Equal Rights

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“Being there” is the key

Dr. Dobson’s speech wows 4,000 at Toronto’s Convention Centre Several thousand people, cordially greeted by 100 volunteers poured into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on December 5 to spend an “Evening In December” with Dr. James Dobson, founder and President of the non-profit Christian organization Focus on the Family. The excellent 20 minute video on the history of Focus on the Family since its founding in 1977 showed its beginnings with Dr. Dobson and a few helpers to its present day headquarters ... (Continue reading)

The month in review

Public debate A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision may have ramifications for the 18 Ontario pro-life activists who have been named in an injunction to ban pickets in front of hospitals, abortuaries and abortionists’ homes.  Canada’s top court has ruled that the city of Peterborough could not stop Kenneth Ramsden from putting up posters in prohibited areas.  The city had argued that the ban was necessary to keep the appearance of the city and it argued Section 1 ... (Continue reading)

Ontario residents must act now!

Over a year ago, the Ontario Minister of Health set up a “Task Group” to make proposals regarding changes in the health policy of the provincial government. One proposal is that all hospitals with obstetrical and gynecological services perform abortions. Presumably, the price of refusal would be the loss of government assistance. This appears to me to be directed at the Catholic hospitals which cannot—if they are to remain Catholic—agree to murder babies.  I believe the Grace Hospital run the Salvation ... (Continue reading)

Equality will be enforced

Sexual equality and respect for women are the keys to ending wife assault, the Ontario government says. Anne Swarbrick, the NDP government’s Minister of Women’s Issues, is convinced that education, women’s services and women gaining control over their lives will stop this crime.  Hence the government will extend a five-year anti-violence program and start a province-wide education campaign to teach the public that violence against women is a crime. Swarbrick said people must “think of it as heinous for ... (Continue reading)

Struggle for civil rights

The pro-life battle for civil rights continues unabated. Cambridge, Ontario On September 11, 1989, Madame Justice Mable Van Camp granted lead of appeal to Cambridge Right to Life with respect to the injunction prohibiting picketing of the office of 2 abortionists.  (see The Interim, September 1989, page 14) One of 2 doctors has announces he is leaving for New Mexico.  Meanwhile, the injunction itself remains until an appeal may overthrow it though the conditions had been changes somewhat.  Picketing is now ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial – Equality for Dad

Fathers are often shuffled into the background of the abortion debate. In Canada today, if a mother decides to abort, the father has no legal right to attempt to save the life of his unborn child; if the mother decides to have their child, she can successfully claim child support. Dad, it seems has responsibilities but few of the rights that go with them. How often do we stop to consider that men suffer post-abortion trauma as well as ... (Continue reading)

A Feminist statement against abortion

Pro-life feminism is a growing movement in the United States, although such feminists are routinely barred from active participation in official feminist organizations.  Feminists for Life of Colorado published the following position statement in the Rocky Mountain News last June, while the pro-abortion National Organization for Women (NOW) was holding its annual convention in Denver. Feminists for Life are interested in hearing from Canadian women interested in starting chapters, or willing to co-ordinate mailing of information and ... (Continue reading)

Real women changing society

Saturday, February 14 was a day of celebration for REAL Women of Canada, who were thrilled at the attendance of close to 300 supporters, at their Annual Convention. This was an all-day event held at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel. REAL women sprang up from a small group of women who were very concerned about the breakdown of the family. It is a voluntary organization, supported through membership fees ($10 annually), and donations. Special Guest Speaker the Hourable Jim ... (Continue reading)

Birds of a feather

The major opponent to government funding for REAL Women is the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, which claims to represent three million women in various organizations ranging from the Communist Women of Canada to the PC Women’s Caucus. (This news comes as a shock to most PC women). The NAC magazine, Feminist Action, reported that at their last Annual General Meeting “most of the workshop discussion focused on ways of countering the anti-feminist attacks of REAL ... (Continue reading)

MPPs hear about “gay rights”

    The media blitz surrounding the Ontario legislative debate on Bill 7 (an amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code naming “sexual orientation” as a prohibited ground of discrimination) last November and December downplayed the genuine concern of those opposed to the legislation that it would jeopardize such organizations as Big Brothers, and the rights of schools to refuse employment to homosexual teachers.   Conservative MP Robert Runciman (Leeds) referred directly to these concerns when he rose to take part of ... (Continue reading)

Ontario adds “sexual orientation” to Human Rights Code

    On December 2, MPPs voted to amend Ontario’s Human Rights Code to include sexual orientation as a prohibited ground of discrimination. The amendment, part of Bill 7, and omnibus bill bringing Ontario legislation in line with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, passed after weeks of intense lobbying from groups on both sides and after a week of intense debate in the legislature.   Those in favour levelled charges of “homophobia,” “McCarthyism,” and disseminating “hate literature” at the groups lobbying ... (Continue reading)

The equality rights hearings Part III: Equality for all except the unborn

In the first two parts of this series, we focused on testimony presented to the parliamentary sub-committee considering how federal legislation should be changed to reflect Section 15 of the Charter, the “equal rights” section, which came into effect in April of this year. In Part I, we reported on the testimony given by feminist, pro-abortion and homosexual rights’ organizations. These various groups appear to have formed a loose coalition to work towards ... (Continue reading)

House of Commons report

REAL Women On September 10, Jim Jepson (PC, London East), speaking on the status of women, requested funding for REAL Women of Canada.  Among other things, Mr. Jepson said, “REAL Women, although desiring equal opportunity for women in the workforce, as well stresses the importance of the family unit and the role of women as mothers and homemakers.  Having witnessed the drastic changes that have altered our society in the last 20 years, the supporters of REAL Women have come ... (Continue reading)

The equality rights hearings: Part II

In Part I of The Interim’s look at the testimony presented to the equality rights hearings, I showed how they were dominated by the views of feminist, homosexual and pro-abortion groups.  (See “Equality hearings – soapbox for Sodomites,” October issue.) The public hearings conducted by the parliamentary sub-committee on equal rights have now ended.  They had been extended past their first August deadline and more cities were visited at the end of September.  The committee is currently working on its ... (Continue reading)

Feminism’s basic values: Part II: Canada

Over the last hundred years there have been many changes in the position of women in society.  But there have been changes in the place of men (and children) as well.  In general they seem to have kept pace with one another. If, for example, it took women in Britain till 1928 to win the right to vote on the same basis as men (1902 in Australia, 1927 in Canada), it took most of the ... (Continue reading)

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