dr. Morgentaler refuses to believe in the humanity of babies-in-the-womb.   - Hitler refused to believe in the humanity of Jews and Parliament labeled them “sub-human” before they too were eliminated.   - Early America labeled its black people as “chattels.”  They ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Christmas, Liberation and Morgentaler

Over the past year, Canada has heard much of Henry Morgentaler.  The abortionist has continued to champion the view that in order to be truly liberated, woman must have the right to abort the child conceived within her. As a youngster in Poland in the twenties, Morgentaler grew up in a family where religion was relegated to the dustbin.  His father was an atheist who not only despised the religion of the newly independent Poland but also rejected the ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life commentary: Spina Bifida

"Spina Bifida is a birth defect which involves damage to the spine and nervous system. The vertebrae of the spine and the spinal cord are not formed properly and surgery is usually required immediately after birth. The long-term effect frequently includes weakness or paralysis of the legs and problems with bowels and bladder control. Spina Bifida is sometimes accompanied by hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid within the brain), which is controlled by a surgical procedure relieving the ... (Continue reading)

Manitoba: Feminists finally agree with Joe

Joe Borowski was so appalled at a Manitoba provincial court judge's comment that a 20-year-old convicted rapist was not in need of rehabilitation, that he immediately wrote a letter to Premier of Manitoba asking for the dismissal of the judge. Sean Stewart, who had pleaded guilty to raping a 19-year-old female clerk who was working alone at a 7-Eleven store July 12, 1983, was sentenced July 13 (1984) to 18 months in jail. "I see no reason to ... (Continue reading)

Down’s Syndrome: Is the modern cure to kill the patient?

The number of Down's Syndrome children could well be reduced in the next decade by new pregnancy-testing methods. This is the message of an article from the British journal The Economist which was printed in the Globe & Mail ("Down's detection gets help - July 16, 1984.) At present the chromosomal abnormality of Down's syndrome can be tested by amniocentesis, and the test is routinely given to older women. However, because "amniocentesis is just too risky to ... (Continue reading)

Baptists go pro-life

HAMILTON -The fundamental human right to life was strongly affirmed recently by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, one of four member bodies of the Canadian Baptist Federation.  At its 96th annual assembly, held in June at McMaster University, delegates of the 46,000-member Convention passed a resolution containing the following declaration. The right to life is the paramount and most fundamental right of a person and the only instance where an unborn person should be deprived of ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism and Politics

In order to grasp at once the seriousness with which the question of pluralism and secularism today must be treated, let us recall the issue which has become its most controversial sign: the legalization of abortion. Part of an article I wrote in 1971 summarizes this contradiction: In our democratic society people believe that political problems, whatever their nature, can always be "worked out". All that is needed is a little give and take and a sense of compromise. ... (Continue reading)

Auschwitz! Lest we forget

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission, following an investigation, dismissed a June, 1983 complaint, alleging that Alliance Against Abortion contravened the Manitoba Human Rights Act, by means of the wording on picket signs at the Corydon Avenue, Morgentaler Abortion Clinic. The signs complained of read "Auschwitz Lest We Forget," "Auschwitz Never Again," "No Death Camps for Winnipeg." The name of the complainant was not released by the commission. The complaint was considered at a January, 1984 meeting of the Manitoba ... (Continue reading)

Welcome to 1984

The unthinkable has happened. Bill C-169 is now the law of the land. What is Bill C-169? Quite simply, the new Orwellian law makes it illegal for any Canadian citizen to be involved in any actively meaningful way during a federal general election or by-election. Only party hacks of the three registered political parties are going to be allowed to participate in all future election campaigns. George Orwell once said that "political language is designed to make lies sound ... (Continue reading)

The Canadian Council of Christians and Jews

On November 1 and 2, 1983, the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews held a Colloquium on "Human Rights and Responsibilities - Canadian Religious Perspectives." The Ottawa Colloquium, attended by some hundred invited people, was in honour of the 35th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations and covered three subjects: Pluralist Society; Abortion-Euthanasia-Infanticide; and Discrimination. Mr. Gordon Fairweather, Chairman of the Canadian Human Rights Commission addressed the first subject, while Dr. David ... (Continue reading)

British vitamin trial called immoral

In Britain, the Medical Research Council has established a programme to test whether multi-vitamin pills given to pregnant women can prevent spina bifida ocuring in their babies. Two thousand high-risk mothers (most of whom already have at least one spina bifida child) will take part in the programme. While 75% of the women will take the vitamin pills, a "control group" of the other 25% (500 women), will be taking a 'dummy' pill containing no vitamins. These women will ... (Continue reading)

New “infant-doe” regulations

On June 30, 1983, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop issued a revised "Infant-Doe" Regulation aimed at "protecting handicapped infants from illegal discrimination in receiving health care." The regulations are a response to the 1982 Baby Doe case in Bloomington, Indiana, in which a newborn with Down's syndrome was allowed to starve to death after his parents refused corrective surgery on his esophagus. A similar regulation was struck down on April 14 by U.S. District Court Judge ... (Continue reading)

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