Fetal Rights

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Signs saying, “Justice for the Unborn” are somewhat vague. How can we explain themmore fully?

One way to appreciate the force of the argument for "Justice for the Unborn," is to compare and contrast the ways in which Canadian laws and the judicial system treat the cases of (a) a man who has first tortured, and later murdered, a series of victims (often children), having first videotaped the torture scenes, and (b) the deliberate killing, by abortion, of a totally innocent, totally defenceless preborn baby, who, not only has not ... (Continue reading)

U.S. Congress looks at sale of aborted babies

Body parts trade probed By Paul Tuns The Interim The Commerce Committee of the United States Congress has finally begun an investigation into the grisly trade in human body parts procured from aborted babies. During the partial-birth abortion debate last October, New Hampshire Republican Senator Robert Smith had been unsuccessful in his attempt to rein in the gruesome trafficking of body parts procured from abortion. On the Senate floor, Smith explained why some sort of oversight ... (Continue reading)

The ultimate game of chess

It's played between ordinary, struggling human beings and an abstract notion of a preferred lifestyle By Donald DeMarco The Interim In what many critics consider to be Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece, The Seventh Seal(1956), a disillusioned knight, returning from the Crusades, encounters Death. The two sit down to a game of chess, the stakes being the knight's life. The scene, in which the knight, while locked in a grim battle with ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers see hope in Canadian Alliance

New party to keep Reform's pro-family plank, but ‘consensus' policy on life issues remains Analysis by Paul Tuns The Interim For years the only federal party which could claim the full allegiance of pro-life and pro-family voters has been the Christian Heritage Party. But now a new federal party is being given a serious look by Canadian pro-life and pro-family leaders as it attempts to unite small-"c" conservatives in hopes of defeating the federal Liberals. From ... (Continue reading)

New partial-birth ban passed

Media showing new squeamishness in covering the issue The United States Senate voted 63-34 to end the grisly practice of partial-birth abortion (PBA) but ended up four votes short of a veto-proof majority. Since 1995, both houses of Congress have voted to ban PBA, and each time President Bill Clinton has vetoed the ban. On Oct. 20, 1999 the Senate once again debated the issue of whether or not a doctor should be allowed to deliver 70 per cent of ... (Continue reading)

‘Illogic density’ of pro-abortion

  By Donald DeMarco The Interim John Irving is a well-known novelist and short story writer. He established his reputation in 1978 with The World According to Garp, which was made into a film in 1982. In his latest book, My Movie Business: A Memoir (Knopf, 1999), he presents his view on abortion and his attitude toward right-to-life advocates in the following passage, appearing on pages 40 and 41: "Meanwhile, a self-described right-to-lifer approached me in a bookstore where I was signing copies ... (Continue reading)

N.B. decision upholds rights of unborn

FREDRICTON – New Brunswick’s highest court has ruled that a four-year-old Moncton boy can sue his mother for injuries he sustained while still in the womb. In 1993, Ryan Dobson’s mother Cynthia was involved in a head-on car collision three months before she was due to give birth. The accident left Ms. Dobson in a coma from which she eventually recovered, but Ryan ended up permanently disabled. He still can’t walk or talk. Now, the New Brunswick Court of ... (Continue reading)

Court case to focus on personhood question

Interim staff It’s time for the Supreme Court of Canada to recognize that the right to personhood should be extended to unborn children. That is the position Alliance for Life is taking in a court submission in the case of a pregnant, solvent-addicted Winnipeg woman who was ordered into a mandatory treatment program to protect her unborn child. The woman, identified only as Ms. G., had previously given birth to two children who suffered mental and physical injury due to the ... (Continue reading)

Reform is in need of reform of its own

The pro-life movement has seen in the Reform party a hope for achieving the legal protection of life from conception to natural death. In fact, some pro-lifers have sought nomination to run for Reform in the election. I was one such aspirant and my experiences expose a flaw in Reform’s appeal to pro-lifers. Attending the meetings of the riding associates, I found myself among concerned Canadians dedicated to reforming Canada. Conversations about fiscal concerns were prominent, as was the discussion ... (Continue reading)

Atheism fraught with perils – Marra

The acceptance of abortion is destroying both the legitimacy of the state and the integrity of the medical profession, says a pro-life media personality, former associate professor of philosophy and one-time U.S. presidential candidate. “Doctors perform medical miracles on pre-born babies..(while) in the very next room, the same doctor or his colleague may be killing perfectly healthy babies,” says William A. Marra. “Thanks to the philosophies of the last 200 years, human life has gotten cheaper and cheaper.” Marra was in Hamilton ... (Continue reading)

Rights of the unborn should be election issue Catholic bishops argue

Interim staff Canada’s Catholic bishops have seized on the Brenda Drummond case to make the rights of the unborn a prominent issue in the upcoming federal election. In a letter to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the Catholic Organization for Life and Family said the results of the Drummond case – which found that the unborn are not entitled to legal protection in the Criminal Code until they fully pass from the mother’s womb – “defy common sense and offend the moral sense ... (Continue reading)

Is the unborn child a human being?

Since President Bill Clinton’s veto last year, of the partial-birth abortion ban there have been many interesting statements with reference to it. One of the most recent is by Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers. “One of the facts about abortion is that women enter clinics to kill their unborn child. It is a form of killing.” For those who believe that the unborn baby is not a human being, this is ... (Continue reading)

Justice plays catch-up to the realities of today

If there is anything of value to come out of the recent decision in the Brenda Drummond case, it is that it has at least got more people thinking about the humanity of the unborn child. To be sure, pro-lifers are distressed and saddened by Madam Justice Inger Hansen’s decision not to proceed with charges against the Ottawa-area postal employee who shot her unborn child with a pellet rifle in an attempt at self-abortion.  This is ... (Continue reading)

Leaders consider merits of referenda

Pro-life leaders on both sides of the border are lukewarm to the use of referenda to determine moral questions, including constitutional protection for unborn children. The question arose late last fall when Reform party leader Preston Manning spoke in favour of a law allowing a national referendum on issues such as abortion and euthanasia. Manning’s stand generated wide debate in pro-life circles. Many expressed qualified support for Manning’s position, but argued that life and death issues should not be subjected ... (Continue reading)

Decision shows clear need of new legislation for unborn

Pro-lifers must continue to lobby federal politicians if the unborn in this country are to have rights at all. That message came through loud and clear after a 28-year-old Ontario woman walked to freedom two days before Christmas after being charged with shooting her unborn son with a pellet gun. Brenda Drummond, a postal worker in Carleton Place, south of Ottawa, was charged last June with attempted murder and using a firearm in the course of committing an offense. ... (Continue reading)

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