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British court convicts on euthanasia

    Helen Charlotte Hough, 60, divorced mother of four children and author of children’s and mystery books, was jailed for nine months after helping a friend to commit suicide.   Mrs. Hough admitted to the attempted murder of Anneta Harding, age 83, described as frail, deaf, nearly blind, arthritic and lonely.  She put a plastic bag over Miss Harding’s head after a supposedly-lethal mixture of drugs and drink failed to work.   The prosecution had originally charged Mrs. Hough with murder but had ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life commentary: “We’re doing all we can”

            Euthanasia is “the deliberate intervention to bring about the death of another human being,” usually because the life of that person has been judged to be of little value. Euthanasia, which is illegal in Canada, can be divided into two major types, voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary euthanasia is effected towards those who do not participate in the decision making process.             Involuntary euthanasia has been further considered in terms such as direct or indirect, active or passive, etc. ... (Continue reading)

The practice of euthanasia

FRANCE:  Dr. Christian Barnaard, pioneer of life-saving heart transplant surgery, said on September 21 that he supported euthanasia.  He stated that it was a physician's responsibility to give terminally ill patients "a good death."  He spoke at an international conference organized by the Association for the Right to Die in Dignity.  Bernard denied that this was a contradiction with his life's work, according to a UPI report in the Ottawa Citizen (Sept. 22, 1984).  His patients "wanted to ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life commentary: Spina Bifida

"Spina Bifida is a birth defect which involves damage to the spine and nervous system. The vertebrae of the spine and the spinal cord are not formed properly and surgery is usually required immediately after birth. The long-term effect frequently includes weakness or paralysis of the legs and problems with bowels and bladder control. Spina Bifida is sometimes accompanied by hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid within the brain), which is controlled by a surgical procedure relieving the ... (Continue reading)

Thou shalt not kill

Infanticide is not a horror coming upon us in 1984. It has been here for some time-in the United States, in England, in Canada and around the world. According to the Globe and Mail last June, a doctor, who admits he deliberately ordered an overdose for an infant girl in Edmonton's University Hospital, said Euthanasia is happening everywhere but nobody is talking about it." He was referring to the widespread custom of allowing handicapped babies to starve ... (Continue reading)

“Once you mount a tiger, there is no getting off.”

For those who would like to see death offered as an option in health care the discussion is now centered on who will be the executioners. Some believe "the burden of responsibility for administering euthanasia would still rest solely on the doctor" (Richard Trubo, An Act of Mercy). Others believe that board made up of diverse kinds of people should have the responsibility. The World Medical Association spoke of euthanasia as contrary to medical ethics, the public interest and natural ... (Continue reading)

Should the cure be the killer?

Doctors who practice good medical ethics understand their role in dispensing health care. Death and social engineering are not their areas of competence or responsibility. The individual who is sick is their responsibility, not society at large. They recognize the possibility of wrong diagnosis, non-infallible prognosis (where the doomed patient survived). And the possibility of a new cure, all of which prompt them to be cautious in their practice. According to Edwin L. Lisson in his Linacre Quarterly article, ... (Continue reading)

Murder must cool

But the new "cool" violence-presented as killing in the name of compassion, and referred to as "concern for the dying" seems to have had a different effect on the public, particularly when it is practiced under "impeccable auspices." For example: Doctors at the Yale-New haven Hospital in the United States and Doctors at the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto have allowed retarded infants to die by withholding food and medical assistance. This was premeditated killing of the innocent ... (Continue reading)

The executioners: Who are they?

The Centre for Life Understanding The following is Part 6 of a 6 part article. Originally published in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Toronto, in 1980, reprinted here with permission. A statement from the Science Council of Canada in the Toronto Star, August 18 1979, notes that "mercy killing could well become the social issue of the next century - somewhat like the subject of abortion today." With the events which have transpired during the ... (Continue reading)

The Executioners: Who are they?

The Centre for Life Understanding The following is Part 3 of a 6-part article.  Originally published in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Toronto in 1980, reprinted here with permission. part 3…….. “If the physician presumes to take into consideration in his work whether a life has value or not, the consequences are boundless and the physician becomes the most dangerous man in the state.” Dr. Christopher Hufeland (1762-1836) The Marriage and Family Newsletter (1977) on euthanasia was written ... (Continue reading)

Mercy killing motive indicated at Sick Kids

On Thursday, Aug. 25, during the Royal Commission to investigate the deaths of thirty six infants at the Hospital for Sick Children from June 1980 to March 1981, Dr. Richard Rowe, chief cardiologist at the hospital; indicated, while being cross-examined by Metro Toronto police lawyer Barry Percival, that the motive for the killings "would perhaps be that of mercy killing."  When asked if he found the idea of mercy killing mind boggling and heinous.  Dr. Rowe replied "almost."  He went ... (Continue reading)

BC doctor denounces abortion

In a CP report in the Kamloops Daily Sentinel, May 14, 1983, Dr. William Jory, outgoing president of the BC Medical Association, angrily denounced abortion and euthanasia. "Is it right that in Canada each year, 65,000 embryonic Canadians are flushed down the sluices and toilets of this country?" Dr. Jory asked the association's annual convention in Kelowna. "This is a staggering total of unfulfilled human life that equals the death toll in the great atomic attack on Hiroshima and ... (Continue reading)

The killers: who are they?

The following is Part 1 of a 6 part article. Originally published in The Canadian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Toronto, in 1980, reprinted here with permission. Part One: Active euthanasia, passive euthanasia, voluntary euthanasia Dr. Cicely Saunders, medical director of St. Christopher's Hospice in England, is considered a pioneer in the hospice or palliative care movement, aimed at helping people live their final days in dignity. This is done by keeping them free from pain and loneliness ... (Continue reading)

Edmonton doctor killed baby to ease its pain

The Toronto Star, May 26, reported that an Edmonton doctor, name not given, had "practiced euthanasia with compassion". He had ordered a lethal dose of morphine to put a baby out of its agony - 16 hours after its birth. According to the report, the doctor's license has been suspended and he has left the country. Crown prosecutors are investigating to determine if criminal charges should be laid. If hospital records show that the baby was given an overdose on doctor's ... (Continue reading)

The slippery slope

From abortion to infanticide. Will Euthanasia be next? On Good Friday, April 9, 1982, a baby boy with down's syndrome was born in Bloomington Hospital, Indiana. His parents never told anyone his name because it had been decided to let him starve to death. During his six days of life the nameless child became known as "Baby Boy Doe". Our film critically examines the issues that surround the "Baby Doe" incident and their impact on human life. It also features profiles on the ... (Continue reading)

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