Equal Rights

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GAP lawsuit dismissed

But UBC pro-lifers continue free speech fight By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Pro-life students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) are not giving up in their battle to win freedom of expression. As of late February, students with Lifeline, the UBC pro-life organization, hired lawyer Craig Jones of the BC Civil Liberties Association, to represent them in a lawsuit against the university's Alma Mater Society (AMS). The students claim ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers see hope in Canadian Alliance

New party to keep Reform's pro-family plank, but ‘consensus' policy on life issues remains Analysis by Paul Tuns The Interim For years the only federal party which could claim the full allegiance of pro-life and pro-family voters has been the Christian Heritage Party. But now a new federal party is being given a serious look by Canadian pro-life and pro-family leaders as it attempts to unite small-"c" conservatives in hopes of defeating the federal Liberals. From ... (Continue reading)


Sweeping federal benefits bill grants full common-law status to homosexual couples By Tim Bloedow The Interim By the time you are reading this article, the Liberal government's same-sex benefits bill may well have already passed through the House of Commons, if not the Senate, and into law. As of this writing, the federal government appears to be expediting the bill through the House. The Prime Minister is also reported as having ... (Continue reading)

U.N. plans to liberate Third World women

The United Nations Population fund has issued its 1997 State of World Population Report. The slick 76-page document, subtitled “The Right to Choose: Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health,” lays out a program for action designed to turn Third World women into feminist “wimmin.” They will be educated, plied with contraceptives, and their unborn children aborted. The report’s subtitle gives the game away. ‘The Right to Choose’ is to abortion clinics what ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (Work Makes Freedom) was to Auschwitz. ‘Reproductive rights’ ... (Continue reading)

Increasing attacks on Christian groups

Commission to study faith persecution ABBOTSFORD, B.C. – Canadian Christians cannot remain silent while the religious liberties of Christians and other people of faith are increasingly under attack throughout the world. Consequently, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) May 8 announced that it will establish a Religious Liberty Commission to raise awareness in Canada of the persecuted church. The announcement was made by EFC president-elect Gary Walsh to correspond with the opening of the World Evangelical Fellowship’s (WEF) General Assembly ... (Continue reading)

Taking pro-life message to workplace

Interim staff A Toronto man risks strained relations with his employer by posting pro-life signs on the walls of his workplace. Emidio Galea of Scarborough is a dedicated pro-lifer and a supporter of the Aid to Women service on Gerrard St. East in Toronto. For nearly ten years, Galea has worked as a stockroom clerk at the Ryerson Polytechinical University bookstore. On many occasions, Galea spends his lunch hour at Aid to Women, offering sidewalk counseling to abortion-seeking women. To show his ... (Continue reading)

Case puts focus on disabled rights

Pro-life groups across the country welcome the February 6 Supreme Court of Canada decision granting a new trial for Saskatchewan farmer Robert Latimer. While there exists a possibility of a second jury acquitting Latimer of murder charges, pro-lifers hope a new trial will refocus attention on the innocent victims of so-called mercy killings. Convicted of second-degree murder in the November, 1994 death of his 12-year-old disabled daughter Tracy, Latimer was originally sentenced to life imprisonment, with no chance of parole for at ... (Continue reading)

Bad news on two fronts

Two events half a world apart to add some extra chill to the cold November days. In British Columbia the Supreme Court upheld the province’s Bill 48 which severely restricts pro-life witnessing outside abortion clinics and hospitals. The ruling comes on appeal of a January court decision in the Maurice Lewis case, which found Bill 48 to a violation of freedom of expression and religion guarantees. The January ruling was immediately appealed by the provincial New Democrats for ... (Continue reading)

Student makes splash in Paralympics

While most of the country sat back and watched the exploits of Canadian athletes competing in the Atlanta Olympic Games, Marie Claire Ross of London, Ontario had training on her mind. The competitive swimmer is one of a host disabled athletes who took part in the Paralympic Games August 15-26 in Atlanta. From modest beginnings, the Paralympics have emerged to provide a competitive outlet for disabled athletes around the world. While they don’t rival the regular Olympics, these ... (Continue reading)

Fighting the “rights” war

Charles Moore First, bravo to Tom Wappel, Roseanne Skoke, Dan McTeague, Dennis Mills, and several other MPs on the government side who have braved derision and scorn from their caucus colleagues, risked party discipline, and put their political careers on the line to oppose enshrining the gay-rights agenda in law. Boo to the ideological conspiracy hell-bent on ramming not only tolerance, but also acceptance and approval of homosexual behaviour down Canadians’ throats by force. A big, loud, boo to New Brunswick Tory ... (Continue reading)

Fear and loathing: The demand for “gay rights”

Why Bill C-33, which guarantees special rights to homosexuals, was not warranted Opinion Michael Farrell The history of the 20th Century has been marked by a multitude of technical advances which have helped mankind harness nature and control the environment. Medical advances have extended lifespans and new understanding of genetic mechanisms has changed aspects of human biology once considered innate and immutable. In addition to alteration of nature which extend and make life more livable, other technologies, which destabilize society have also been developed. ... (Continue reading)

Slow Canadian economy hinders implementations of Beijing platform

Don’t be tempted to believe that the radical feminists who dream up the Beijing document have retired to their New Age bookstores to sip herbal teal and discuss the “goddess within.” Instead, they are active—planning workshops and lobbying politicians. Pro-family forces hope that a stalled economy drives them back to the bookstores. Seven months have passed since the Forth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. Memories of torrential downpours, rivers of mud and thoroughfares blocked by hundreds ... (Continue reading)

Naomi Wolf arrives at the door

A recent article by a prominent feminist may signal the beginnings of a shift in the feminist attitude toward abortion. Naomi Wolf, in Our Bodies, Our Souls: Re-Thinking Pro-Choice Rhetoric, acknowledges that the pro-choice movement has hurt itself by relinquishing the moral frame around the abortion issue. “The movement’s abandonment of what Americans have always and rightly, demanded of their movements—an ethical core—and its reliance instead on a political rhetoric in which the fetus means nothing, and proving fatal,” she says. The author ... (Continue reading)

Editorial – 40,000 angry women

As this paper goes to press, 40,000 of the most powerful and angry women from all around the world will gather in Beijing to rant and rave about their unjust plight. There will also be a pro-family contingent but don’t expect the press to acknowledge their presence. All rational people (men included) support the just and equal treatment of women. Holding a conference to promote this seems absurd. But equality, as we understand it, is not the issue at this latest ... (Continue reading)

No girls allowed

The Toronto Sun’s Sunday Magazine of March 26 carried an article entitled ‘No Girls Allowed.” We have all heard of the custom in China and other Eastern countries of killing baby girls—even after birth—as boys are a financial asset to the family, while girls are the opposite.  According to statistics given in the article there are some 38 million more men then women in China because of this mass murder of female babies. I was not aware ... (Continue reading)

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