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Gender politics vs. free speech

Gender politics vs. free speech

Controversy is about more than pronouns Professor Jordan Peterson attached over refusal to use politically correct pronouns. University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson regularly releases YouTube videos without causing a stir, but those days are a thing of the past. In early October he released two videos that challenged politically correct orthodoxy and Canada’s ... (Continue reading)

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Toronto hospital refused selection reduction abortion on twin

When the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled on July 18th that Mount Sinai Hospital was not discriminating when it refused to abort one of a patient’s two healthy preborn twins, the patient decided to appeal the ruling. The patient, a 45-year-old woman who is referred to in the case as C.V, had filed a human rights complaint to the OHRT on May 2015 claiming that she had been discriminated against on the basis of sex and family status. C.V. had underwent in-vitro ... (Continue reading)

Priest’s lawsuit attempts to silence LifeSiteNews

Priest’s lawsuit attempts to silence LifeSiteNews

Fr. Raymond Gravel   A legal torpedo was launched against online news service (LSN) on Dec. 21, 2010, following a long period of ongoing friction between Fr. Raymond Gravel (a Catholic priest and one-time Bloc Québecois MP) and LSN. The priest sued LSN, five of its journalists and managers, plus Campagne Québec-Vie (CQV) and its former director, Luc Gagnon. According to the complainant, “the statements of the defendants ... (Continue reading)

Gay activist appeals exoneration of Canadian pastor Boissoin

Gay activist appeals exoneration of Canadian pastor Boissoin

The homosexual activist who pursued Alberta pastor Stephen Boissoin on a complaint of discrimination since 2002 has re-launched his campaign, after a December court defeat, by taking his case to the Alberta Court of Appeal. Dr. Darren Lund is appealing the Dec. 4, 2009 Court of Queen’s Bench decision by Justice Earl C. Wilson, who overturned a 2008 ruling against Boissoin by the Alberta Human Rights Commission. The AHRC was dealing with a complaint from ... (Continue reading)

The Animal Farm philosophy of HRCs

Early in the previous century, G.K. Chesterton observed that it is the mark of the modern that “the normative is everywhere and always being subordinated to the non-normative.” In our own age of proliferating “rights,” it is a further mark of the modern that the universal is everywhere and always subordinated to the particular. Until relatively recently, the natural rights upon which all free and just societies were founded had, by definition, to apply to the universality of mankind and ... (Continue reading)

Boissoin urges Christians to push back

Boissoin urges Christians to push back

Stephen Boissoin brought some of the tenacity that goes along with his being a boxer when he travelled to Ontario to speak about his human rights case recently. Ending a self-imposed media and public speaking boycott of some length in time, Boissoin spoke in Grimbsy, Ont., just outside Hamilton, on Oct. 16 at a meeting of ... (Continue reading)

HRC industry is becoming ever more irrelevant

The bizarre saga of Canada’s censorious human rights commissions took another freakish turn in September, when one of its own suddenly declared the very system that employed him “unconstitutional.” Even longtime HRC critic (and victim-turned-victor) Ezra Levant was taken aback. As Levant put it at his blog when the news broke: “Two years ago, Athanasios Hadjis was a human rights hack, sitting on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal full of other hacks. He mindlessly rubber-stamped the censorship litigation oozing from the ... (Continue reading)

Peterborough bishop responds to human rights complaint

The Roman Catholic bishop of Peterborough, Nicola De Angelis, has written a pastoral letter addressing a recent complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, brought against the bishop and 12 local parishioners. In the letter, distributed on Sept. 13, he strongly redressed the OHRT’s encroachment, asserted his authority as bishop of his diocese and the autonomy of the church from state control over internal church matters. This past April, de Angelis directed St. Michael’s pastor, Fr. Allan Hood, to dismiss Jim Corcoran ... (Continue reading)

Free us from the human rights commissions

In a classic 20th-century treatise entitled The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek observed that the hallmark of a free country is the subordination of ruling authority to the fundamental principles of the rule of law. He explained: “Stripped of all technicalities, this means that government, in all its actions, is bound by rules fixed and announced beforehand -- rules which make it possible to foresee with fair certainty ... (Continue reading)

Censorship rebuked …

In a time of unprecedented political upheaval, it seems that there is only one thing about which all Canadians can agree: that Section 13 of the Human Rights Act should be repealed. In a stunning display of intellectual honesty, voices from all across the ideological spectrum have emerged to denounce the outrageous behaviour of Canada's self-appointed censors. The human rights commissions' campaign against free speech can no longer be hidden under a veil of polite-sounding rhetoric; Canadians have spoken and ... (Continue reading)

Q&A with Ezra Levant

The Interim talks to its first Person of the Year about human rights commissions Editor's Note: Interim editor Paul Tuns interviewed Ezra Levant by e-mail on Dec. 12 about his own case with the Alberta Human Rights Commission and his ongoing battle against the human rights commission industry.   The Interim: In your reply to the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal, famously posted on YouTube, you not only defended yourself against the charges related to publishing the so-called Danish cartoons, but fought back ... (Continue reading)

Person of the Year Ezra Levant, foe of human rights commissions

Kathy Shaidle takes a look at Ezra Levant, a man who has valiantly fought for a proper understanding of human rights over the last year. (Continue reading)

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Catholic Insight ordeal not over yet

Complainant appeals CHRC’s dismissal of case against magazine Canada’s human rights industry has resumed its persecution of Catholic Insight, a magazine edited by former Interim editor Fr. Alphonse de Valk. On July 31, Rob Wells requested a formal judicial review of the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s dismissal of his complaint against the magazine. The commission had spent 16 months investigating de ... (Continue reading)

Catholic mag, Maclean’s off hook

The controversy over human rights legislation and its attendant federal and provincial commissions – as well as the conduct of their employees and associates – continues to simmer despite the usual slowdown in political activity during the summer season. Two significant recent developments that have kept the pot boiling were the dismissals of human ... (Continue reading)

Alberta human rights commission ruling sets dangerous precedent

Pete Vere Senior Writer The Alberta Human Rights Tribunal has rendered a decision against Pastor Stephen Boissoin, a Baptist youth minister who in 2002 wrote a letter to the Red Deer Advocate denouncing homosexual activism in local public schools. The letter, which was published during the height of Canada’s debate over same-sex “marriage,” garnered much attention due to Boissoin’s having compared ... (Continue reading)