Health Risks

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Abortuary admits danger of abortion

A series of information sheets obtained by The Interim and related to a Toronto abortuary offer a revealing glimpse into the workings, tactics and mindset of personnel within the abortion industry. They also indicate an attempt by such personnel to guard themselves against possible future legal actions by revealing some of the negative and dangerous aspects of the abortion procedure. The documents, which include appointment booking information, emanate from the Choice in ... (Continue reading)

Bone fragments from aborted babies found to cause infertility

Researchers Kimberly Elford and Paul Claman at the University of Ottawa have revealed a gruesome circumstance explaining one reason why some otherwise healthy women are left infertile after abortions. In a case study published in the April issue of the journal Fertility and Sterility, the researchers note that fetal bone fragments can lodge into the muscular tissue in the uterus, concealing them from hysteroscopes (tube cameras) which are normally used to detect ... (Continue reading)

Truth a casualty as women denied information on health risks

The leading British medical journal The Lancet reported last month that the use of oral contraceptives can more than double a woman's risk of developing cervical cancer. British and French researchers with Cancer Research U.K. found that being on the pill for less than five years was associated with an increased risk of 10 per cent, while subjects who took the drug for five to nine years ... (Continue reading)

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition enthusiastic about new painkiller

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has applauded phase two clinical trials for a new painkiller named Tectin, which is derived from the pufferfish, that are being carried out in cancer centres across Canada. Current clinical trials are being done on late-stage cancer patients who are experiencing uncontrolled pain and who have not undergone chemotherapy during the past month. Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention ... (Continue reading)

Concerns linger over new contraceptive patch

It's being touted by its proponents as yet another "safe, effective, convenient and reliable" option for birth control. But others say that, with regard to dangers, side effects and other complications, it's the same old story. Health Canada has approved a contraceptive patch called Evra, that will see women slap it on their skins, wear it constantly and allow a steady flow of hormones to ... (Continue reading)

Redoubling efforts to expose ‘ABC’ link

You'd think by now there would be widespread knowledge of the link between abortion and breast cancer. There are at least 28 independent studies, going as far back as 1957, that have linked breast cancer to abortion . Yet, few seem to know about it. Denise Mountenay, a speaker and author, had three abortions in her younger years. Long after she ... (Continue reading)

Health Canada has ‘no records’ showing abortion necessary or risky

Lifesite News Canadian Alliance MP Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville) has been told by Health Canada that the department has no statistics on whether abortions are medically necessary or medically risky. On April 23, Breitkreuz submitted an Access to Information request asking for "Copies of documents, reports and correspondence in the department with respect to the total death risk by women having an elective abortion compared to women ... (Continue reading)

Deaths, injuries linked to RU-486

An April 17 letter from Danco Labs, the New York company that manufactures and distributes the abortion pill Mifeprix (RU-486) sent to health care workers warned of severe complications associated with its abortifacient and admited that six women have developed serious illnesses and two have died after taking the drug to induce abortions. The letter also warned doctors that they must report similar complications ... (Continue reading)

Canadian dies in RU-486 trials

Pro-abortionists' quest for their Holy Grail of a "safe and easy" abortion method has suffered a hard blow with the news that a Canadian woman has died during a second clinical trial of the so-called abortion pill, RU-486. The unidentified woman, whose place of residence and death is also not known, began medicinal treatments for an abortion on August 23. She was given a dose of the drug mifepristone, then, ... (Continue reading)

Studies indicate the Pill increases breast cancer risk

  By France Bissonnette The Interim If you have not had a full-term pregnancy and are taking the Pill - STOP. According to the research of Dr. Chris Kalenbourn, taking the Pill before a full-term pregnancy increases a woman's chance of getting breast cancer by between 40 and 220 per cent. The following is a summary of a talk given at the Human Life International conference in Toronto last April. The Pill is a combination of synthetic hormones, estrogen and progestin. It works ... (Continue reading)

Homeopath supporters: “Stop the jabbing”

The very mention of homeopathy may elicit cracks about “Kentucky Fried Medicine” (27 secret herbs and spices). And the homeopathic principle, “like cures like,” may sound distressingly akin to alchemy. Still, when homeopaths criticize mainstream physicians today for being blinkered and narrow in their approach to health and disease, there may be something in the charge. “The whole of modern medicine is built upon Pasteur’s germ theory,” says Calgary homeopath Cathy Marrick. “But Pasteur’s germ theory,” says Calgary homeopath Cathy Marrick. “But ... (Continue reading)

Group asks whether an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

VARIANCE feels it’s a good idea to thoroughly scrutinize and make parents aware of mass vaccination campaigns For the last four years, a Toronto-based group has been advising parents about the risks and potential adverse reactions of vaccines. Vaccinations Risk Information and Alternative Resource Group (also known as Variance) wa formed as a follow up to a successful 1984 effort by concerned parents to have the Immunization of School Pupils Act amended. The amendment made it possible to exempt children on the ... (Continue reading)

U.S. woman’s death puts spotlight on abortion industry

The notion of abortion as a safe medical procedure took another blow with the recent death of Carolina Gutierrez of Miami. Gutierrez, 21, the mother of two children, obtained a legal abortion at the Maber Medical Center December 19 in the East Little Havana section of Miami. According to reports, Gutierrez had been reluctant to obtain the abortion, but was pressured into the action by a family friend. On returning from the clinic, Gutierrez experienced pain and dizziness and after her calls ... (Continue reading)

Ontario’s goal: “Immunize an entire generation”

Ministry of Health institutes program to avoid any future measles outbreaks The Ontario Ministry of Health has identified the possibility of a provincial measles outbreak and has set up an inoculation campaign to avoid it. There are still enough parents around who remember getting measles and fully agree with the government campaign. The Health Ministry’s intent is to give a second measles vaccination to all Ontario school-aged children—“to immunize an entire generation,” as Jim Wilson, the Minster of Health, proclaims. Children usually ... (Continue reading)

Does everyone need a shot in the arm?

In the past month, the Ontario Ministry of Health sent home a red and white flyer entitled “Help Wipe Out Red Measles” with every child in the province. Replete with warnings of “blindness,” “hearing problems,” “brain damage,” “death” and even suspension from school for the un-inoculated, the flyer and its accompanying multi-media blitz hope to convince the public that they have a patriotic duty to have their kids inoculated—one more time. The Kitchener-Waterloo Record called this campaign “aggressive,” “paternalistic,” “mystifying,” “objectionable”—even ... (Continue reading)

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