Equal Rights

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Equality Hearings – soapbox for Sodomites

When Section 15 of the Charter (the “equal rights” section) came into effect in April, the federal government set up a parliamentary sub-committee to conduct public hearings.  In cities across Canada, special interest groups appeared before the Committee to promote their views as to how “equality” should be interpreted. In every city, the hearings were dominated by homosexual, feminist, and pro-abortion groups.  Sexual orientation should be specifically protected under the Charter, they said; mandatory affirmative action ... (Continue reading)

Sterilization and the mentally retarded

Involuntary sterilization of the mentally retarded is stirring bitter controversy and resentment among mentally handicapped people. The recent sterilization of “Infant K,” a ten-year-old mentally handicapped British Columbia girl, appalled the Canadian Association for the Mentally Retarded. In an effort to protect the mentally handicapped and their right to have children, the association has gone to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Association will cite new equality provisions under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees equality ... (Continue reading)

Nairobi and the UN- changing the family by decree

      The situation struck me as ironic. I was at a meeting on women’s rights, attended mostly by older women, women wealthy enough that they had been able to stay at home to raise their children (and to have nice homes to raise them in). Yet they were sitting around me discussing how today’s young mothers could get out of their homes, leave their children, and centre their lives on getting ahead in business, politics and academics.             I was attending a ... (Continue reading)

Equality milestone

    Tuesday April 17, 1985, was the date when the equality rights provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms went into effect. Stated the Hon. Flora MacDonald (Minister of Employment and Immigration) speaking for the Government:   As of today the Constitution of Canada guarantees that every individual in Canada is equal before and under the law, and has the right to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, ... (Continue reading)

Funding for feminists

  On April 16, 1985, Margaret Mitchell, NDP (Vancouver East), requested the Minister of Justice to “celebrate equality” (according to the Charter of Rights):   by designating major funding for an independent endowment… through a credible organization such as the Legal Action and Education Fund, so that women may fight equality cases under the Charter.   The Minister of Justice pointed out that the matter was currently under discussion in the Government, especially in the Department of the Secretary of State. (Continue reading)

Hidden Agenda

      When I decided, about two months ago, to find out about the United Nations “Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women,” I little realized what a can of worms I was opening.   I read as much as I could on the Convention itself (it could be quite a challenge to find anything).  I ploughed through a lengthy government report which appeared to say more between the lines than in them.  Then, I had to ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: Whose definition of equality will prevail?

    The number of United Nations’ Conventions on human rights that have been ignored by ratifying governments when it suits is legion.  Canadians then, should be concerned with the United Nations “Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women,” explained elsewhere in this issue.   It appears that the Canadian government is, indeed, taking seriously its obligations under this Convention.  This means that the Convention, together with the equality sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, may ... (Continue reading)

PC government appoints another pro-abortionist to top post

  On March 1, 1985, Secretary of State Walter McLean (PC Waterloo), Minister in charge of the status of Woman, appointed NDP-worker Sylvia Gold to a seven-year term as president of the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Woman. The appointment was highly lauded by pro-abortion feminists.   Sylvia Gold   It was hailed by MP Lucie Pepin, head of the Advisory Council until her election to the House of Commons on September 4, 1984; Chaviva Hosek, president of the Advisory Council’s more radical, ... (Continue reading)

The Interim March 1985 Vol. III No. 1: Pro-family women’s group denied funding…only feminists need apply

             The Federal Government has turned down an application for a grant made by the Real Women of Canada on the grounds that the organization’s aims do not meet the “spirit” of the Women’s Program.    A letter from the Department of the Secretary of State to Real Women stated that “the promotion of a particular family model is not within the spirit of the objectives of the Program.  The Program concentrates on supporting groups who are working to ... (Continue reading)

Equal Confusion

                              In April this year two “equality clauses” will come into effect in our Charter of Rights. In essence, these clauses state that nay laws which discriminate between the sexes are invalid under the Charter.   Admirable as this may be at first glance --- there surely are very few Canadians (male or female, pro or anti feminist) who would seriously defend the notion that women are some kind of second class creature --- the Canadian Equal Rights Amendment has ... (Continue reading)

Studio D does not serve the interests of women

        Film Studio D, the Women’s Studio of the National Film Board has done it again.  Their latest project, viewed for the first time, in Toronto on December 1, 1984, is called “Behind the Veil.”   Willing participants who provided fuel from within the ranks for this attack upon the “Male, Patriarchal, Sexist” Catholic Church were Sisters Ann Carr, Beth Daddio and Sue Seeker.  “We are angry, angry women” said one of them, indicating the tone and gist of this two ... (Continue reading)

R.E.A.L. Women and the Pro-Life Connection

Since our press conference, February 1, 1984, the news media has been most obliging in featuring news stories on our new national women's organization - R.E.A.L Women of Canada. A recent example was a Globe and Mail article (March 1, 1984), written by an investigative reporter. He had scurried to the main pro-life offices in Toronto, "unearthing" a few selected R.E.A.L Women's roots in, and linkages to, the pro-life movement. At Campaign Life, he brashly demanded this and that. However, by ... (Continue reading)

In the image of God

In July of 1983, I was doing supply work in St. Patrick's P. I almost passed it but then I saw, The Autobiography of Alf Saltarelli as told to arish, Markham.  One day I was glancing through the books on the rack in the lobby of the Church and my eye caught the title, To Be Alive Jim Jalsevac. Jim is a friend of mine, so I purchased the book. Fascinating story It is the really fascinating story of the ... (Continue reading)

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